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RE: Who was the worse?

Now this may make me unpopular, but it is my duty to point out that Hitler was an Intelligence Agent, who when he infiltrated the Socialist Workers Party, there were less than 10 people in the room.

He reported back, and did his work. Now considering the resentment in Germany, and it's Central Bank, Britain in particular, though Churchill expressed interest that Germany as a Nation had to be destroyed, Hitler or no Hitler. If you are interested it's in Churchills declassified papers, available for public viewing.

Hitlers Germany was praised as an Economic Miracle, because of what he did with their Central Bank. The Third Reich was financed by Wall Street. Fact.

Britain was then lent money to defend it's allies, and materials, while the same country financed the Third Reich to the hilt. The lovely bankers in the States did very well off the back of WW2. Only America benefited from WW2. Britain lost it's empire, was bankrupted, and lost it's premier role as the worlds reserve currency.

Since then, the business of war has been successfully bounced around the planet, making some people very wealthy indeed.

As for the worst of the worst, it has to be C.I.A. installed Mau Tse-Tung, who killed anywhere between 45-84 million people, in 4 years, in his "Great Leap Forward".

Short version, it's now cheaper and easier to kill people than ever before, far easier than feeding them. So it depends on your perspective.

How evil do you have to be be to cauee a False Flag operation, to try to justify a war, or perpetuate sanctions on a country, depriving them of food and medical supplies, resulting in deaths by starvation?

The worst terrorist state in the world is the state of Israel. They ignore international law, UN Resolutions, and shoot unarmed civilians, while breaking the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty, while trying to influence US Foriegn Policy through blackmail, and financial interests.

So instead of wondering what Hitler did, or Stalin, or Robert Mugabee, how about you apply pressurento elected ofgicials tonstop funding, training and equipping lunatics in the kiddle est to kill their neibours, for financial gain?

The recently leaked ISI report on the supposed killing of Osama Bin Laden, described America as a"bully", to it's partners in the so called war against terrorism.

So please ensure you vote with your feet, and purchase product that does not flow into the hands of businesses in occupied land on the West Bank (such as Soda Stream) and let them know why.

I no longer buy any fruit or veg grown in Israel. My money is not going to any state to financialy help a government who deems it suitable to shell Palestinian children playing football, with American made weapons. That's simply terrorism, in todays world that is totally unacceptable.

RE: should women stay in or out of politics

Maybe it's time for a name change for the site?

What about "ConnectingtheDysfunctional" ???

There's some very odd folk on this site! Free will mean you get the dregs along with a few gems.

RE: should women stay in or out of politics

It isn't a very good example of humanity is it. I mean if Aliens decided to do a study based on the individuals on this site, they might decide to just blow us up, as we are clearly incapable of rational thinking, rather than realise it's a piss poor control sample.

A lady a few days ago described my posts to me in a nice way which i won't detail, but the same women then called me a scammer within a few days, so i'm not a good judge of women.

Some of the men on here though, if i were female, i wouldn't even open fire on with a belt fed machinegun, never mind date. Jesus they are bad!

RE: should women stay in or out of politics

Artemisia would have been even more impressive! If you haven't seen the movie 300 : Rise of an Empire it will give you an idea of her standing in the Persian Empire.

Historically the movie took a few liberties, but Eva Green played the character beautifully. If you watch the movie, you'll find my type of historical character behind her on the boat when she goes on the rampage. In real life she survived the campaign.

Look for the CGI character that has great balance and throws a guy off a boat. That would have been me, or i was on shore looking after the horses, getting covered in horse shite.

RE: should women stay in or out of politics

I've never heard that term before! Mind you it's probably the polite version. What does amaze me is why so many men, who despise women are on a dating website?

Never tried cannibalism, so maybe they want to eat them in a stew or something? Strange world!

RE: should women stay in or out of politics

That's definately a forward step.

