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    RE: Men on cs - Need an instant truth pill - Administered every 5-15 min, depending on the severity !!!

    Snookums33: One consistency about the men on cs, is that most of them twist the truth lovingly, so much so that u have to try ur damndest to try and find the actual truth behind the half or no truths.

    What r they trying to portray:-

    "Believe me and u will have happiness forever !!!"


    U r grossly stupid woman !!!
    I am completely honest here and say exactly what I know is true,no matter what anyone thinks thank you very much!!!
    Anyway to many f*ck fakes here and Scammers for me to take this shitty dating site seriously.
    by liberty_trust 4 hrs ago Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
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    Sanguinarium: We have sisters, daughters, mothers, aunts, cousins, and countless female friends, who we love with great affection, but we must speak on this explosive week of women accusing men of being paedophiles. We know that many actors and actresses, prior to becoming successful, was intiated into secret societies, which gained them power and wealth beyond explanation. Unfortunately, there are two critical points Americans must know. Firstly, when you join secret societies you must take a blood and verbal oath. And secondly, Jabulon (Satan-or whomever you term the evil forces) will bless you with great wealth and power. The sad thing is that you will have to take part in orgies, in which not all women and men are of the legal American age to have intercourse with adult males and females. But this is a mandatory thing when you join secret societies! Satan makes you do this so that if you ever turned against him him/her, they'll have enough to not only degrade and destroy you, but to afterwards erase your name from existence. Think this is a joke? All you have to do is check it out for yourselves. There is alot of people in America who sold there souls to Satan for wealth, fame, and power, who are now disgusted with New World Order policies, practices, and procedures. Each and every wealthy person at this time is being monitored by Jabulon's messengers. Whatever they say or do is being recorded and reported, and should they displease those who aided them in getting to the top, its those same parties who are crushing them! Many children, with certain blood types, are abducted at young ages. They are kept in places where they have no means of escape. Many of your Presidents, Industrialists, Muscians, Celbrities, et cetera, have participated in this sort of paedophile activity. The sad thing is that they are picking and chosing who should be the ones taking the fall!

    President Bush Sr. recently grabbed a female's buttocks, and caressed and palmed it over and over again. An extremely wealthy psychiatriast and other so-called doctors claimed that he is too old and sick to know what he was doing. So he doesn't have to pay for his actions. The sad thing is that there are countless women who were sexually assaulted and raped by President Bush Sr. for many years, but because he headed the CIA, he was considered untouchable. He will never be brought to justice for it. Some women have been attacked right in front of his wife, Barbara Bush. And Mrs. Bush only stood by in her old age. Like the Clintons, it was revealed that the Bush's were involved in paedophile rings. It was also revealed by federal sources that Bill and Hillary Clinton were involved in all sorts of orgies. Certain federal agents swore that Hillary was involved in Cremation of Care Rituals, and she took part in paedophile rings where children were stolen in European countries, held in dungeon type locations, and were raped over and over again by very powerful men. The women would later become impregnated, have a baby, and the baby would be tooken away from them. The baby was tooken and placed on a kind of altar, their throat was cut, and Hillary, along with countless other women and men, would then drink the blood of the child. Afterwards, the child would be eaten by those who consume human flesh. Americans don't understand it but there are blood drinkers, and there are flesh eaters. Anyway, Bill Clinton have forcefully s*xual assaulted women on many occasions, while Hillary stood right by him. Women have been on countless shows trying to reveal this, but because of their connection to the Rothschilds, the Clintons never had to reap what they sowed. There was also a case where the Clintons were sending the blood of prisoners from Arkansas to Scotland, Japan, et cetera, for alleged transfusions. Many people in all of the countries started becoming HIV positive, some developed AIDS, Hepititis, and tuberculosis.
    Yes woman are EVIL we all know that,lol
    by liberty_trust Nov 18 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
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    RE: Bashing women !!

    In the Islamic Quran a muslim man can beat his wife and daughter with a stick and since the muslims will rule the American continent soon and most of the so called civilized world ,it will be good to see these feminist man hating bitches sorted out.
    by liberty_trust Nov 18 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
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    RE: Transgender raped: jailed with men instead of women

    lindsyjones: PITTSBURGH — A transgender woman was physically and sexually assaulted during stays at a Pennsylvania jail, because staff refused to place her with female inmates, the woman said in a lawsuit filed Monday.

    Jules Williams, 37, has identified as female since she was a teenager and is in possession of a birth certificate and state ID reflecting that identification, attorney Alec Wright said.

    The American Civil Liberties Union, which is also representing Williams, said she was raped multiple times over four days by another inmate in 2015 and was also physically and verbally abused during several periods of incarcerations from 2015 to this year.

    The ACLU said it is standard practice at the jail for transgender women to be housed with men, which the organization said violates their constitutional rights.

    The lawsuit names Allegheny County and jail administrators as defendants.

    Report Highlights Experiences Of Black Transgender People In U.S.
    County spokeswoman Amie Downs declined to comment. She told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that transgender inmates are interviewed within 72 hours of admission by a committee with medical, mental health, classification and administration staff who make a recommendation to the warden. She declined comment on whether that occurred in Williams’ case.

    The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of s*xual assault unless they grant permission, which Williams did. Wright said his client “wants to be at the front of this thing.”

    “Her position is that she can’t undo harm she suffered but hopes for this lawsuit to save other transgender women from being harmed,”

    Just published from NBC news.

