RE: Scammer women upping their ages now.

Some legit members change their age too.
Women hoping to date a man of their own age, pinch off some years if they have the looks to get away with it. The idea is that men are after younger women anyhow.
Members who do not want to be contacted (but instead are active on forums, blogs and the like) sometimes select 99 for their age. After one year they cannot be retrieved any longer. Out of reach for scammers ...

RE: One Hit Wonders

Peter Starstedt: Where do you go to? (UK, 1969)

Though he tried several times more, there never was any successful sequel to this ballad.

RE: What does God want you to do in life?

'Evil' is 'live' spelled backwards.

RE: What is the language of love?

The language of love :

The topical song ...

RE: German Women

You could make a poll to find out. Make sure to write it in German.

RE: Connecting singles

Having relocated is kind of an incentive to subscribe to CS. Expats are more likely to team up with one another. It is more difficult for somebody firmly anchored within his community to relocate than for anyone who has only recently moved in.

RE: Scrabble part II


RE: 92,632

With little over half the number of your views, I collected 26 favorites and 624 likes. The outcome is however the similar. A short lived fling and a regular Skype contact is about it.

RE: My Thread Deleted???

Not only forum threads disappear.
At least one blogs disappeared without deliberately deleting it myself.

Moreover if you want to delete media, your request is often ignored. But if somebody (including you) signals your blog or media 'inappropriate' it gets deleted without any moderator even considering the critic may not be justified.

Music disappears for obscure reasons, especially if the lyrics is in any other language but English.

RE: Ardennes

Other than the Schengen customs union, Schengen is actually a village in the Ardennes/Eifel. It is situated on the three countries border point: Luxembourg / Germany / France.

The river Moselle leaves France at Schengen and traces the border between Luxembourg and Germany.
Embedded image from another site

There 's a vineyard on the hillside above the village.

What´s the best country to find a date in the EU?

Eventually I posted two blogs on this subject:

For men looking for a lady 40+ in the EU or the UK:

For Ladies looking for a man in his forties:

We all know that active members are only a fraction of the total number enlisted. But that's why those total numbers matter. Active member fractions hardly differ among countries.

RE: What is the language of love?

... and what is the love of language ?

Being addicted to Duolingo ?

RE: How's the crisis in EU?

Ever since the price of ordinary cooking oil skyrocketed, I use olive oil instead.
Olive oil used to be about 5 times more expensive than cooking oil. Now it sells at a more modest premium to sunflower oil.

RE: has anyone ever dated on here?

After the Brexit referendum, I dated a Czech lady who left the UK. We've met a couple of times, both in the Czech republic and in Belgium.

The Polish lady I got acquainted to during Covid, still prefers face timing on Skype.

RE: Are there any European women even on this site?

Nationality doesn't show up, but it is not hard to find where most CS members are located.

RE: Have you ever been on holiday to Spain

It's brutally hot these very days. Yet wind and rain are more common most of the year.

RE: Have you ever been on holiday to Spain

Generally I stay away from the overcrowded Mediterranean coasts during summer. Last time in Valencia was in May (2019). Last fortnight in July, I spent in Asturias and Galicia, (the north-west). The Camino de Santiago is a good idea for a hike in July. On the 25th they celebrate the saint.

RE: Anyplace in Europe - A-Z

Verviers (Prov. Liège, Belgium)

RE: How's the crisis in EU?

Rents and real estate are very expensive in Luxembourg. Liquor and cigarettes are least expensive there.
Energy is expensive everywhere, with electricity more affordable in France. Gasoline is less expensive in Luxembourg. Overall living expenses (rents vs wages) are less expensive in Germany. Buying a house is still affordable in the Belgian or French Ardennes. Be prepared to speak French !
Half of the population in Luxembourg are foreign (mostly from neighboring countries). You will get along most easily with English in Luxembourg.

RE: Anyplace in Europe - A-Z

Contrexéville (Vosges, France).

RE: Anyplace in Europe - A-Z

Xambes (Charente, France)

RE: Insomnia

Reading this at 01:19 am. I might consider joining the club.

RE: Europe is suitable for traveling alone

Homicides per year and per country (2008-2018) according to Police statistics. Very low numbers may come from small or tiny countries. Those are not necessarily any safer.

RE: Europe is suitable for traveling alone

I would definitely choose an island. The UK, Ireland and Iceland can be rather rainy and chilly in summer. Why not try the Italian Sardinia?

You find a preview with comment in Italian below:

RE: What christmas CS women want most?

A black leather suit and a whip...
to castigate authors of silly polls.

RE: What is Africa known for...?

Mzungu (less of those nowadays)
Mbwana (Too many and they don't solve any problem. They are the problem)
Matabish (far more than ever before)

RE: Last thre letters start the next word


RE: Just did a Poll

OP FabAngel checked out:

Sb made her an offer she couldn't refuse ...

RE: What does Geast say to you?


RE: Age is Just a number

Melania Trump is actually 7 years older than french president Emmanuel Macron,
... whereas his spouse Brigitte Macron is (only) 7 years younger than US president Donald Trump.

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