RE: should women stay in or out of politics

Anyone can be thrown into office over there. Ronald McDonald could get elected on those rigged voting machines.

Mind you, it looks like the American public has been woken up at last, and with luck, they willmake it very clear that they will not accept another bunch of crooks and chronies, from either side of their houses.

Congress, the Senate and that excuse of a President have absolutely terrible approval ratings. I think think the next election might be the most important they will have in 100 years. Simply if they do not put in a good guy next time, who will undo the police state, stop all mad attempts to start wars all around the place, get rid of the Federal Reserve, and stop funding lunatic groups to have enemies to justify invasions on demand to prop up the petro-dollar.

If a Clinton or Bush is elected, we've all had it. And our Conservatives are just as corrupt.

RE: Your Job Satifaction

To give you an idea of how exciting my working life is, it's 12:51 and i'm looking at vehicles for sale at British Car Auctions, deciding if i have to drive 12 miles to be outbid in the zoo that is the Enfield branch, or travel to Bedford (about 40 miles away).

As soon as my candida is dead, my emphasis will go towards working at a nearby zoo, where i will do something actually rewarding (looking after large cats....i.e. lions, tiger, mountain leppards and a fully grown Tiger).

I think it will be tge most rewarding thing i can possibly do, for me personally.

RE: Your favourite Language is

Australian, without a doubt.

Their volcabulary contains some wonderful words, with colourful meanings that have completely different meanings.

Ask an Aussie to explain these choice examples;
"Bush Pig"

There's lots more, but if you want to see some funny examples, search on youtube for a couple of the following series, and you'll get great examples of comical Aussie characters.
Swift & Shift Couriers

Housos is the funniest series i think i have seen on television. So treat yourself and next time you visit youtube, watch an episode and enjoy the Aussie language.

RE: Is technology slowly killing eye contact and above all killing us?is media social network a good or

Mark Zuckerberg said it best. " Our users are dumb heffers". That's what the co-founder of Facebook thinks of you if you are stupid enough to help American Intelligence agencies collect data on you.

In short, you are an idiot if you do not act on mr Zuckerberg's opinion!

RE: Flys and driving a soft top ..............

Oh lemony chemicals won't attract the flies, but it does cut through grease and wipe out stinky smells.

I found a foolproof way of avoiding ruining a Z4, and that is driving my Lexus! I have to say i now love the car, but i should sell it on and get something else.

RE: Flys and driving a soft top ..............

Can i suggest you remove anything sweet/sticky, or spills from the car. We just sold our Z4, so can i suggest you check in the hood, behind the seats if you see a white powder, you clean up inside the roof. Also seals in the front lights might be about perished (approx £109 each). The centre console drink holder my also becoming brittle.

But as for unwelcome nasties inside the car, can i suggest you clean the leather/cloth with clean warm water, with a hint of lemon in it. Make sure if you have cloth trim you test your cleaning fluid mixture on the boot carpet load area, to see if it affects the colour fastness.

Karcher Puzzi is the model i'd recommend ( as i own one of these myself) but others are available, but they are good for cleaning the carpets and seats to a professional standard. If you have a steam cleaner, put that over the seats to neutralise anything bacterial.

So wash, hoover, with Lemon and allow to dry naturally. Your bugs will soon go. Pound to a penny it is spilt soda drink, or chewy sugar sweets that are to blame.

Hope it's an M Sport, as they are a lot easier to sell on than the SE!

RE: Do you think that 80% of the polls on CS are stupid?

Unfortunately for you and the other poster, you'll be unaware Dandelion actually knows me! Yeah, she's met me in real life, knows my name address and home phone number.

More importantly, you look a lot more like a tramp than i do, and considering you have no idea what my appearance is like, it's a bit rich you insulting my appearance!

By the way, fuelled contains two 'L' when typed in English. You are right about one thing though, i will be going away, as my kittens need to be man-handled more before there visit back to the vet on Tuesday afternoon.

Enjoy your evening.

