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RE: From the evidence here, not many people r really looking for partners on Cs !!!

Most on here are to ugly to meet anyways

RE: Vindictive women on CS


RE: Profanity – do you swear a lot in real life?

f*ck never


Yes woman are EVIL we all know that,lol

RE: Bashing women !!

In the Islamic Quran a muslim man can beat his wife and daughter with a stick and since the muslims will rule the American continent soon and most of the so called civilized world ,it will be good to see these feminist man hating bitches sorted out.

RE: Transgender raped: jailed with men instead of women

Well it was a homosexual not a woman , don't be sillyyyyy

RE: Burn the Catholic traitor

Yeah Guy Fawkes , so who next us Jews you English a**hole?

RE: what is worse than a white supremacist?


RE: philliopine woman

Only after you'r money and a better life mate , but you will learn the hard way and you have been warned!!!

RE: What made you believe there is a God?

was she a mormon or a moron? lol

RE: Asian woman

Omg Asian woman like FIlipinas and Thai are to easy to get ? what is wrong with you my brother.Just go to there c*nt..tries and you will have them chasing you down there streets , but just do not leave your wallet around in the hotel after you banged then as they will want you to pay for it,lol ,even if they are not bar girls.Also if you marry Asian you have to support all there family as they are a bunch of bludgers and think all white guys are millionaires. Just DO NOT marry them or they will make you life a living hell, lol so my friends tell me,lol. I do not think you will like and respect asian woman so much after you have banged as many as I did , and they were all free, the stupid gooks, but sexy asses.

RE: How often have u called it quits ?

We are all one actually on the sub atomic level and until we all see this we will stay on this silly merry go round

So watch this and wake up please........

Peace and Love to everyone here

RE: is being over weight unattractive?

As my doctor once told me .....there are not many fat people in India,lololol

RE: is being over weight unattractive?

yes fat woman are disgusting,lol and slobs and need Jenny Craigs,lol.

RE: If your life was coming to an end, what would you do?

I would rape, pillage and eat a lot of my favorite foods like chocolate , sorry only kidding peeps, lol.

RE: Tired of being single

Ha Ha , are you serious ? what woman would want you ? I think you should give up sunshine and get some animals,lol.

RE: ruce Forsythe dies

I remember being told that the longer we live, the more we will see die and that is not the great part of being immortal.
God Bless you Bruce, you made us all laugh!
See you in Paradise my good friend!
Rest in peace brother!

RE: 2 years on CS

They blocked you after they all realized you are only after money and a visa?

RE: Is it right that my partner is addicted to watching teen porn,he is obsessed with other women .

Sorry to tell you this dear but you are not enough for him sexually and so he needs porn to satisfy his s*xual needs and so best you find a guy who respects you and really loves you because he is not a real man just another wanker online.

RE: New site


What was wrong with the old site?

Why did it need to be change

its crap like most of the woman on this site.

RE: is there any single females thta not got kids all ready and

dat is why dey r here cause dey want a daddy and meal ticket for dear kids silly.

RE: If your bathroom mirror could talk, what would it say to you?

your mirror will say omg your so ugly and old now.

RE: Paris Attack: "God's mission to slaughter non Islamic"

Relax Lindsy God has it all under control its just the devil raging like a lion and soon he and this world will be judged.These are the pangs of distress wrtten of in the scriptures and evil and the devil are trying to prove that God is not worthy to rule but the devil and his angels lost there war once jesus died for mans sins and was says that many of the saints will lose there heads so its all foretold in the bible.These moslems can not win cause the war in heaven ended but now the war for earth begins.the great tribulation is maybe beginning and will only last 3.5 years then messiah will come.Muslims will get a shock when there prophet jesus turns up as the Lord God.Peace be with all the saints IN JESUS NAME.

This is a list of forum posts created by liberty_trust.

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