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congrats to both of you!!!hug

OH Baby!!!

I just wanted to let everyone know...Jolie Arleena was born on Friday, July 30th at 3:58 am. She weighed in at 6lbs and 8oz, and is 19.5 inches long. yay

Miracles happen everydayteddybear

A baby???


We just had the ultrasound yesterday and found out we are having a baby girl, who is due on August 8th. Her name will be Jolie Beltran:)

A baby???

mmm thanks for the bump u!!hug

A baby???

Hey hotrod..well, I'm glad you didnt miss this..kiss thanks for your kind words, have a great day

A baby???

Thanks Jan...I miss you toohug

A baby???

I will be sure to let everyone know when the time comes...thanks for all the congrats and well wishes:)hug kiss hug

A baby???

thanks Morgan...i have missed you!

Again...many thanks to all of you who offered congrats and kind words, we will cherish them. I will also do my best to update anyone who wants to know how things continue on with us...all my love..

kiss hug kiss

A baby???

thanks cristina...I miss you too and I know Rick does as well...cuz we've talk about you...hug how are thing with you?

gangel...many thanks to you too, nice to see you again..hug

A baby???

haha..okay Zell, we will keep that in mind....thanks:)

A baby???

hahaha..I love that!!!!


A baby???

awwww Ambrose...that was very sweet and so true...NOT..LOL, but thank you very much.

I hope all is well with you and Tan...yes yes!!!!hug

Thanks to all of you for the kind words, its nice to come back "home" here


A baby???

Thanks everyone...its nice to hear from you all again. I hope all is well with each of you...

we are still in a little shock about the baby, I just had to talk about it

A baby???

Hello everyone!!!!

I know it's been a while and all since I've stopped in here; however, I never used the success story category before so I am now.grin

A success story...It was in Dec of '07 when Rickster and I started chatting on CS, met in Apr of '08 and met again in July of that year. It was then that we didnt come on CS much anymore, as we played more on another website...which is where you will find us both now as well.

After July of last year, we didnt get to see eachother until May of this year. That was one long year, and at times I think we both doubted LDR, or at least I did. But things all came together in May, when Rick came back to Iowa for my oldest sons graduation from Highschool, he made one more trip back to New York for a couple of weeks and then came back to Iowa 2 weeks later.

So a success story??? Yeah, I think so grin

I would like to extend my thanks to CS for this website, Rick and I would have never found eachother if not for this wonderful website. So many thankswine

Oh and as far at the title of this thread....YEAH, we are gonna have a baby this coming summer...teddybear

To my wonderful friends on the other website and Rick's, please dont mention this on there as my kids dont know yet and we arent telling them until the first of the year or so. I just wanted to thank Connecting Singles for there part of our success and to let you all know CS can work if you keep the faith and are best to you all...hugs

RE: What Do You Know.....What About The Glass

hug comfort bouquet

RE: How can I promote website?

what type of website is it??? do you sell, buy, advertise, or what?

RE: Double Standards

haha..rodolpho, you were the he i was speaking of..

RE: Double Standards

yeah i think that is what he meant too

RE: What Do You Know.....What About The Glass

I am usually a half full kinda girl..laugh but hell some days the damn glass is emptyfrustrated grin

RE: A Tongue In Cheek Bash....Just Fun

I dont know...well i know but am not saying nuthin...rolling on the floor laughing

yeah but anyways, just the other day I was waiting behind a few cars at a stop light..and all of the sudden a truck pulls up and a man jumps out yelling and cussing at another man. The first man (the cusser)is in his late 40's or early 50's and the other man is in his late teens or lil older. The old man (haha) says Im gonna fecking punch you in the face and reaches inside this other guys car...the ole man was going crazy with anger and I never did hear the young man say a word, but to move away closer to his door. By this time my lil girl and I are a tad bit scared, so I locked the doors and rolled up our windows. Everyone is honking their horns..blah blah..but the darn man just wouldnt shut up and stop running his mouth. Now i have no idea what happened nor who's fault it was..but the old man who lost his temper needed to have some control and act like this age...

so when we are driving away, i look in his truck..cuz he left the door open as he tried beating up the other driver..his wife and child are sitting there in i wondered for sometime..

Had the driver (who was getting yelled at) caused more harm or danger to this man and his family...or the out of control man who parked his truck in the middle of a busy street, left his door open..where another car could of hit it or knocked his child out, or gotten hurt due to being so was just werid..doh

so anyways...I would of said those Menwerent that smart nor responsible drivers...thats what I thought as I drove away talking on my cell phone, texting and putting on mascara...that was a joke..tyrolling on the floor laughing

RE: What you are expecting from your kids in mothers day

There is nothing that I expect nor wish from them...having them is gift enough. some days a gift i think about returning.laugh teasing tho.

My lil girl will make me a homemade gift and card from school, she will bring it home early and beg me to open it instead of waiting for Mothers Day and more hugs and kisses then a mother teenage boys, I get a hug and a sloppy kiss and they will lay in bed with me for a short while until they start bickering with eachother and I kick them out. Im blessedheart wings

RE: Is every man shallow?

yeah yeah anyways....I wouldnt use the word "shallow" for you..I have to many others to pick from.

To bad you and leslie couldnt of responded to this thread like mature adults instead of spitting out poison. All the other guys didnt take such high offense...lil boys...
roll eyes

RE: Is every man shallow?

I dont think the use of the word shallow is wrong, unless its the only word that is used to describe someone as a whole.

as people can lack depth in intellect, thoughts, and feelings..would make their thinking shallow.

however, used in this may not of been the best choice of words...because the fact the people dont want to date another person due to their more of a personal choice.

for instance, im not so much for dating a guy who is shorter them me...I wouldnt consider that being shallow.dunno

RE: Looking!

Hello...wave handshake

RE: Is every man shallow?


I think everyone gets to this point at sometime...

For me, I wouldnt call myself shallow...but, I am selective in what I want in a man. Im not gonna settle for something less then I want and deserve, after all, "he" could be my life partner (this includes both the outer and inner beauty and both are important when it comes down to it)...I best choose well. so, with that said...I wouldnt expect a man to any less.


RE: ladies please help me

Hang in there Steve....patience in this area is hard, but is worth the wait...cheers

RE: Are you a Virgin ?

ahmmmmm mmmm...yeahdoh I thought we all were confused

RE: Are any of you making a long distance relationship work?

Im not sure I have any good advice, except be patient. Ive been seeing a man from CS for almost a year and half; however, he does at least live in the same country, which I would think would be easie...hes on the East Coast and I live in the mid-west.
We started out emailing and so forth, now we talk on the phone several times a day...we've met and all went very well, better then I expected.
Again, the hardest part for me is patience and trust, both are harder in a LDR..IMO. However, if you both want it...distance cant stop you and time can be your friend or your enemy..depends on how you see it.

My best to you and Mr. New Zealand..applause hug

RE: Why do you post pics with your children?

I have posted pics of my kids a time or two...I can see some risk, but to actually call it dangerous, not sure about that one...

"to use your kids to lure people to get a date" rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing sorry, that struck me as one of the funniest things I've read. I cant see how posting a pic of your kids is gonna lure anyone into getting a date...maybe posting T & A, but kids...doh

RE: What is the most wonderful day in your life so far?


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