RE: Sexy

Yes. Natty :)

RE: Sexy

Time difference :D

RE: Sexy

Well... I'm off then.

RE: Sexy

Well... looks like everybody knows what's sexy and only 2 men had guts to declare self-assessed sexiness.

Will follow the path of glory: yes, I'm sexy. Even if I say it myself :)

RE: Sexy

Why not? I also find people, who don't have to worry about how to pay next month rent, quite sexy :)

RE: Sexy

Possible. Melania is still married as well :)

RE: Sexy

Reminded me of the classic:

"So, what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?"

RE: Sexy


RE: Sexy

Is it your passport?

RE: Sexy

Totally :D

RE: Sexy

Hello, Lookin!

I want Ginger as personal coach :)

RE: Sexy

Hullo, Ginger!

You are certainly cute. But sexy?..

RE: Sexy

I'm sorry for badly formulated advice. I should have said that it's better for you to change your lifestyle in such a way that would keep you trim. Losing and then gaining weight isn't good at all.

Changing lifestyle isn't an easy task, but it's possible. Especially if you would think of it as the way to reclaim and then maintain your sex appeal.

RE: Sexy

Well... that's not good, especially for your health. Get rid of it.

As to feeling sexy... While it's about proportions of the body for most times, than not, the other qualities counts as well. Like confidence. Or humour. Or kindness. When we like someone's personality, it's easier to accept their body as well.

RE: Sexy

Why don't you feel sexy now?

RE: What do women prefer wearing

Tuberose gardenia by Estee Lauder. My signature.

Used to like Connexion by Lancome, but it's been discontinued. Pity.

RE: To troll or not to troll, that is the question.

Well, the only way to change something (to the better, I presume?) is to change yourself. You can't do much about other people's behavior.

Though, there are people, here as well as in the real life, which presence makes me a better person in the sense that I hide my ugliest sides from them. I want to be liked by them, I guess.

But what happens with your ugliest sides when they are surpressed for a longer time? Would they wilt and die or just accumulate in anticipating to be unleashed? If anything, this place provides some kind of a vent, wouldn't you say?

RE: Have women lost their femininity?

Mister, are you allright?

RE: Have women lost their femininity?

Dunno what you bunch mean with femininininity, but I learned mine from my grandmother.The one, who's been to partisans during WWII.

She used to say that instead of asking in thin voice into darkness:"Hullo, who is there?", you shoot, recharge and shoot again. Then and only then you ask:"Mister, are you allright?" and never bother with the answer, 'cause you are busy with recharging.

Worked as a charm then. Works as a charm now.

RE: I think I'm in love.....

No. You bothered to check her profile. Not enought, you bothered to make a thread about it.

You bothered :)

RE: I think I'm in love.....

Then do sonething about it: ask her out, why not?

Old EU forum pens


Anyone is out there? Is there any point in reviving the EU forum?

Used to be a busy and funny place...


RE: Who would you like to meet from CS ... ?

Forgot, but only for a wee second, Bnaughty.

Would like to explore his... naughtiness.

Need practical advice - how to get rid of a rat?

You are describring the cat I had a couple of lives ago.

I am one cat woman.

Need practical advice - how to get rid of a rat?

Minks don't want to serv either.

It's very human to use animals. For meat. For milk. For watch. For shepperding. For finding mines. For dragging loads... For tracing, for identfying, for medical trials... For fur.

Let's kill. Qiuck.

Need practical advice - how to get rid of a rat?

Wild rescue cats are looking for to get free. I would if I was one of them.

I understand they longing for freedom. Not to catch rats for food and shelter.

RE: If you've been on CS for more than 10 YEARS!!!......

And there you will freeze to death in your graves.


I'm Russian.

Need practical advice - how to get rid of a rat?


The small ones are the worst :)

Was she having young kittens at that time?

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