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RE: Do some people Kid themselves ?

Old saying about finding someone on a dating site..

"The odds are good, but the goods are odd." rolling on the floor laughing

uh oh


RE: You Have Won!

Decisions, decisions, decisions......dunno

Plenty to see right here, don't like flying these days, seats are to small & uncomfortable. Although, come September we are taking an island cruise in Hawaii and that possibly would be a wet drive. uh oh Direct flight from Phoenix to

How about a month or so on the Harley cruising around the Northwest U.S. ? I have the perfect traveling partner.. grin

RE: US movies

MANY years past.....grin

RE: US movies

They suck...uh oh

RE: Should all Government Jobs have a total of a possible 8 years like the President ?

Government = Chaos.....roll eyes

RE: About Pharmacies, Tobacco, and Alcohol ........

Or alcohol??dunno

RE: doing some research on current trends in sociology & need help/feedback

Sadly, it has become a selfish, self-centered, don't you know who I think I am world. At 71 years old I have had to watch this over the years, but I must admit my generation (self included) did not take the necessary steps to stop it.conversing

RE: Obama

Thank God I am old and will not have to put up with this BS for to many more years. I have a 20 YO granddaughter that is a in her 2nd year of college that will be very lucky to find a decent paying job upon graduation. Luckily her college is already paid for. 2 other granddaughters (8&9), what will their future bring? And then the millions of others here stateside and around the world that are effected by what happens here.... Sad situation as I see it, I have empathy......sigh

RE: Obama

ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!beer <coffee.....grin

RE: Obama

Speaking of retards, take a close look at the bozo making the

RE: Warning: Gun confiscation coming soon

S&W, Glock, Springfield, Marlin, Winchester... Some of each, and CCW to along with them...

I think the MO Militia has the right idea...wave

RE: Warning: Gun confiscation coming soon

Prejudices are what rule the vulgar crowd. ~ Voltaire (1694-1778)wow

RE: CS Pulse 001 : Love or Money?!

I have a lot of love, and "enough" money. Life is good..grin

RE: Warning: Gun confiscation coming soon

Hhmmmmmm... Seems some don't care if guns and other "freedoms" are taken away..dunno

I wonder, could that possibly be selfish & self-centered on their part?scold

RE: Warning: Gun confiscation coming soon

The liberals seem to think (dangerous thing for them to do) if guns were not on store shelves, the problems with guns would go away..uh oh

Have you ever seen Meth on a store shelf?doh

RE: George Zimmerman NOT Guilty!!!! Agree or Disagree?

I see some are still trying to make a race issue out of this... How sad.dunno

RE: The Pledge of Allegiance of America

All O'Bozo does is play golf...grin

RE: What's to like about Obama

Not a damn thing!!!!doh

Unless you want to sit on your a** in front of a computer all day and suck off the taxpayers...mumbling

RE: The Father of US slavery was a black man

thumbs up thumbs up grin

RE: Good bye beautiful Hilary and welcome John Kerry with your big face


rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What will cause the fall of USA?

Precisely why I stopped going to "Mass" long

RE: What will cause the fall of USA?


We already have an alien invasion, we call him O'Bozo....grin

RE: Jodi Arias: Cold-blooded killer or innocent victim?

U.S. prisons are full of innocent inmates..professor

rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Let's see if I understand how America works lately...

You left out so many....professor

When Liberals overspend, simply raise taxes.

When you are not willing to become a citizen the way so many have done, you come here illegally & rally to get a free pass.

If you are illegal and have no insurance, you go to the hospital ER and let the law abiding taxpayers pay your way.

You enroll your kids in school & let law abiding taxpayers pick up the bill.

The list could go on & on..... yawn

RE: The stupidity of people!

Ban nightclubs!!!!professor

RE: I need your help - Ireland

I need help getting to Ireland also. Will someone please send me an all expenses paid vacation package (for 2, need to take me honey with me)..grin



5+ years that I remember..dunno

RE: Another shootinbg spree in the US

We have fire departments, let's ban fire extinguishers..grin

RE: Another shootinbg spree in the US

OH my....... I can think of many items to

RE: Another shootinbg spree in the US

"GUNS" do not kill people, people kill people!!!doh

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