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RE: Why girls look rich man ??

Money is necessary to start a family, support the health and education of children.

RE: do you think the jill stein of the green party should be on t.v. debates for president?

The debate should include all candidates registered in enough states to have a theoretical chance of winning, this way the public will know more about options and alternative ways of thinking.

RE: When the EU collapses.........not if.....

There will be one forum for each of the countries resulting from the break up of this old constuction.

RE: School shootings

Which guns will be allowed? How long will it take for someone to open the safe when the shooter begins shooting? Who will be allowed to open the safe?

RE: what's are your worst experiences in a relationship

Being contacted by someone from a far away country with no real wish to settle down either where I live or to be met where she lives.

RE: matchmake scammers

Scammers know when the person they are talking to is also a scammer, besides they need innocent people to prey upon.

RE: fake profiles

It is possible to live in France and not knowing French, it she moved recently and did not have the time to learn the language or is working in some internationaln environment where she can manage everything using English.

RE: What's Wrong With This Picture

The woman is walking with her bag close to the road, she is likely to be robbed by a car or motorcycle driving nearby if they are in an unsafe neighbourhood.

RE: Is it important for your partner to have the same religious believes as you?

Having a compatible attitude towards religion is important, though the actual denomination is of lesser importance.

RE: I just want a husband only, why so difficult for me?

This site does not have a large user base, if you insist on dating online, you would increase your chances with a site using more advanced matching algorithms and with more users. Ho Chi Minh is a big city, maybe you could join some activities where you meet other singles and let the magic happen.

RE: So has anyone noticed any ' strange' stuff?

Some people find a match quickly, other need more time. Some people can be highly selective when choosing to who to reply. There are some sites that are known to use fake profiles to attract more web traffic, advertising or subscription.

I have been in contact with women sincerely seeking often enough, though the distance did seldom motivate me.

RE: To post a profile Photo's or not

Profile photo give a first impression of the person, before reading a profile most people will look at the photo. Photos of celebrities are often used by scammers, so those are profile that are best not contacted. Photos can give hints about the lifestyle of a person and as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. They can also serve as ice breakers to lead to more interesting conversations.

RE: females

There are a few billion women on this planet and as many different tastes when it comes to the choice of the ideal partner.

RE: Is still possibile to go to live in England?

It is still possible to go to England for work. The negotiations about the exit have not started and they will take two years. Then it will depend on the agreement reached between the UK and the EU.

RE: which country drinks the most in Europe?

The statistics of the World Health Organisation tend to vary every year, front runners are often Moldova, Slovenia, Germany, France, Czech Republic.

RE: why is it so hard to find a good woman on this site?

This site is free, as any scammer can easily subscribe, many honest users are scared away. Besides it has a low market share, which means the user base is very small. Paid sites offer more advanced features, matching based on personality for example and security functions like secure call so you can call the other person without revealing your phone number of ID on some messagener.

RE: What's wrong attending a psychiatrist?

It is all about the context. It is good to take care of one's own health.

RE: Have any people actually found a date on this?

People who found someone are likely to leave this site, and even the title of the thread will attract those who did not find a date, so the poll is biased.

An issue with this site is the small user base, and in some parts of the globe it would be better to use a more popular dating method. A good thing here are the forums, used wisely they can help with offline dating.


The most likely was that his profile was deleted by the administrators, especially if there were some red flags in the profile, for example fake pictures or typical description used by scammers or unusual activity leading to many users reporting him for abuse. Maybe an internet search would reveal that the message has been used by scammers in the past.

The second possibility is that he have up on this site for personal reason, though this is less likely.

The best thing is to move on and not think about this contact anymore.

RE: Dating And Distance

For the right person I could travel to the other side of the world.

Of course it is easier with short distance. Planning a trip takes less time, no visa application, and meetings face to face can happen earlier. On a long distance relationship doubts can easily come, signs from other cultures misinterpreted. And the time between planning a trip and actually travelling also opens the door to doubts. And then there are the considerations about the possibility of the one to get the residence permit in the country of the other or a third country where they could live together.

RE: Fake!Scammer!Time-waster!

This site has a few pages with warning against scammers and shows some examples, it can be a good thing to start reading them to understand how they operate and learn to discern the red flags in a person's behaviour. You can also look for some more advice on the internet, for example some episodes of Dr Phil show about catfish, that show how some persons have been extremely naive and lost a lot of money.

RE: What qualifies you to a stalker on CS???

looking at the same profile all the time could be considered stalking, especially if in addition the stalker tries to find the target's picture on other sites to find more about the person.

RE: men who think you are rich

More advanced scammers do read profile looking for signs that a person will be an easy prey as they are in a vulnerable part of life. As Molly said, writing about pain from past relationships on a profile is a sure way to attract them.

The best thing to do is to block scammers as soon as possible, using the reporting function of this site to inform the administrators that a scammer is there.

It is also a good idea to block people based on age and geographical location to limit the number of contacts.

RE: Could correct Grammar and Spelling increase Your Dating Chances?

Grammar and spelling give an idea of the level of education of the person. Besides, it can also show how much they worked on their profiles instead of simply putting a few pictures quickly. Therefore good grammar gives the impression of a more serious and educated person. It is also tiring to read texts with poor spelling, as the mind has to guess what was meant, sometimes the context can be ambiguous and mistakes lead to various interpretations. Another aspect is to find out whether we can communicate with the person, poor grammar may be a hint at a low level of English for non-native speakers and this could be a limiting factor.

RE: What´s the best country to visit in the EU?

If you are broke you may simply go to Portugal, it is not that from Spain. If the price of rice increase and thus your revenue you could go to Sweden.

The EU has some interesting neighbouring countries, Andorra is a tax free heaven and you could find some good bargain there.

RE: What´s the best country to visit in the EU?

What do you like?

Do you prefer hot or cold weather? Do you prefer beaches, mountains or plains? Do you prefer big cities or small villages? Are you rich or poor?

You should do your own research knowing yourself to find a good fit.

RE: Ever woken up next to..

The best thing is to avoid alcohol and other intoxicants, this way there are fewer disappointments. And of course it is useful to take time to know the other person before spending the night together.

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