RE: Why do everyone want a rich partner ?

Well, the Devil is in the detail, Jacob Zuma will be in jail while his 24 years old girlfriend spends his money.

RE: Am I missing something ?

If I may ask dutchfreckles, do you mean to say that it's only in Nigeria we can find scammers in this whole wide world? I would really like to know.

RE: What makes it difficult for a black getting a white girl for a wife?

I totally agree with QueenUtopia. However, everything doesn't worth my time.

Who wants to know your standard?


85 years old KNOLL MURDER IN FRANCE, is this still a joke?

Absolutely. I do agree with you, we are quickly moving into an explosive that will be really fatal if things continue in this way.

RE: False alarm

I don't know why this whole conversation is making me laugh.

RE: life and work

Life is what you make it. If you make it work, money and stress it will be so. But I understand what you mean, many people have no choice than to work and stress to earn and it's not funny. If they have no money, how can life be even a bit joyful?

85 years old KNOLL MURDER IN FRANCE, is this still a joke?

What do we do?

RE: disrespectful women

What may be disrespectful to you may not be disrespectful to others. Besides, if you are faceless and maybe didn't fill in your information for a clue about you, women like me will just ignore you. Maybe you contacted them because they ain't faceless and you can read some info about them. I mean to say it may not be really disrespectful as you think.

RE: disrespectful women

So, you know all these and you are still here or are you not as desperate as the complaint? Well, as much as there's no perfect woman so, there's no perfect man. If you are a regular guy without 100k car it's good to recognize that and cut your coat according to your size. If one responds to every message here whether nonsense and reasonable, you have to sleep behind the computer then. For me, this site is not only to respond to every d*ck and Harry who contacts me with nonsense messages or stupid questions, I rather enjoy some intelligent conversations that come in here once in a while. Women have some reservations about some guys on this site. For me, I simply ignore them.

RE: Values

My 3 children, my good health and memories of my mother.

RE: Why are the current CS forums predominantly occupied by white people?

If you come up with intelligent conversation, intelligent people will contribute. I think you have more white people because they have a lot of time to talk craps and they should be seeing each other more often.laugh

RE: Why are the current CS forums predominantly occupied by white people?

Good for liking diversity but i will advise you take the campaign outside the box, not everyone is connected online. The real world is not online, and the people you can scare are not connected either. You are here with real competitors.

RE: Why are the current CS forums predominantly occupied by white people?

Ok, who cares about English, if they are not English? They are confident about their own language which represent their culture. People are free to write in their own language and if you are so interested you can translate their contribution.
But you said exactly what it is, they are busy, too busy to sit behind the computer always as do lonely people.

RE: to my future friend and love

I don't know why this question just made me laugh.

RE: Real interest or time wasting?

You are right, I keep asking myself what kind of people are here/ Some will contact you and have nothing to say. Some will play stupid boss and simply say, "tell me about yourself" such nonsense. Normally, when you meet people you introduce yourself and then the conversation will flow from there. For me they're simply negative energy and I don't waste a single time with them. I think they are really scammers or miserable fat people hiding behind the computer looking for writing like stenographers just to find unserious and naive women to consume their time. I simply ignore them. But I think it's possible there are very few men here even though old boys are more.

RE: faith in god

I absolutely agree with you. The problem is what people call god. If we all have the same concept of god then t will make sense, but some people call god something in the sky watching all that you described happen to mankind. And they believe god is coming sometime to stop all the killings and injustices we all face in different levels.

RE: The curtain rods, prizeless and very revengeful............yet.a happy ending for someone lol

I like the poem.

RE: What is going on in South Africa?

Well, here is my take, we have to accept that they have no business there in the first place. Because this is what you get when you bully people with the strength of arms and decide to think that time will make them forget, one day the whole thing will backfire on you. Now they are there and they own lands more than the indigenous people. Well, this kind of thing doesn't last forever, however, I prefer a real mutual agreement that can bring about sharing with the black indigenous farmers who don't have land throw proper communication. A peaceful mean to conflict resolution is always the best.

Exchange French language for English

Thanks, I'm learning.

Exchange French language for English

Really nice of you. I left this sit for a long, in fact, I forgot that I was here. But i can speak some good level of French now.

RE: What right does a man have to shout at a woman

Thanks for letting us know how Irish me are.

RE: ABORTION...Yes or No, and WHY?

This is a very sensitive issue, but is it fair to have a child unprepared and with someone you never knew who just raped you? Rape has been used as part of weapons of war and for women it's more than just rape when it results in pregnancy. I don't mean to say that rape is easier for men. But I consider abortion scary.

RE: How do you choose to meet people? Other than this way?

Well, online or should I say here, means never to meet. So, i prefer meeting people in an open place anywhere. Again, people who are miserable in life can jump behind the computer and write like uni profs only to get you to keep them company behind the curtain. I never spend more than 5 minutes here.

RE: What would u like to do with the rest of ur life ?

Investigating and reporting issues of inhumanity of man to man and see justice happen. That's all I want to do with the rest of my life.

RE: How to prevent yourself from contacting your ex?

Never for me, once I say it's over, it's over. When i lock the door i throw the key inside the ocean.

RE: Somebody likes me

You got it. The profile is to give you a little info about the person, so you have to read it first.
I simply ignore any picture that didn't fill up the profile info properly.

RE: Why are some women so imature and sensitive?

I totally agree this should go to men as well. In fact, I will say that 99% of the men you will meet online are so immature and lack so much confidence in themselves that their only place of solace is behind the computer. There they can write like kings and give a picture perfect intellectual, but, no, don't engage this person on a meaningful discussion as why you are here. They ask completely stupid questions like, how long have you been on this site? Were you able to find what you are looking for? And after that nothing sensible about why he contacted you in the first place. Then after one month it's , hello, how are? and after one month again it's hello how are you? You see that this person is completely in sane and has nothing doing with his life than wanting to find a fool like him to waste time together behind the computer. A real man finds something attractive and he goes for it .

RE: fake profiles

Yes, it's possible to live in France and nor speak one word of French. But that doesn't you are wrong about the fake profiles. Some men even use another man's picture and just want to waste your time chatting with them until you feel, done with this nonsense. I really don't know if there's any real human beings online really looking to meet another good individual for relationship, I mean, relationship.

Do you think online dating make sense?

I can relate to my own experience to say that online dating simply means chatting with lonely and insecure people who are only comfortable behind their computer and can write like professors.

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