RE: Do you think that 80% of the polls on CS are stupid?

Flying visit, to answer mail, then back to taming my kittens.

You and me both know the state of this site, but the only plus point is Dude & Gilly have gone, and a female lunatic i won't name, but her parter is still on here typing crap threads.

Anyway, back to doing something productive, elsewhere!

RE: Do you think that 80% of the polls on CS are stupid?

If you are looking for a decent debate, a decent conversation, witty banter or anything like that, well CS will deliver you abject failure.

If you want arguements about nothing, moronic threads, that have been repeated multiple times and one line replies, that will not let you know anything, then CS delivers high on the drivel meter.

So low on interesting, witty, informative stuff, where people can just join in any thread and comment without some lunatic going off on one.

Then high on one line replies, that display bugger-all personality, wit, creativity or humor, but might give you to argue with someone who's completely ignorant of world affairs, general knowledge, or couldn't mentally contend with a drunk budgie.

MESNA, not here, nearer MENCAP, or the release yard from the online mental hospital. Just look at the threads tonight, and you'll find someone where their sanity has slipped.

RE: Is sex the price you pay for

Yeah, but they are crappy and collect dust! I'd be wondering if they moved in with a pile of that crap, what on earth other rubbish is on it's way.

My furniture is mostly teak ( Indian Dark), Green Apple stuff, with art hung all around the place. I'm certainly not turning my place from something resembling an art gallery, to something that resembles a charity shop storage room.

I really hate crap, but not as much as Xmas cards. They go straight in the shredder, which is the best place for them. I'm happy for the cats to run up my curtains, leap on my car, and my floor now looks like a kitten toy bomb-site.

However, human nick naks, you know the type you get from London souvenir shops, nobody wanting to spend time here better collect those type of ornaments! There's no way i'm packing away a scupture, to display a Nodding Plastic Bulldog, or a Statue of the Eiffel Tower!

I could meet a woman off Anastasia, she would be beautiful, but mad, and she'd collect all this shit with my luck!

RE: Is sex the price you pay for

Oh i forgot something else.

I don't like being screamed at.
Throwing things at me will not induce me to change my mind, darts in particular.

Oh and hording crappy ornaments! That will freak me out. I like nice things, not nasty cheap crap, so collecting 3000 £1, ornaments, and wanting me to get rid of glass furniture, or art to make space for absolute crap!

Those little figures, and crappy ornaments are best left outside my home.

Collecting crap, and hording will make me cringe....

RE: Is sex the price you pay for

I'm nervous of anything like a hairbrush, candles, cactai, or rolling pins. Anything that could be rammed in my keister will make me nervous.

RE: Is sex the price you pay for

Don't tip them off! In real life in relationships i'm actually placid, and very laid back. I think it actually pisses some women off that they cannot get me to argue with them.

I know the secret. I cannot win, there's no point and don't like being nagged, so i don't like to make a bad situation worse!

I have a foolproof way of sorting that problem out, i simply do not bother to put fuel on a fire and avoid people in my personal life who want to argue with me. I simply leave, and cut them out of my life.

RE: Is sex the price you pay for

Yeah, nothing much worries me. I know it's all not worth being upset about. As long as they are happy, i'll be happy, as long as that does not involve torturing me, or producing a strap-on!

The lady from the RSPCA who dropped off the kittens to me 6 days ago told me, and i quote " I cannot believe you are single and have not been snapped up".

I told her i was "more interested an animal welfare than trying to find someone wanting to go to the shopping mall with". She agreed, and told me the kitties were less likely to take me for a softy muggins.

So far this week these kittens have now adopted me, run up the curtains, done a pooh on my floor, and provided me no end of joy seeing them turn from feral kittens, to content happy lunatics.

The day someone human can come even close to putting a smile on my face, while being that happy, in my presence then i will fall over in shock.

