RE: Holiday Invite!!!

Not laughing, just an attempt to joke, that indeed got lost, sorry.

I'll try to find description of the least painful way to make golubtsy :)

RE: Holiday Invite!!!

It's easy: pour in and drink out :)

RE: Prelude To Meeting Someone

Oh, using stutter just to mention spout? Clever move :D

Still, biggest disability is making fun of disability.

RE: Prelude To Meeting Someone

Good for you. The only thing I can tell from hearing a voice is whether I like or dislike it. The manner in which a person converses contents a lot of information, though. As does a correspondence.

15 min away? I would go straight to a date.

But everyone conducts their affairs as it fits them.

RE: Prelude To Meeting Someone

Well, indeed. And your point of view depends on what you are.

RE: Prelude To Meeting Someone

I won't give anyone my phone number before meeting in person.

I prefer to see information; I'm very bad at understanding it by ear, numbers and dates are the worse. (Sure, there's a clever word for that.)

Then there's a thing with voice: if I don't find it attractive at once, I wouldn't be eager to meet him in person. But your voice is the only asset you can use on the phone. In person, there's a lot of other factors and dimensions, that can outweight a shortage in one feature.

If someone doesn't behave exactly as you, can mean that the other person isn't exactly as you and nothing beyond that. Don't jump to conclusions.

RE: Palm Oil And Its Connection With The Environmental Destruction

I cook myself from scratch and don't use palm oil in my cooking. I very seldom buy sweets, like cakes and cookies and the like.

I do read labels on cosmetic and hygienic products, but most for sulphates and parabens sake; from now on will pay attention to palm oil as well.

Thanks for spreading awareness!

RE: Do you Vape?

Would you like to Google "nicotine" and report the findings before making that kind of statements?

Nicotine has the same impact as sugar and a risk factor for diabetes (among other things).

Vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes, but it is still an addiction to the drug, that's is more powerful than heroine.

Vape all you want and good luck with it! Just don't post dangerous nonsense. Thank you in advance!


It's for the capable one's. You shouldn't bother.


Thumma, you NEED get laid. Ask any psychiatrist.

Sending vibes and prayers.

RE: the offical ''moan'' thread

Now I don't now... After those sounds you made, perhaps, not that big anymore :D

RE: Get Together

Well... I've been to several towns in Siberia, in Turkey, in Egypt, on Cape Verde, now in Caribbean: I do take myself out of Europe. I'm actually go out more often, than within. If there sun and sea in winter - I certainly will consider the option :)

But then there're the usual matters of budget, distance, bang-to-buck ratio... The practical stuff.

RE: Favorite board game to play

Domino (prefer Helicopter, but classic Goatbuck will do).

Cards (Stupid pairwise or Thousand).

RE: Get Together

Have been in Riga once, a hundred years ago, very briefly, in winter. An interesting town, as rumour has it.


RE: Daily Chuckle ...

Talent is as sex appeal.

Difficult to hide.

Impossible to fake.

RE: Get Together

After a second thought I stick to my first suggestion: a low-income Southern EU country under low season. In that way more people would be able to afford it.

Advantages: friendly locals; relatively high standard; low prices in general; cheap red wine of good quality; orange juice from real oranges, not a carton; we Northerners would get some sunshine before summer, you Southerners would get some chill; possible to cancel reservation on short notice (low season); approximately same cost for everyone...

Disadvantages: ?

RE: Get Together

The majority of CS posters are Anglophone Europeans, mostly Ireland. Pakistan is too far away for everyone, but you. We all can, of course, make an effort and meet on your farm, but I'm afraid that you would be forced to move afterwards, as your neighbours will never accept anything less. Be rational now.


RE: Get Together

Most certainly June is out of question. July is possible if nothing happens ( I'm on a waiting list for hip replacement surgery).

RE: If you had the possibility of being born again, who would you be?

Now I will suspect every butterfly, moth and ladybug :)

RE: Get Together

In a warm country, as Spain, Italy or Greece, during the low season, say April. Would be lovely.

RE: Get Together

Juices? Meaningless calories :D


RE: the offical ''moan'' thread

Last day in the paradise. Experiencing separation anxiety :(

PS. Cute kitten, Track :)

RE: Get Together

He doesn't drink.

RE: If you had the possibility of being born again, who would you be?

Indeed. Somehow people assume, in regard to questions like this one, that they will get a better deal. It may be worse.

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