RE: Scammers & Hackers

Ladies, BEWARE of a man profile Username Sniderrik from La Puente California ,under name Erik Sneider.
Nearly describe a perfect bizz person image!
His english is perfecto! And able to discuss about Bit Coin. I must spent 6 days before confirm his profile is fake.
That poor bald guy photos are real, but the person behind this account is a Dingo!
He also hack the owner of ANC powder coatings account in LinkedIn, and represent himself as a true owner !!
Ask this dude to online live cam to cam.. He will refused and gone for a few days with reason busy or broken internet rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Say Anything

Finally i reach conclution ,here just for a windows fun.
Im not interest with you.
It is only me trying to be polite.
Yes i know..
The more im searching someone the more i became imperfect looking for perfection in him

RE: I want to make friends from india

why do you want to go back to India? India is a beautiful country but unfortunately many cases of rape there that afflicts women and children under age sigh

RE: Happy Birthday Crazyblondeone!

Hope im not late sending you good wishes from here.. across the ocean..wave cheering

HBD, God Bless You Cb kiss

hug bouquet


@Robbyreal : Yes me too , im play a little game "answer my question with them laugh
Usually i ask their local time, and how many states they have in their country or their country food culinaires..
I also must sacrifice share my gmail hangout account, and sometimes, dare to call them only for hearing their accent when they speak!
I am very good listen to the articulation. Very different if you are from Lagos , India or Philipines.. Or America.
Usually i will block them directly no more comments


RE: Am I scammer?

NO, it is better you block him.. your lucky ! and just more carefull with whom you interact
Run Lina run..


RE: Language

Nee Ali, i have translate to hen is bigger than egg laugh

RE: Language

Ha, Ali i change the sentence ja kip is groter dan ei laugh

RE: Determination

Haha.. me too, but without creme milk and sugar, just black , am ready for fight thumbs up

RE: Determination

I determined for many things Snook, but the most is
I need a cup of black coffee in the morning.. Then i can handle my day well..


RE: Language

Except Indonesian daily, I speak Dutch with family, my parents still use it because they are from old generation, English and mandarin mostly to my work colleague wave

RE: Tell me a secret!!!

Tell you a secret..

I never eat and really dont know Rice pudding .. blushing
uh oh

RE: Language

ik spreek Indonesië, Engels en Nederlands een beetje
Also still hardly learn Mandarin only for work...
Ní Haó .. confused


The scammer you are mention is using Misa Campo pix she is a canadian model.
It is better you just block and forget, probably someone offer sex chat only scold devil


You need to provide from other web site proof or report from scams buster, tht profile is scammer, either the pic or sentences they copy paste in their profile desc..
Other than that CS will ignore

RE: Men's rules

laugh laugh i'll notice that !

RE: Those who state 'Smoking ... trying to quit'

Iam not a chain smoker, but i need sometimes to release my work headache. When this happen i replace my lunch and dinner only with coffee and cigarrete.. I know this is very bad !
But since last December i change my habit to xylitol pepermints gum. Wrigleys cigarretes ! laugh I still can control my body lust of cigarrette.

RE: Tattoos. Body art or trashy?

Definitely for me tatto its an art. There is meanings for a permanent tatto . in some part of my country like Kalimantan, sumatera and Bali ,tatto also used as a cultur initiation for a person from their childhood to adult.

RE: Romance Scammer Etc

Do you mean you ask them to show naked on the screen?
Is that the way you spot a lady if she is a scammer or not ? Woow cool
How about if she is a genuine person.. ? Ofc she will refused acting striptease

RE: Should Prostitution be legalized everywhere?

Someday, prostitution either man or woman will be legalized and declare as a professional job. Because using phisics for give service and was paid. Perhaps they can be charge with tax as well

RE: Should Prostitution be legalized everywhere?

Someday, prostitution either man or woman will be legalized and declare as a professional job. Because using phisics for give service and was paid. Perhaps they can be charge with tax as well

RE: Science

Sophia and Hans the robot with human AI is the best invention ,beside the sex doll and robots maid
Kit , the talking car also great.
Awaiting for teleport transport base on quantum theory...
Also looking forward for using holographic technology, a regular hologram module using light to project the illusion of dimension shape

RE: Should Prostitution be legalized everywhere?

In my opinion, it is good to be localized , just like casinos

Socialy it is against the norms
But they need to be protect ,because all this time the perpretrators of prostitution became the crime target.
Prostitution is the oldest practice in human civilization.
we cannot ban or forbid prostitution but we can regulate the practice of prostitution

RE: What ya got on the go.....SAY ANYTHING

Hi 2i hope you are well..
and the weather also better not making you frozen wave

Yes, from day to day the forum became not fun anymore, and seriously those frustation topic and comments are purposely for stabbing and hurting other people. WHY ? What is our fault ?
Spread peace and positively among us can be started from our small CS community ,right ?
We are here in CS for fun and romance ,,relaxing having nice and friendly banter.
And im so gratefull to meet a few people in CS they are warm, nice and beautiful person like you in here 2i.kiss
Wish you always keep your positive comment and spirit.. head banger

Happy Friday 2i

wave ::hug:

RE: What ya got on the go.....SAY ANYTHING

Yes BW i wonder what is happening in the real life ?
Are this people are junkies or success in their career and economy ? Seems like a frustating peppl and failure in life confused narrow mind
Not share happiness positive thoughts and encourage each other but we are caught in a circle of paranoid ,. Suck into a circle of Narcisist and belittle humiliate other people,country , culture, and religion.


RE: Send an anonymous message #3

surely you do not have the courage to send me a message right?
What a pity..

I can see you.. Keep pacing and looking hug

RE: Poor women----Wealthy men....


And she claimed, they never loved eachother; but he took advantage of her innocence and poverty.

At the end, she's wealthy and he's poor.
Dunno if there is any Pretty Woman 2, unless they want to do it again

Yes in a reality life now she is rich and he is poor conversing

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