RE: Should the USA exit the UN?

Which Nation is currently hosting the UN headquarters? The UN with its thousands of well paid expats contributing to the thriving of the local economy and the vibrant cultural life... isn't the HQ situated in NY, home city to president Trump (and his real estate empire)? Do you seriously even consider he's going to shoot himself in the foot?

And if so, where would you like the UN HQ to relocate to? Moscow? Bejing? ... or devote a last diplomatic effort to bestow the new UN HQ onto some allied nation ... e.g. in Toronto ? Vienna ? Berlin ?

RE: What´s the best country to visit in the EU?

You're pulling the wool over our eyes... rolling on the floor laughing

RE: whos looking

It's possible to view anonymously. But this also implies that your own 'Who viewed me' list will be emptied and you will keep no record of who you have been viewing when switching to 'anonymous mode'.

RE: fake profiles

Using a local SIM card in your cell phone still makes sense, esp. for Americans travelling in Europe.

RE: UK and Brexit

The main problem with Brexit and immigration is that Brexit is scaring away the kind of immigrants Britain is rather keen to retain:
1) those currently working in the financial sector in London, which is about to relocate abroad,
2) those keeping the NHS upright: the influx of french and german GPs or portuguese nurses is about to dry up,
3) researchers working in the universities which will lack the EU funding and collaboration programs

while those not authorized to enter Britain won't keep away just because of Brexit. Britain has never been part of the Schengen area, so border controls have always been there.

RE: If you had to ban either sex or violence from TV and film, which would you choose?

Dont't ban sex.

Violence is so ubiquitous on TV that banning it hardly leaves anything but boring talk shows.

Having second thoughts about violent sex but I would definitely ban s*xual violence from TV screens.

RE: Real interest or time wasting?

Foreigners wanting to work in the US need a green card in order to work over there (issued by US authorities prior to their arrival). Any illegal immigrant will face difficulties in finding a job, whereas the green card opens almost any doors for employment (you cannot get elected president :-))) and you may face problems when applying for certain positions as a civil servant.)
An ID-card may have been introduced recently, but it has been common to identify yourself with your driving licence. Anyhow, the US has no central population register. Consequences are that several federal administrations overspend to collect information on (US-tax authorities) or to spy on (Homeland security office) any possible inhabitant whether legal or residing illegally in the country.

RE: crazier: man or woman?

Man doesn't really need substance abuse to drive him insane. Quite often some woman does the job much more efficiently.

(Napoleon XIV, They're coming to take me away)

RE: What´s the best country to visit in the EU?

Looking for islands? Ireland is one. Moreover it has the best pubs you can find.

RE: Could correct Grammar and Spelling increase Your Dating Chances?

... descendat super vos et maneat semper ...

RE: Real interest or time wasting?

I guess every nation attracts its own type of scammers & fakers and English speaking countries US/UK attract more. Most of the world speaks a little English, so it's not difficult to imagine what the first targets of scammers are going to be. As for fakers: both the US and the UK have an attractive labour market and people don't need identity cards. With some inside help, it can be easier to get into the country, fetch a job and stay.

I seriously doubt the superior ability of US and UK members to detect fakers. Guess it 's mainly starting with PR, like in prejudice and probability as given by the nationality of the contact and his/her command of English.

RE: Older women , I need your advice.

"Cougar" is how women inclined to date younger men usually are called. It's the fate of quite a few young men remaining single to run into a cougar some time. The typical social niche of a cougar is a successful female executive, or either a professor or teacher who is used to take decisions by herself and command men professionally. Because of ambition, they remained single or any relationship with someone their age broke up.
At first you might consider they're not accessible: wrong. Move into their circles, be interested in playing tennis or golf, ballroom dancing and the like. Be playful and witty. You will draw their attention: remember they will make the first move, perhaps candidly. It's up to you to stay tuned and be aware of their signals.

RE: things we should know

Yes indeed, you must be a statistician professor

RE: Challenges we are up against finding that someone on the net

Lack of commitment to actually trying to find someone on CS. This may be a major hurdle to overcome. Whereas I'm quite responsive in answering mail, I notice most messages come from different continents: chatting seems safe, while there is little chance ever to meet.

So far, I haven't had any answer to messages addressed to some local CS member. Are these ladies avoiding the risk ever to actually meet someone over this CS platform?

Another hurdle are inactive profiles: someone may draw your attention; yet if you notice your message still hasn't been read after several weeks, you realize your effort once more was in vain.

Finally the European problem: English only is the mothertongue on the British Islands. The cradle of Western civilisation is a patchwork of national and regional languages. This always has been a limiting factor for dating somebody and for migration.

RE: What makes it difficult for a black getting a white girl for a wife?

Etnicity isn't the complete picture. For example: a black man, adopted as a young child and raised in Europe culturally has nothing in common with Africans. His chances of meeting and marrying a white girl are quite high. Yet he won't feel at ease with an African girl not speaking English.
If you're a black man, recently settled in Europe, with English as your only foreign tongue and having difficulties to understand the locals (I notice you live in Sweden) the odds are lower indeed.

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