The only one I've had much to do with here , has a few issues.

RE: In Four Words

Go and get ...

RE: Beer Shortage

Slim Dusty warned us about this kind of thing.

RE: Tommy Robinson found dead in his cell!

That deaf dumb blind kid sure plays a mean pinball.

RE: Dirt For Dinner

I've heard that the government is adding dihydrogen monoxide to the water supply, as a form of mind control.

RE: Dirt For Dinner

Here, the property owner pays for the water in the council rates. Rental tenants are allowed a certain amount included in the lease, but must pay for any excess used. It will vary from council to council, and from state to state.


In Lebanon, they have a special day when everyone wears their underpants backwards. Then they break dinner plates.

RE: Women and Men.... Posting behaviors.....and profile preferences......

I'm hallucinating in mom's basement, and the hot chicks dig my action, and scope my package.

RE: Money, Money, Money.......

Mostly I find the talking about money, is a sad reflection of a boring person... those who have it claim to have none, those without it often boast of their lavish lifestyle.

RE: What have I come back to??

Well, fortunately for you, there is something that remains constant and pure. The good old days. Ah the good old days hey, nobody disagreeing with anything, just hours and hours of witty banter. Ah the good old days. Yep, you could get a wheelbarrow of pumpkins for seven and five, including the wheelbarrow.

RE: What Pisses You Off

In Europe they play soccer, it's not even a girls game it's a totally gay game.

RE: Happy Eid

Yeah, my good ones are like those on your profile. Kind of long and thin. The green ants got me good a few times, but I got heaps of juicy fruit.

RE: Happy Eid

Will do. The thing is, everyone here goes on and on about Bowens, sure they're great but there are some wonderful other types. Everybody here worries about how stringy they are, but my nice mangoes are not stringy at all.

RE: Happy Eid

I was hoping you'd know why the nice mangoes have not yet flowered. I think it must be the breed.

RE: Happy Eid

All the best Ali... I've got mango flowers on the tree in my front yard, but none in the back yard. The back yard ones were lovely, almost like the long Phillipino ones but not quite. I got a few hundred kilos no problem of really nice fruit.

RE: Upskirting

Nah they love it. Or they wouldnt wear skirts all the time.

RE: Y do you put up multiple threads ??

Yeah, feckim. I'll just make 6 half arsed ones after a few beers, should do the trick.

RE: Y do you put up multiple threads ??

And because you interrupted my thought patterns, I forgot 6 threads I was going to post. So now, because of your selfishness, everyone has to miss out. They were really good ones too probably, so thats like missing at least 12 normal threads.

RE: Y do you put up multiple threads ??

I just do, so back off, man...

RE: Shame on U.....

I'm ashamed when I get hommous on my dolmades.

RE: Do western women have the confidence to chat up men or not?

Whether you're a mother or whether you're a lover you'll be stayin alive...

RE: Do western women have the confidence to chat up men or not?

Nah, they'll wait till others have had a crack at it, then form a me too movement.

RE: How many women are seeking a man to relocate to their area

Its Greece, who says anything about women? enjoy.

RE: Indulge me........

... And slightly better for you

RE: Indulge me........

Meh, I speak in jest... They're all nice people, doing their thing. But yeah, either way you'd end up stabbing me in the arm with a pair of scissors. I've already consulted the great Swahili and he says it will be so.

RE: Indulge me........

I'm sure my exes would be telling you- yeah stab the bastard in the arm, with a pair of scissors!

RE: Indulge me........

Cool, thats very reassuring.

RE: Indulge me........

So why would you stab me in the arm with a pair of scissors if given half a chance? I'm usually really nice to people.

RE: Indulge me........

I'll try that one day... Maybe.

RE: Indulge me........

So I should send money to that lady in Ghana? Surely it would be a cop out not to...

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