Thank you. I needed perspective and didn't realize that I did. If I could return the favor I would.


Of course most of these replies are right. If a little vague. And im about half a step ahead of those of you who posted something specifically helpful. I mean. Common sense is common sense. Once I get the thought out where I can examine it then it becomes obvious. I don't have a support network to bounce things off of.
Direction of movement now becomes the biggest issue. Then execution.
Thank you all for the mirror you held up for me.


Very helpful. Thank you. You've truly re established my faith in the human race.


When did life become an endurance test? I missed the transition.
I did everything I was supposed to. I sacrificed for my son. I sacrificed for my family. I've done "the right thing ". Now im unfulfilled. I don't remember the last time I knew joy or happiness. I feel like a rat in a tank of water. Trying to keep my head above the surface. There's a reason for this,right? A payoff?
Yes. I know I sound depressed. This is much deeper than brain chemistry.

RE: Who are alone on 14 February?

Just me and the animalssigh


I'm the only person on this site. All others are programed "bots" put here as decoys by the good people at c s to lure real people in as a marketing ploy.

RE: what country is the best country in the world for civil and human rights ?

Having never visited austrailia or Belgium. I'd have to say Canada. The USA is no longer land of the free and home of the brave.

RE: the greatest ROCK band of all time.....

That's a toss up between styx and queen. Flip a coin.


Alone in wausau too.
Seems to be the norm though.

RE: how many people

More men would consider dating a women with children than there are women would consider dating a man with children. Wisdom gained through experience


Sure you do. You can get accustomed to anything

RE: Whats creepy?

Is that what I'm doing wrong?!?!? Damn!!

RE: Whats creepy?

What's creepy?
I'll tell you. Women that percieve " let's get together and talk", as a declaration of undying love and an invitation to move in.

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