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RE: Driving when on the cell phone

Nebraska just passed a law that teenagers cannot be on a cell phone while driving. Automatic suspension of driving priviledges.

Personally to me, though, I can multitask enough that I can talk and drive at the same time and have automated features. Voice activated dialing, speaker phone or hands free device. To me, its no different than talking to the person next to me in the passenger seat.

Of course, I have known a few people who were all over the road when they used their cell. Its kind of like walking & chewing bubblegum, not everyone can do it.

RE: Can you choose who you love?

If we could choose who we love, I wouldn't be in the mess that I am in right now. I definitely wouldn't have choose to fall for this guy, despite the fact he's a sweetheart, but life had other plans.


RE: Would you give your heart...

I've been an organ donor for about 5 years now. Saving a life is always important. I'm not going to need my organs when I die, so why not give them to those who really need them?

RE: ever get a day when you feel really pissed off.

Sorry to hear that Techno. hug

RE: she is a dream of a lifetime!!

Princess of coffee???? confused

Well, congrats to you both.


Nope. Going to a Superbowl party though!

Although, the Pats are going to win by 17 (just my guess), I'm cheering for the Giants. If I can't cheer on one Manning, I'll cheer for another, lol

RE: who's america's greatest black actors and actresses ?...and why ?

Sidney Poitier. After all he was the first black actor to win the Academy Award for Best Actor (Lillies of The Field, 1963); I love that movie. Plus an honorary award for extraordinary performances.

RE: Being alone

"The trouble is not really in being alone, it's being lonely. One can be lonely in the midst of a crowd" Raven to Mikhail in Christine Feehan's "Dark Prince".

I don't mind being alone. I enjoy it sometimes. It's being lonely that's hard.

RE: Drinks, anyone?

UV Blue vodka & Red Bull. Tastes like Koolaid and no hangover the next day

RE: gilly video talking about gothic people ? are they devil worshipers ? and should they be banned

Gilly, I'll post Wings of a Butterfly in the video section for you. This is a band considered "Goth", "Dark Metal", "Emo". I find their stuff under a lot of categories depending on the store I go to. This song is upbeat. One of my favorite songs by them as well.

RE: gilly video talking about gothic people ? are they devil worshipers ? and should they be banned

Hey Gilly. No, I really went through a goth phase. I'm sure my mom has some old pics. I'll have to look when I'm over there next. I dyed my hair black. She was so sure that I had a wig on that she grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked. I think one of my friends took a pic on my "vampiretic" night. I'll see if she has a pic to show you. I get in moods where I still feel like dressing goth (or vampiretic as my friends call it).

The clothes. Well, the clothes are pretty much another era. I love corset tops. I think they are absolutely sexy. I have like 8 or 9 in my closet. Hot Topic used to be one of my favorite places to shop.

One of my favorite bands H.I.M. (His Infernal Majesty) is often listed under the goth section. Some of their stuff isn't that way. Wings of a Butterfly is really upbeat. My mom calls them vampire music. Yes, I have a fascination with vampires. Something that I was into years before my goth phase.

RE: gilly video talking about gothic people ? are they devil worshipers ? and should they be banned

I love gothic clothing. I don't wear a lot of the outrageous ones I see girls wearing, but I own a ton of corset tops, which are my favorite. I have a ton of gothic clothes in my closet. I did dye my hair black once, but never again. Had to get it professionally removed by the salon which was a horrible experience.

I am not a satanist. I don't believe in Satan...Unless you mean my ex and my cat (both are an evil pain in the @$$). LOL laugh

I listen to what could be considered gothic music, but my music tastes are very diverse, so gothic music is only one style in my library.

When I went out with the girls a couple weeks ago, they gave me crap for looking vampiretic. LOL. Goth clothes, slicked hair, blood red lipstick, etc.

RE: What Music don’t you like!

Gangster Rap. I get bored with all the songs about B**ches and Ho's and popping a cap in the po-pos, smoking blunts and drinking 40s. One or two songs, but come on a whole album dedicated to these things????

I'm very diverse when it comes to music, but thats one thing you won't find in my collection.

RE: Which movie can you watch over and over and never get bored of?

