Let’s poet

Where’s steering wheel, Gagarin wondered
“Hillbilly” Koralev replayed.
Perhasps, you’d aks for rein and shaft here?
Perhaps, “Poehali” would say?

3 best decisions

My best - then - friend told me at the time of my divorce: get married / get a lover at once or you'll remain single. (Because being single for a woman is the best option ever.) I didn't listen to her. I thought that before involving in a relationship, I'd enjoy being single for a little more. And more. And more... until being single became my philosophy.

It's so convenient. It's so satisfying. It's so me.

It is very single. Yes. It is also very independent :)

Whatcha dancin?

A tango.

RE: bullies want you 2 feel bad

I am talking about a life style that has no space for bullies.

RE: bullies want you 2 feel bad

How to fight bullies. Three easy steps:

1. Eight hours of sound sleep
2. Eight hours of work
3. Eight hours of meaningful activities like physical exercise, meditation, reading, self-education (example – learning a foreign language), meeting with friends, visiting opera / theatre / library / exhibition, housekeeping, volunteering, maintaining bodily hygiene.

Then repeat :)

RE: what do you hate?

KGB and Putin's propaganda along with all its derivatives inclusive useful idiots.

RE: bullies want you 2 feel bad

Naw, Pedro, be fair. No one here has ever managed to out-dramaqueened you :D

Your character feature you don’t like yourself

Much better than GSOH any time :D

Your character feature you don’t like yourself

I am a bad listener. Partly because I understand better written word, than spoken, and partly because I'm seldom interested in people and therefore indifferent to what they have to say about anything and usually it's the story of their life ***shudder***

Self-bettering in progress: I try to limit socializing with people, I'm indifferent to, and spend more time with and invest more energy in people, I like. And then really listen to them. Sometimes I menage :)

Your character feature you don’t like yourself

Short legs and bodily functions aint no character feature. Toilet humour, though, is.

Whatcha dancin?

The conductor:

RE: what caused covid...?

I've seen a interview with a virologist, who claimed that Covid has been designed in laboratory in Wuhan and got out out of negligence. But I never seen a second independence confirmation.

Until that: it's a virus as any other.

But if it's manmade, then I am glad that I am as old as I am and have lived the most of my life before all that.

3 best decisions

It sounds sad.

But I do hope, you'd find a way to break free from him if it's your intention.

Your character feature you don’t like yourself

Of all the posters here, your are most genuine and benevolent. In my definitive opinion :)

Your character feature you don’t like yourself

Well... it's your trait to think whatever you want about it, of course, but I myself think that it's in a line "you treat other people as you want to be treated": you grant them benefit of the doubt in order that they will do the same.

I personally wouldn't evaluate it as something not to like. But of course, it's yours to like or dislike :)

3 best decisions

My observation: a true love is always unrequited. Even if the both sides are involved. I don't know how it's possible. Once upon a time I was totally in love with a man who was totally in love with me, yet we were totally in love with each other in a completely different way. And the ways we were in love with each other weren't requite from the other side.

A strange phenomenon, but here we are. Or were :(

Whatcha dancin?

Main theme from the film "Gentlemen of fortune". At what point have you started to dance? :)

Whatcha dancin?

^ awesome thumbs up

3 best decisions

I am totally jealous of your so mature decisions at a relatively young age (I'll never be that mature). But I wonder how did you manage to move for love together with a house?

3 best decisions

You are right, but I still believe, that the more you change, the less power your previous addiction has over you. It's like you have moved to another dimension. The most difficult thing is to say "no" the first time and then keep to the decision until not using becomes a norm.

And, surely, the person who used the drug then isn't the same person, who doesn't use now. You managed to changed your personality from what it was then to what it is now. The now-personality remembers the addiction, but remembering and using isn't the same thing.

And once again: it's very strong done hug

Whatcha dancin?

The first impression: it looks like "Westside story". But it isn't.

3 best decisions

It's the very portrait of an addiction. Fighting an addiction is like fighting yourself. It's a battle that seems impossible to win... until you change.

When you change, when you become a different person, a non-addict, then your addiction cannot reach you.

Emile Verhaeren has a poem, that I find a very suitable to the situation of fighting own weakness, "Sward", if I remember right. (Will try and find a translation, but no promises.)

Until then, a song, that I also find suitable: "This woman doesn't love you, but she will never let you go..."

It goes like: "...you were looking for a spouse, but you found your widow..."

3 best decisions

I am totally for!

The first two need a lot of willpower and for the third you get absolution for the first two :)

3 best decisions

Good luck!

Though, from my experience, the Qigong crowd is very including, forgiving, warm and supporting. You'll be fine :)

RE: do you lie?

On average, people lie 10-12 times a day. Most common lies are:

1. I feel good
2. Nice to meet you
3. Let's keep in touch

So, yes, I lie :)

3 best decisions

Yes, it is. Though, there is a lot of different schools and styles, you can choose what suites you best.

And on the second thought: moving to Gothenburg belongs to the best decisions list. Does it mean now that I've run off of all my good decisions or is there still some hope for me? laugh

3 best decisions

I thought about given a choice of naming 3 worst decisions as well, but then people seldom enjoy admitting mistakes and I did want to make a positive thread. (But you can create a "3 worst decisions" thread, can turn out it'll be a popular "Crying wall".)

In general therms, my list of best decisions is connected to education; in particular it contains (1) joining University (even if at age 38) and then (2) a Qigong course.

Don't have to third yet to much the first two :)

3 best decisions

Your decisions, as known, led you to the point you are now at: "You are here" kind of. And I hope, you are content with that place under the sun :)

What are the three best decisions you ever made?

RE: Is There Anyone Really Looking For Friendship Which Can Be Serious Some Day?

I always start as acquaintance.

Never had male friends. Acquaintances, dates, lovers, husbands, colleagues, neighbours, passers-by, pay-pals, activity partners - yes; friends - no.

Let’s poet

...set the v***rator to the speed 2
and tell Oksana to recharge
and didn’t leave it at 8 marker
impossible for me to match.

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