Money, Money, Money.

Hi ladies,
Have you come across these men who cry about asking them for money on this site?
It's like there's something I don't really understand, is it possible to ask someone you are chatting with on the dating site for money? Can it be true? I'm asking because it's very annoying to me when someone contacts me and I see "don't ask me for money" or they start telling you about people who ask them for money. No matter how dumb I am, I will send my money to anybody I'm chatting with on a dating site, until I see the person face to face. Anyway, I don't respond to money warning contacts. Tell me what you think, please.

RE: Why do scammers think that they smarter than you!

I will never be scammed in this world that I live in now unless I was taken to another planet unawares.
It depends on how people view singleness, I may be alone but not lonely and sometimes I even forgot that I'm single. Desperados get scammed.

RE: Why do scammers think that they smarter than you!

Well, yes, there are still scammers and they are on this site. The thing is that I will not skype/Whatsapp with them until I know they are human beings and not the God forsaking scammers. The Scammers will ask for your whatsapp/ email or hangout in 10 seconds you reply to their message here. Scammers are always new to this site or dating site and want you to give him your phone number for whatsapp, no, I keep it here as long as it lasts. I don't respond to flattery with a stranger, so I stop immediately and block them. You really have to target them well before you ask them to video. I did it to one and he struggled until he saw that I'm far much smarter than him and he ran like a rattle snake.

Do this CS site make you laugh?

Of course, it's the content of the site that will make you laugh and not the letter CS. I laugh a lot here and I'm laughing at the men with wonderful, easy going profiles. I wonder what they think.

RE: Who is single.....and very impatient......

I'm single, happy and sometimes I forgot that I'm single. Naturally, I'm too picky so, I'm very patient.

85 years old KNOLL MURDER IN FRANCE, is this still a joke?

Hahahahaaaa! honestly, and they will soon out of victims because a great awakening is happening.

RE: I have a man in my life again.....

Are you serious? Good luck then.

Do this CS site make you laugh?

Whenever I feel like laughing I will come on this CS and I will really laugh.
Have you noticed that 99.9 % of men on this site are easy going, good guy, wonderful sense of humor and just goody-goody? One says, "I'm just awesome, great guy, easy going, every woman's choice and bla bla bla' I couldn't stop laughing because what will keep wonderful men like this on this site? Or maybe they like the CS forum like me. But watch out for scammers profiles, it's always wonderful. What do you think?


Christianity is seriously under attack and Christians seems not to understand the religious war that is around them every day. Muslims may not need much of explosions to wipe out Christianity, Christians will do it willingly in the name of peaceful angels living by example to show Muslims how to co-exists with others in harmony. Christians don't understand that they are dealing with people whose minds are glued to religious superiority, and no other religion can ever make sense to them no matter how angelic you appear. That's why they privilege Islam and kill Christianity slowly.

RE: hi man looking for woman

I heard Irish men are very difficult to be with. Maybe that's why.

RE: My Skype girlfriend is cheating on me

Hang yourself or find a way to contend with her. If she's over 18, you're not her teacher, she's leading her life.
Besides, it's skype girlfriend, skype is not meant for one person.

RE: Do People Judge You by How Many FB friends you have?

But what's the judgment about, going by the thread? For too many followers or for too little followers? Anyways, can't you spot a scammer when it comes to you?

RE: Germany - immigration problem

Your fear is right, but you should be one of those European citizens who should be on the street calling your leaders to order. Tell them to stop creating situations of war and conflicts in those places that the refugees are coming from. Tell them to stop corrupting the African governments for exploitation of Africa's natural resources. Corruption of supply and demand is the reason for human beings being enslaved in Libya and some killed, some drowned in the Atlantic ocean. You will continue to see more of refugees whether admitted or not until Europe stops creating wars in Africa and arming the government to kill their own citizen for Europe to take Oil, Uranium, gold, diamonds, to name but a few. None of these is found in Europe, but they don't want to buy it, they will steal it and kill Africans to take it. So, what goes around comes around. For the Arabs and Islam, Europe thinks they are making friends with people who have their color of skin thereby romancing with Islam. They also want Arab money. They don't know yet what they have brought upon themselves. Very soon the white race will become a minority and nothing can reverse it. Islam is already taken over the UK and Belgium and even France, just watch. That's why I feel sorry for Americans who don't understand that Trump is helping them. But their hatred for Mr. Trump blindfolds them to see anything good about him. Trump is trying to help preserve the white race. There's no baby boom among the white race anymore. It's going to be tough as you've rightly observed. He who holds a man down holds himself too.