So with people i deal with them in small steps;
1: Do they appear to like me?
2: Are they smelly?
3: Mentally Insane?
4: Are they likely to rob me while i'm asleep?
5: Cannibal?
6: Sadist?
7: Does an overnight bag include a strap-on?
8: Please don't have a religious book to quote from.
9: Please don't try to change me, after knowing me for a weekend.
10: Facial twitches, spasms, fits, tantrums, thanks.

Other than that i'm easy.

RE: Is sex the price you pay for

I'm happy, as long as nobody wants to club me with a lump of wood, financially molest my debit cards, or turn my cat and kittens into a matching hat and gloves.

Using a stun gun is also not on my criteria as foreplay.......

RE: Do you really read an email?

The last message i got was from a lady who told me in the first line how nice i looked. Now as much as i would love to have strangers tell me how wonderful i look, the fact that i have not posted a photo of my appearance on here for years!

It cuts out most scammers, fraudsters and the stalkers on the site. With that in mind i'd have to be silly to think the rest of the content of the email was genuine.

Have i replied, no. But i have also not got around to replying to a genuine message yet, because i have been taming 2 feral kittens, which i have succesfully done in 7 days. My new fluffy companions are real.....the originator of the message telling my about my appearance almost certainly isn't!

RE: Men's Frustrations in Online Dating: America V. Europe

I can save you a whole lot of time and trouble. It's basically a case of twisting or convincing men that paying a fee will ensure that will meet attractive women, who are ready willing and keen to meet men on the same basis.

Now i used to be a moderator and corporate organiser for one of the largest websites on the internet. I've seen and had to listen to all manner of fantasies and fetishes, including listening to people trying organise group sex videos, rape fantasy roleplay and just about anything you can possibly imagine. I did this because i was by the way studying human behaviour, and helped a friend set up a limited company in the UK to do this business model.

The short version is, there are not many real "hot free single"women out there, signed up on websites. Those profiles and pictures generally come from a industry model catalogue. But you cannot get men to join a website, and pay for it, as a business model, unless you have lots of attractive women available!

So if you are wondering why you do not get replies on any site you'll be messaging a cut out profile.

I'll also point out something else that the companies would prefer you did not know. Women who join these type of websites fit into a chunk of society which i'll describe as 'socially isolated'.

By this i mean deprived of the ability to socialise in the evening, due to childcare, financial, medical conditions and mental health issues. You simply wouldn't believe stories i could put up as examples, and in addition to that i can tell you the average dress size of the women who did turn up at events, that i personally had to organise and send out to the interested parties.

Women generally want new friends and pass the time before time for bed, men being drawn to these sites, as a fast route to meeting attractive women, and expect to do so because of paying a fee. The fact that this sites forums show the amount of life that you could find under a rotting fallen tree in the woods, is an indication of how low the actual traffic is, and it's free.

There's still fake profiles on the site, but not as many as other well known websites, but the illusion is being marketed to you, that there are lots of people out there who are just waiting to meet you, which is just marketing.

Short version, expectations of men and women for online dating websites are poles apart. If you want further information ask, but it's going into the press i'll want to see credentials!

RE: Hitler vs Stalin

I have no idea how i swapped them around. I can only put it down to the mail i was typing, and a cat wanting out. I should have not tried to do it the quick way! Had i paused i'd posted i length the first time, and realised i swapped them around!

Note to self, don't post quick history stuff without putting it in sentences.

Monty's army went north, basically doing the really hard part of the invasion, against the hardened German troops. The Americans went South, but i was thinking about Berlin.

Let me explain, Three chunks to the left, one to the right, being the Russians. British occupied the middle Zone, and i've swapped around the French occupying the bottom of the Country, with them occupying the top quadrant of Berlin.