JAWS. It's my all time favorite. I have it on DVD now. I watch it everytime its on TV and can do a reenactment line by line.

RE: Cryonics

I wouldn't want to do it. Have you ever seen the movie Forever Young with Mel Gibson? Or Demolition Man with Stallone. Both had cryo done and when they came back everything was different.

If you think about how much life has changed in the last decade, not to mention the last quarter of a century and longer, if you came back and had normal brain functions, how would you survive? You'd have to be re-education on everything. Think how much computers, vehicles, and things will have changed.

RE: Has anyone been watching the news?

I haven't seen anything that could be classified as a UFO. I have always said, however, it would be an awfully big waste of space and arrogant of us to assume our planet is the only one to have intelligent life forms.

RE: Why?

EWWWWWWWWW!!!! Luscious, I'd either find another hotel or stay and supervise them sanitizing the room. I hate hotels. I always wonder if they actually clean them.

RE: My Friend Trish (liver cancer lady)

Thoughts and prayers with you and your friend, Claire.hug

RE: Ladies...Does heighth of a man really matter?

I prefer men that are taller than I am. I'm a little taller than 5'7" and wear a lot of heels, which puts me around 5'9" to 5'10" depending on the shoes.

Most the guys I have dated have been about 5'10" to 6'. The last guy I dated though was 5'8". He didn't mind that with heels that I was taller than him and it didn't bother me either.

RE: HOw responsible are you?

I have a tendency to say exactly what I think. The boss man told me that I need to learn to say things to myself first, lol. Sometimes what I mean doesn't come out the way I mean it.

BUT I am true to my world always. If I say I'll do something, I do it.

RE: How do you keep your nails ?

I have long nails, but I don't usually paint them. If I do, its usually a clear polish.

When I bartended, I had acrylic overlays put on them. I got tired of always busting my nails when picking up kegs or opening bottles and the freezer doors. They were strong and pretty, but when I finally removed the overlays, they did some damage to my natural nails.

RE: we smokers must unite

Omaha has laws that you can only smoke in bars that have Keno in them and not if they serve food. So my question is, if you're going to be in a bar and poisoning your liver, eating greasy bar food & clogging your arteries, who the heck cares if you're poisoning your lungs at the same time???

Well, at least one "No smoking in here" bar cares about the other half of the customers. Outside on their patio, they have a HUGE firepit. You can stand outside and not freeze. Right now, you step out the door and it feels like summer from the heat the firepit puts out.

RE: UFC....

Couture is my favorite. Plus he's really nice in person. He doesn't have that STUCK UP attitude some have gotten (Umm, Ken Shamrock, "I'll sign an autograph for $15 on one of my pics you buy here or $25 on something you've brought"). Couture is an awesome fighter and didn't let it go to his head.

RE: Anyone remember these?

"You're Still The One" was our wedding dance song back in the day when I got married (divorced now) doh

I do like quite a few of her songs still. "Don't Impress Me Much" describes about every guy I dated, LOL

RE: UFC....

LOL, he catches spelling errors, but calls everyone MRS. If you were a MRS, why would you be on a singles site?

RE: panic attacks

I used to get them all the time, but grew out of them. I kept a small stack of brown paper lunch bags as I would start hyperventilating. Trying to visualize something calming helps. I picture the beach in Corpus Christi. Thinking about how soft the sand was, the smell of the ocean air, the warmth of the breeze. Slowly, I start to calm down and relax. Try something to that effect and see if it helps.

RE: Another newbie (and cat)

wave Welcome Islander (And Summer the cat)!

RE: UFC....

UFC is Ultimate Fighting Championships, ST712. The sport is Mixed Martial Arts. Cage fighting using different forms of martial arts to win.

RE: UFC....

Will be watching. My brothers both fight MMA, so I've gotten big into UFC. Someday, you'll be seeing my little brothers fighting on there! They are on their way there already!


I love all the new changes; especially being able to type in color. I think with time everyone will get used to the new format and it will get easier to understand. I've offered assistance to those having difficulties.

I do love the idea of moving the videos over to their own page. I noticed that A LOT of people have been trying out the video feature a lot so there were several pages to go through to get to the regular posts.

So, thank you Mods! The changes are great in my opinion.

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