RE: What makes it difficult for a black getting a white girl for a wife?

I live in Rome and I rarely find a lady who is single and from my country. So what do I do ?

I understand the man in question has stated 'white' in his post. May be he has not learnt the culture of writing. May be he is finding it difficult to bear all the expense of keeping a women from his country by his side in Sweden. ( As the rumor lies with the Africans ....that if you you want from your country... you bear all expenses.)

There you go....

But for me it is quiet different.....

RE: :)) Every year this time, I have more messages in my inboxes at sites and more invitations in real .

I am in Rome Italy and i have hosted a lot of people. but i really don't look for sex. I host people for companionship. i live alone. And the best way to to have a lasting friendship is to to have comanionship. and i really look forward to one. No string attached.

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