    Question: was it right for her to deny her legal right as a woman? Or does she even have a right as z transgender?

    Thanks for your read and opinions if any.
    Well it was a homosexual not a woman , don't be sillyyyyy
    by liberty_trust Nov 9 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
  • liberty_trust

    RE: Burn the Catholic traitor

    Yeah Guy Fawkes , so who next us Jews you English a**hole?
    by liberty_trust Nov 4 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
  • liberty_trust

    RE: what is worse than a white supremacist?

    by liberty_trust Nov 4 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
  • liberty_trust

    RE: philliopine woman

    pedro27: a trail run
    Only after you'r money and a better life mate , but you will learn the hard way and you have been warned!!!
    by liberty_trust Oct 27 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
  • liberty_trust

    RE: What made you believe there is a God?

    tame97: Mine was when I asked if I could
    1) go to the richest school in New Zealand
    2) Meet people who were decent ppl like I was
    3) Meet a girl who was Maori and born on the same day as me
    4) I had to be more specific because I ended up spending my birthday with my cousin at the pictures who is like 2 seconds older than me and we were known as the twins.

    So I asked that she was Maori, the same age, born on the same day, could sing and was Mormon.

    Couldnt get anymore specific than that.

    And all events occured as I asked, all to answer one question I asked him in the first place, do you exist?
    The answer is No Im alive...

    What was yours?
    was she a mormon or a moron? lol
    by liberty_trust Oct 23 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
  • liberty_trust

    RE: Asian woman

    pedro27: ,My dream woman is a Asian woman
    Omg Asian woman like FIlipinas and Thai are to easy to get ? what is wrong with you my brother.Just go to there c*nt..tries and you will have them chasing you down there streets , but just do not leave your wallet around in the hotel after you banged then as they will want you to pay for it,lol ,even if they are not bar girls.Also if you marry Asian you have to support all there family as they are a bunch of bludgers and think all white guys are millionaires. Just DO NOT marry them or they will make you life a living hell, lol so my friends tell me,lol. I do not think you will like and respect asian woman so much after you have banged as many as I did , and they were all free, the stupid gooks, but sexy asses.
    by liberty_trust Oct 23 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
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    RE: How often have u called it quits ?

    Snookums33: We r luckily all different from it each other physically, emotionally and most of all mentally.

    Some stand at the crossroads and don't know which way.

    The others will know instinctively what to do and choose.

    How often do u decide u don't have the time or inclination and discard, while others depend on u ?

    We are all one actually on the sub atomic level and until we all see this we will stay on this silly merry go round

    So watch this and wake up please........

    Peace and Love to everyone here
    by liberty_trust Sep 9 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
  • liberty_trust

    RE: is being over weight unattractive?

    pedro27: is being over weight unattractive?
    As my doctor once told me .....there are not many fat people in India,lololol
    by liberty_trust Sep 8 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
  • liberty_trust

    RE: is being over weight unattractive?

    pedro27: is being over weight unattractive?
    yes fat woman are disgusting,lol and slobs and need Jenny Craigs,lol.
    by liberty_trust Sep 8 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
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    RE: If your life was coming to an end, what would you do?

    Lookin4missright: Or say??????????????

    I would rape, pillage and eat a lot of my favorite foods like chocolate , sorry only kidding peeps, lol.
    by liberty_trust Sep 6 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
  • liberty_trust

    RE: Tired of being single

    Ha Ha , are you serious ? what woman would want you ? I think you should give up sunshine and get some animals,lol.
    by liberty_trust Sep 3 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
  • liberty_trust

    RE: ruce Forsythe dies

    I remember being told that the longer we live, the more we will see die and that is not the great part of being immortal.
    God Bless you Bruce, you made us all laugh!
    See you in Paradise my good friend!
    Rest in peace brother!
    by liberty_trust Aug 19 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
  • liberty_trust

    RE: 2 years on CS

    They blocked you after they all realized you are only after money and a visa?
    by liberty_trust Aug 15 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
  • liberty_trust

    RE: Is it right that my partner is addicted to watching teen porn,he is obsessed with other women .

    Sorry to tell you this dear but you are not enough for him sexually and so he needs porn to satisfy his s*xual needs and so best you find a guy who respects you and really loves you because he is not a real man just another wanker online.
    by liberty_trust Aug 13 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
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    RE: New site


    What was wrong with the old site?

    Why did it need to be change

    its crap like most of the woman on this site.
    by liberty_trust Oct 2016 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
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    RE: is there any single females thta not got kids all ready and

    dat is why dey r here cause dey want a daddy and meal ticket for dear kids silly.
    by liberty_trust Oct 2016 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
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    RE: If your bathroom mirror could talk, what would it say to you?

    your mirror will say omg your so ugly and old now.
    by liberty_trust Feb 2016 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
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    RE: Paris Attack: "God's mission to slaughter non Islamic"

    Relax Lindsy God has it all under control its just the devil raging like a lion and soon he and this world will be judged.These are the pangs of distress wrtten of in the scriptures and evil and the devil are trying to prove that God is not worthy to rule but the devil and his angels lost there war once jesus died for mans sins and was says that many of the saints will lose there heads so its all foretold in the bible.These moslems can not win cause the war in heaven ended but now the war for earth begins.the great tribulation is maybe beginning and will only last 3.5 years then messiah will come.Muslims will get a shock when there prophet jesus turns up as the Lord God.Peace be with all the saints IN JESUS NAME.
    by liberty_trust Nov 2015 Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand

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