RE: World Cup FIFA 2018: guessing the champion

I vote for Belgium&Uraguay

RE: Would you make love with a person of your same gender?

To Love with pious intention&no feelings of sex is Ok.Any person can love anyone .But when there is to be involved sex then i would prefer opposite gender.

RE: Do you believe in Jesus Christ!

Godbless to all of you.Jesus was a religious reality and He is still a reality.He was a messenger and prophet of Allah.He is still alive up in the heavens above the blue skies.Everyöne who has deep interest in history would find alot of evidences about Jesus.Jesus was actually will of Allah.Everyone have to believe in Jesus because Jesus is a truth and truth has to be believed.i strongly believe in jesus and allah.

RE: Hug a Muslim

Islam is religion of peace and humanity.ISIS is only using name of Islam. ISIS is not acting on true path of Islam.ISIS is not killing only non Muslims but also killing innocent Muslims.ISIS is also aginst many Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia.ISIS has ruined the true of picture of Islam.ISIS is a black spot on face of Islam.Dont mix up ISIS policies with Islam.

RE: solutions for handling the migration crisis

There is a simple solution.Set up refugees camps in Turkey,Jordan and saudi Arabia.These camps must be provided basic fascilties and resources.Fund should be generated by UNO and Muslim world.The problem could be solved as in Afghan Russian War.

RE: checking on the numbers who has found their life partner on CS

Its a little bit difficuilt to find life partner on net but not impossible.The real thing is one must know how to win attention of a person.It requires experience.Once U have finger on the pulse of a person U can judge.I found my partner after struggle of 10 months.At one stage i was disappointed and decided to leave the site.

RE: Germany: Sympathetic to all Syrian Refugees

Time would force Europe to review the foreign policies and not to be part of American great game.These refugees are result of American great game of new world order.

RE: which country.s opposite sex is most visually attractive to u

Women from western Russia are extraordinary beautiful who can make a man easily mad.


Getting problem to connect.

RE: Is age an issue in a relationship

Dear!Age is never an issue in a relationship.If two people have understanding,love,care and respect for each other then they are happy.Its only a norm which the society has build.Many close age difference couples have divorce and separation.Age is a number game.The thing that matter is health and physical fitness.

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