RE: Some guys are strange

You want what you worth, girl. So, don't change it. The one who matches your worth will not be scared. Believing that his dream will come through is courage in a man, cowards scare.

RE: Scammers

You got it Sunfairy, but I actually noticed that the men here seem not to look for anything. I keep wondering why someone will contact me and say tell me about yourself, that arrogant attitude without knowing how I will respond or say "I'm new here and I'm not always on this site, can we chat on WhatsApp? As if others are here for years. How can someone be asking for your phone number without trying to exchange some conversation on the site provided for it? It shows how many scammers that are here.
I'm more into the forum than the people here, you hardly find any male serious here and I know how to spot scammers and ignore them.

RE: Belgium is out of control

Don't be angry borisav, I guess everyone is getting it now. Sometimes lessons are learned directly or personally. Ir's ridiculous to see how the so-called world leaders are romancing with terrorists. The people who want everyone dead simply to occupy and worship what god I don't know that loves killing other humans. France hasn't learned yet and I don't think Belgium has learned too.


I laugh each time I visit this site and see how many men here praise themselves, I'm a very nice man, gentle, easy going and have a sense of humor. What I don't understand is why these wonderful men spend so much time on CS. Who wouldn't like to grab these kind men and make them theirs? Well, I don't know how many of them that have convinced women here with such profile.
Well, girls, there are too many scammers on CS, be watchful of wonderful profiles even though I don't think it makes sense to anyone/


Whoever thinks scammers only come from Africa is the dumbest person on earth. Scammers come from everywhere and I've caught two of them here, all whites. I simply ignored them after letting them fool themselves for a while before telling them that I don't waste my time with low lifers like them and I blocked them.
There too many scammers on this site. Just that you're aware of it is enough.

RE: France abusing (child)migrants.

I'm glad you shared this information. I live in France and I can't tell you how much I abhor the hypocrisy of the French. However, the water went bad from the source, otherwise, why are we always talking only about the negative side of migration and not the cause? Isn't it obvious that the best place to manage life is at home? The international hypocrisy is fueling unnecessary migration. Again, they are abusing the ones that are able to enter into Europe and nothing about the thousands that are dying on their way. through the Sahara. It's heartbreaking indeed. But the Netherlands is even worse when it comes to abusing migrants and children, they even lock them up in the prisons. It's a pity, this is our world today.

RE: Why do scammers think that they smarter than you!

Yes, there are so many scammers on this site and they are still scamming some people who don't pay attention. I have chatted with some scammers here and I do make them talk and I do show them in the end that they can only scam fools. In the end, they see that I'm smarter.

RE: What makes it difficult for a black getting a white girl for a wife?

A very good response Jacquellyn, I didn't want to waste my time on this because I found the question a nonsense. His mindset is uncivilized and so woman he approaches will reject him right away. He is not looking for a woman to share with, he is looking for a white woman and since his choice is based on the colour of the skin, he will lose everything. But about the colour, if the white women are too difficult for him to get, then he should look for white men because black women are not easy either for his stuff.

RE: Date site or social site

For me, this site is a place of never to meet. There are many scammers and less serious human beings. For me, this site is more of a social site than a meetup site. The forum is why I'm still here, I have learned a lot reading different opinions and from reading people's profiles. It helps you to recognise that some people don't even read your profile before contacting you and this site has thought me how to identify a scammer, sick people and how to recognize a completely low lifer when I ignore some contacts. It's not a bad place to be once in a month, at least you can laugh.

RE: Sex on first sight

Exactly, I prefer to get to know the person first and few minutes of the first meeting is not enough to jump into bed.

85 years old KNOLL MURDER IN FRANCE, is this still a joke?

Rianbowdream2017, you seem to understand exactly how this thing works here. In France, if ever start speaking about looking for ways to cob up terrorism, the politicians seeking votes will call you racist and warn you not to instigate fear in others, whereas everyone in France lives in fear every day. The problem is the hypocrisy of the political class who are romancing with terrorists; But their time will be up when the masses will wake up one day and say, enough.

RE: Why do everyone want a rich partner ?

Well, the Devil is in the detail, Jacob Zuma will be in jail while his 24 years old girlfriend spends his money.

RE: Am I missing something ?

If I may ask dutchfreckles, do you mean to say that it's only in Nigeria we can find scammers in this whole wide world? I would really like to know.

RE: What makes it difficult for a black getting a white girl for a wife?

I totally agree with QueenUtopia. However, everything doesn't worth my time.

85 years old KNOLL MURDER IN FRANCE, is this still a joke?

Absolutely. I do agree with you, we are quickly moving into an explosive that will be really fatal if things continue in this way.

RE: False alarm

I don't know why this whole conversation is making me laugh.

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