RE: Blues music thread

Matt Backer - Histrionic, Narcissist Blues

RE: In Four Words

Don't do drugs, yo!
Before you love, trust
Beware of doubtful friends
Hands up, undies down ;-)
Before assuming, learn facts
Before you die, Live!!

RE: The 70s

Eagles - Hotel California

RE: 30s Music

Thanks for heads up Ooby!
Here is another version of this song but worse quality.
Apologies, not much else I can do.

RE: Love Songs

Lyrics for Forgive Yourself by Julie Lee

I've got something I'd like to say to you
You say you have, but that's not true
I can hear it in the words you use

Nobody forced your hand and made you go
It was something that you chose
But it's time now to let it go

Forgive yourself
Forgive yourself

So you'd give anything just to go on back
And change what's in the past
When you didn't know who you were
But some of that made you who you are
And I wonder if you'd have come this far
If you hadn't traveled down that road

Forgive yourself

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