RE: Travelling solo

Good communication is vital in getting things organized when travelling solo. Speaking the language of the country you travel to is ideal. Socializing with the locals greatly facilitates visiting the countryside far away from beach resorts and tourist traps.
You ought at least speak a language which is commonly spoken.

RE: French Alps - a great holiday destination!

Living in a winter resort is rather lonely as soon as the snow cover is melting away. Even most people working there only stay for the season.

RE: English is a silly language often not making any sense at all

and continuing the same logic:

One spouse, 4 spice ?
(Where else did you think the spice girls got their name from?)

RE: Rational

By "the best shot for them", do you suggest a modus operandi ? cheers

RE: How to get copy with impolite, offensive and humiliating messages

When receiving an offensive or disrespectful first message, I block its author. This rarely occurs.

A humiliating reply to an opening message always is disproportionate, even if it were carelessly written or flawed. As the saying goes: 'only a mediocre person always is at his best'.

Most often, I would not reply or either ask "What exactly do you mean?" (in case an appealing profile description didn't rhyme with the style nor the content of the message.)

Using short phrases is a style. It does't entail flawed writing. So I would personally have shortened the title of this thread to: "How to cope with impolite, offensive or humiliating replies?"

RE: Real interest or time wasting?

You probably need to distinguish between people contacting you and those you first send a message yourself. The latter are more representative for the people you may like to meet on CS.

Among the people contacting you, it is fairly easy to sift out those just crying out for attention: the "How are you doing?" messages. They possibly send out hundreds of messages and they seldom read the profiles of their the people they contact. If any conversation follows, it almost certainly ends up being a waste of time.

Few people actually write an elaborated personal message to a single person they may like. You will notice they have actually read your profile in detail. Their intentions may be genuine. This is the kind of message you will like to answer. It also is the kind of message you should write when making the first move. You surely spend more time on it with a yet uncertain outcome, but it's the only strategy which isn't designed to fail.

RE: Old EU forum pens

Any forum statistics around ?
Just an observation on the date of the last comment posted on the last thread of the first page of threads.

US forums: 20 Jan 2019
Canadian : 21 May 2016
UK forums: 14 Sep 2017
Irish forums: 9 Oct 2018
EU forums: 17 Mar 2018
Aussi forums: 20 Jan 2018

OK: the EU forums are not among the most active. To our excuse: unlike on all other forums, very few post in their native language. Yet Canadian forums are pretty deserted and UK forums aren't too active either. Congrats for the Irish and Aussies in keeping up activity.

RE: Exchange French language for English

Too bad Charles Aznavour is not around anymore. In one song he could seamlessly switch from English to French.

RE: travel solo

Hamsterdam, is that a watershed for rodents?

RE: UK and Brexit

Not a single message from anybody (still) living in the UK on this thread. British expats and EU citizens having lived and worked in the UK don't cover the extreme points of view of this polemic.

RE: Songs with names of European cities in the title and with their views in the background

Ostend (in the local dialect)

Sung to the tune of "Lacs de Connemara" by Michel Sardou.

RE: Is still possibile to go to live in England?

The UK has never been part of the Schengen area, so ID cards were always checked. Once inside the UK, very little is checked. If you have been hired/contracted to work in the UK, your employer will take care of the formalities. Some job vacancies are hard to fill. If you fit the profile required it shouldn't be much of a problem.

However, it's going to be more difficult to enter the UK and start looking for a job yourself.

RE: Any climate activists in here?

Hey, a tiny carbon footprint is what keeps up your spirit ...
when riding your bike through the rain and against the wind.

RE: Age is Just a number

Love is for the young at heart,
If you grow older cheerfully, you'll have
more experience at being young.

RE: Travelling solo / single vacations

My next door neighbour at the office almost always travels solo. He's hiking along a trail for one or two weeks in various European countries. He's generally staying at B&B's.

RE: What´s the best country to visit in the EU?

Cyprus isn't a bad idea. Most people speak English. But comply with left hand driving.

RE: love and the over 50s , 60s

As a man in the middle of that life span, I've been dating a comparable number of divorced women and widows. Among single (male) friends and colleagues, few never married and most are divorced, yet there are no widowers: life expectancy statistics confirmed.
As such, men over 50 have a better perspective in finding a partner.

RE: Where is the best place to have sex?

In a confessional... you may more readily be forgiven.

RE: Should the USA exit the UN?

Which Nation is currently hosting the UN headquarters? The UN with its thousands of well paid expats contributing to the thriving of the local economy and the vibrant cultural life... isn't the HQ situated in NY, home city to president Trump (and his real estate empire)? Do you seriously even consider he's going to shoot himself in the foot?

And if so, where would you like the UN HQ to relocate to? Moscow? Bejing? ... or devote a last diplomatic effort to bestow the new UN HQ onto some allied nation ... e.g. in Toronto ? Vienna ? Berlin ?

RE: What´s the best country to visit in the EU?

You're pulling the wool over our eyes... rolling on the floor laughing

RE: whos looking

It's possible to view anonymously. But this also implies that your own 'Who viewed me' list will be emptied and you will keep no record of who you have been viewing when switching to 'anonymous mode'.

RE: fake profiles

Using a local SIM card in your cell phone still makes sense, esp. for Americans travelling in Europe.

RE: UK and Brexit

The main problem with Brexit and immigration is that Brexit is scaring away the kind of immigrants Britain is rather keen to retain:
1) those currently working in the financial sector in London, which is about to relocate abroad,
2) those keeping the NHS upright: the influx of french and german GPs or portuguese nurses is about to dry up,
3) researchers working in the universities which will lack the EU funding and collaboration programs

while those not authorized to enter Britain won't keep away just because of Brexit. Britain has never been part of the Schengen area, so border controls have always been there.

RE: If you had to ban either sex or violence from TV and film, which would you choose?

Dont't ban sex.

Violence is so ubiquitous on TV that banning it hardly leaves anything but boring talk shows.

Having second thoughts about violent sex but I would definitely ban s*xual violence from TV screens.

RE: Real interest or time wasting?

Foreigners wanting to work in the US need a green card in order to work over there (issued by US authorities prior to their arrival). Any illegal immigrant will face difficulties in finding a job, whereas the green card opens almost any doors for employment (you cannot get elected president :-))) and you may face problems when applying for certain positions as a civil servant.)
An ID-card may have been introduced recently, but it has been common to identify yourself with your driving licence. Anyhow, the US has no central population register. Consequences are that several federal administrations overspend to collect information on (US-tax authorities) or to spy on (Homeland security office) any possible inhabitant whether legal or residing illegally in the country.

RE: crazier: man or woman?

Man doesn't really need substance abuse to drive him insane. Quite often some woman does the job much more efficiently.

(Napoleon XIV, They're coming to take me away)

RE: What´s the best country to visit in the EU?

Looking for islands? Ireland is one. Moreover it has the best pubs you can find.

RE: Could correct Grammar and Spelling increase Your Dating Chances?

... descendat super vos et maneat semper ...

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