RE: Gender - how do you know?

You can tell from their headlines how serious they can be: first of all no one is 100% serious on CS , some are half and half, some are somehow serious, some are completely lost and some are simply here for free pastime. CS doesn't care how serious you are, since they make their profit from the ad's they throw in, so gender or no gender has no point anymore, age up or down, education high or low is completely nonsense here. Some throw in weird language, who cares? they feel comfortable using low vocabulary, again like the gender matter they can use anything anyways they please. Some of them come up with weird pictures , again free choice on free site.

RE: Why do so many people mention that....

They're basically trying to say "I need a partner in fun" not a partner with baggages who will create more responsibilities on them. So,when they say I like to travel, doesn't mean they will cut airplane tickets for you , they simply want to paint themselves rich and outgoing.

RE: Drinking water to prevent getting sick as this is caused by dehydration

Bottled water is a big business in USA.
There is nothing wrong to drink tap water. In fact, tap water contains all minerals your body requires. No one has died from using tap water so far.
Save your dollars and use tap water.

RE: if commie countrys are better why are illegals n refugees coming to the usa?

I would say drink your hot tea and relax since it might be stormy over there by this time. As to "gone off the deep end" I wouldn't say so, since it's not even the surface yet. Before jumping into anything measure ten times & cut once; but I assume these type of advices won't apply to Maryland nor S.Carolina since both expressions coming are low level.
thumbs down thumbs down thumbs down thumbs down thumbs down thumbs down

RE: if commie countrys are better why are illegals n refugees coming to the usa?

Well....since you woke up late & are clueless, I suggest to check out the Cossy Cat's butt before checking out anyone's butt on CS.
wow wow

RE: if commie countrys are better why are illegals n refugees coming to the usa?

I agree with you 100%.
Americans such as lousy Cossy Cat above, have lousy big mouth with zero logic.
That Cossy Cat leaves her nonsense remarks left and right representing America from her Maryland corner. Living on Maryland soil doesn't make her any better American, she might be a fugitive by status or a refugee. ...but still it doesn't justify her big lousy uneducated mouth to be opened up 24/7 and send rotton messages hete and there and put others down with her low levels.

RE: if commie countrys are better why are illegals n refugees coming to the usa?

Hey woman! You don't seem like you're satisfied. Search a man instead of searching to post something nonsense. ...

2k+ low level forums.... hapchiew! Bless me!

professor professor professor professor

RE: if commie countrys are better why are illegals n refugees coming to the usa?

(2:58) [/quote

Ha...ha..ha....I bet all of those 2k+ forums are all same low level, nonsense, stupid, retarded, underdeveloped, uneducated, low self-esteem ripe brain comments posted one after another non-stop day and light. Act your age for once woman!

yay yay yay yay

RE: if commie countrys are better why are illegals n refugees coming to the usa?

Since I can't lower myself to your level, I would suggest to clean your mouth before speaking on international forums, according to your ripe age have some manners before you step in other world anytime now; & for your little uneducated brain check each forum posted before any of your retarded comments. Camping & fishing forum was not initiated by me first & second all of your comments posted are extremely nonsense, not only nonsense but the tone you use or I should say the level you express yourself is unethical, underdeveloped, no proper language usage, not counting the grammer usage since you wouldn't have any clue whatsoever, in other words out of no where you barge in & put your low comments left & right and assume no one will make a remark and so you get going nonstop with those low comments with your garbage mouth. Hope this is enough to shut your mouth for a while.

tongue rolling on the floor laughing tongue rolling on the floor laughing tongue

RE: where is my Mr Right ? ????????


RE: Class system.

Does your country have a class system in operation?
Here in England we have several .
We have the elete, which comprises of the monarchy, lords & ladies.
Higher class,
Middle class,
Working class
Rats & at the lower end of the spectrum we have Northerners![/quote

We have everything you can think of, except the monarchy, lords and ladies....
If Frech didn't help England to restore the lost monarchy in the past in 1600's as we read in literatures, today your monarchy wouldn't stay still.

RE: if commie countrys are better why are illegals n refugees coming to the usa?

Relax and take a slow breath once in a while. ....don't forget to smile.....afterall, this is just a dating game site with nonsense forums for free entertainment with camping and fishing.


RE: Camping and Fishing

Because there is nothing more interesting here, this is not Europe where every step you take you see a water fountain, a monument, a Gothic style church, a palace, something from 12th century, etc . Here is no taste when it comes to places I mentioned, therefore, camping and fishing go both hand in hand, both are smelly activities and require zero spendings. yawn

RE: Are you changing with the times ?

We need to take change in positive way.
When we are in bad marriage and free ourselves from it thatra big positive change, need to stay naïve and stupid.

RE: UN says usa needs 123 million more illegals on top of the 123 million we have/wtf!

California alone is above 70% on some kind of government aid from which half don't need the aid but get the advantage of the system and are among the qualifiers with their BMWs and Mercedes and properties under 3rd party names.

RE: Imran Khan: Five things to know about Pakistan's prime minister

How's farming going? Tell us some more.

RE: Holiday Invite!!!

He means he had ice-cream and burgers.
What did you expect Ali?


I'm glad to find people with brain on CS.
Those who don't like US president are the losers. Oh my....I still remember the they how those losers were yelling & shouting when they got the final indicative as "losers " back in Nov.2016! yay

RE: Are You a Ho Ho Ho!

Really....what's ho....ho....ho....?
Is this the north pole language?


Ravial hatred is everywhere. ....nothing new about it...remember human race is much like the animal race. Look at the birds in the skies, they get into similar groupings ,you don't see red bird flying with the yellow bird. Humans act accordingly on this planet. We need to show respect to other races around us since we are not animals and have capacity to think, ....treat others the same as you want to be treated. Better yet...keep your distance.

RE: Are You a Ho Ho Ho!

Add to it ...Bah Bah!

RE: Are You a Ho Ho Ho!

Those ho ho wo wo mo mo ko ko ke ke is found only in USA!

RE: What is love?

An English man or British man?
yay yay yay yay

RE: Are race and gender pandering corrupting the universities and culture in the USA?

I agree with every word you say here. You should see the unnecessary flute production we get in this country.

RE: Mosquito

Did you call me Ali?

RE: Mosquito

It's God's creation. ...why get rid of them?

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