Berlin was
French - Northernmost
British - Middle
Yanks - Southernmost
Russian's - East

Germany as a whole
Russians - East (Zhukov)
British - Northernmost (Montgomery)
Yanks - South of Montgomery (Eisenhower)
French - SouthWest (Tassigny - I have to say i couldn't remember how on earth to spell this correctly, without looking him up)

That is how ive chucked the Americans up North, because the French were occupying the south of the country. I must have been typing that, and paused to let the cat out and lost the train of thought! My fault at the end of the day, but i knew what i meant when i was trying to type it!

RE: Hitler vs Stalin

I have a friend at the Audi dealership in Manchester, and he'd agree with you. I should learn more Polish, as all the girls in my local Aldi are all Polish! Strangely, none of the Polish girls are fat, but the others are 'chunkies'.

Now all i can think about is unpasteurised cheese......damn.

RE: Hitler vs Stalin

Yeah, my relatives serving there had nothing to do with me knowing the only 4 military superpowers who occupied Germany. Well done for actually finding Wikipedia.

I had friend who worked for Armstong-Brown, and have family who served with German Intelligence during the war, so i don't need to look on Wikipedia when both sides of my family, fought on opposite side, dying in Holland in one instance.

My uncle Joe served with the SAS and was stationed in Berlin till 1953 i think, so i grew up hearing the truth of the war in Europe, not from watching the discovery channel. My uncle Werner was an intelligence officer, not a Nazi, so my childhood toys included a REAL British Grenade, a Heinkel 111 bakerlite model, and hearing all about the normal peoples experience, coupled with stories from concentration camps, refugees and kicking cats and dogs to death to prevent disease. Oh my childhood was not revelling in war, or the loss of life, it was a chronicle of the cost on the people of Europe, and strangely when you see a 65 year old SAS veteran talking to a 14 year old kid, talking about his friends and places he saw, and sights he saw, welllets say he never ate meat in the time i knew him before he died of cancer.

I remember the stories, vividly. Hearing about French civillians being locked in barns and burnt alive. Yeah, so when i hear people moaning about the French, it pisses me off no end how many people died, violent terrible deaths, needlessly, and on all sides, so to trivialise what your opinion is, on what you think Frances was, disrespects all those poor people who died.

RE: Hitler vs Stalin

Yeah, but people will always fight, and it's a stuck record in this country of morons poking at the French and vice vesa. Pointless.

Did you study French at Manchester Uni, or school. Sadly, i can't remember a lot of the grammar, but i can speak the language.......without destroying it!

RE: Hitler vs Stalin

Go use Wikipedia, even you should be able to find that. The yanks took the Northern Sector, The British looked after the Zone below them. The French took the South-West. The Russians took the East.

Basic stuff. Please go read something about the Potsdam Conference, where there must be a very large map you can look at, confirming the above.

RE: Hitler vs Stalin

Mine doesn't seem to work well either! I think mine maybe down to this Samsung Tablet. Oh i know a bit about our shared history, but i wish i had the money to live down in St.Martin (between Nice/Saint Tropez). My sons Godparent used to live there, and i was dead jelous, 28 degrees all year round, friendly was great.

I used to travel all the way to France from Hertfordshire just to buy decent French cheese, but now i wait for the French market to visit. I also came very close to joining the FFL in 1989, and recently turned down a job offer Fabrique Nationale (FNHerstal) because my French isn't really very good!

I do get annoyed when Brits who know sod all about France moan about them, giving those who do know and like the country a bad name. It's really embarassing.

RE: Hitler vs Stalin

Well if you spout factually incorrect crap, expect to be picked up on it. I don't want all French people to think everyone from this country are not as clueless as you regarding our shared history.

They funnily enough, might be offended by your remarks.....and i don't want to viewed by anyone with a view like that, thinking i as a British Male think like you!

French women as a rule, think of Englishmen as rude, ignorant people they would not date. Likewise most French people also consider Parisians rude, and a bad example of the French nation.

So how about you keep your rather unkind, misinformed view of the French to yourself, otherwise you'll give them the idea everyone this side of the channel is the sterotypical Brit who talks out of his backside, without a f*cking clue as to what he's talking about!

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