RE: If you could re-engineer the human body, what would you change?

Well... I don't like reptiles myself, but happy to inform you that Daenerys Targaryen lives farther down the road.

RE: If you could re-engineer the human body, what would you change?

Too late for me then, as I already read this thread.

RE: If you could re-engineer the human body, what would you change?

Terribly flattering. How big henhouse should I rent for you?

RE: If you could re-engineer the human body, what would you change?

I thought I was alone with such a radical idea :)

RE: If you could re-engineer the human body, what would you change?

I would give him some brain. Or is this thread about the physical properties only?

RE: How many women are seeking a man to relocate to their area

Would relocate in a heart beat to Costa Blanca, if I could get a job there with at least the same salary as here. Otherwise, there's no point.

RE: Instant noodles

It's fast carbs, hence everyone likes it. 'cause our brain is a junkie's brain. So your question kinda irrelevant. Another angle is whether one eats everything junkie's brain wants.

RE: Swimming

Every time after reading one of your posts, I feel so glad for your sake: at last you've discovered something that all other people already known since their teens. Well... better late than never.

Bnautical, how's sea temp there? Here on Costa Blanca ca 18 by my approximation.

RE: if you could ??????

Well... it's really depends...

On every given Monday I'd like to be a spitting cobra.

But on any other day and especially while on sea shore, I'd like to be a dolphin - jump into water and never look back.

RE: Does Europe have the answer?

Thought about it for a while and landed on the answer that it just might.

One of my acquaintances went to USA for 6 months (to look after a sick relative) and during that time gained 8 kg. Upon returning to Sweden and her usual "European" life style, she lost the excess weight in following 6 months without any extra effort.

Who knows, perhaps a change in life style might help against burping as well? (Don't go for British life style though, they are as fat as Americans.)

Spirited erg

Looks like no one rows here. Nonetheless, made 2k in 11:28 today. Totally happy :)

**purring contentedly**

The erg wanders still, but that's a minor grief. Or?

Spirited erg

You didn’t row in your time at Oxbridge? How come there's that pic of you and your hen all over the net?

Spirited erg

Your chicken ergs? What's her 2k time?

Spirited erg

Mine starts to walk forward already at lazy 20 SPM. Yours?

RE: No one is moving to the other.

What you being picky has to do with my preference for dating local men? Do you mean that people living in Gothenburg, Sweden, are of lower sort than you?

RE: No one is moving to the other.

Grass is never greener and there's totally nothing wrong with the local men.

RE: Why do women wear sexy clothes..?

If I understood what you mean, I'd totally wear it :)

RE: Characteristics

Good. Your best bet is to go and f*ck yourself. Nothing personal, only observer....

RE: Characteristics

Dunno about load. I'm one.

RE: Characteristics

Englishman over 30? Best case scenario - he's not obese. My personal advise - look somewhere else :)

Best of luck!

RE: Characteristics

Speaks Russian (as well)

RE: Paleo, Keto and Grain-free - anyone??

Well... every way to eat is a diet, you don't have to believe in it :)

Looks like you are building. I don't. My impression that gentlemen 50+ are overweight and under-fit. At least those, I've met so far, were. I don't build (muscle masse), I just like to be liftable, at least for the younger generation of men.

The older knights have class and style... (The rest of my post is deleted. I felt generous for one time sake, reason unknown)


RE: Paleo, Keto and Grain-free - anyone??

Indeed. Though no matter the diet, you need to count calories.

RE: Paleo, Keto and Grain-free - anyone??

I eat like this for the last 10 years now, keep the same weight and feel good. What's in reviews?

RE: Paleo, Keto and Grain-free - anyone??

I had to google what paleo diet is. Sounds quite sound and it's rather close to how I eat (safe for diary), though wondering why they excluded salt.

RE: Hello everyone

Do you have some other picture?

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