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RE: Do you do up your shoelaces before or after?

depends if her husband is due home or not :)

RE: ..about the emigrants ..

Well said, i worked for a Muslim boss in England, the only thing radical about him was his taste in clothes, if it didnt have HH on it then it didnt go on him !
Seriously, it only takes a few bad apples as they say, Christians havent always been the nicest of people in the past, we cannot allow a few evil people to destroy the friendship and trust that has grown between all communities over the last 500 years or so, my boss condemned the atrocities committed by fellow muslims, in the name of Islam, they did not do it for faith, they are doing it because they are full of hate, for something they will not change, this so called "New world order", i for one, hope they see the light and live in peace and harmony with their fellow man !

RE: What makes it difficult for a black getting a white girl for a wife?

Why a white girl ? any race creed or colour, but make it someone that will love you, for you, women are women wherever they come from, they all are capable of being a loving, caring wife, find the right woman, not necessarily the right colour, which by the way, has no bearing on love, as it is totally blind, women like a man that will provide for them and any children that come along, us guys take second place to that :)

RE: Do guys prefer high or low maintenance women? explain answer

I agree with this, i was in a relationship where the more i did for her, the more she sat back and let me, without putting much back in,i did all the romantic dinner stuff when she was late home, looked after the kids, made me feel a mugg in the end, it was all she could do to cook a dinner for us all, i love family life and feel its 50/50, but, like a twit, i would probably do it all again !

RE: Please tell me I'm not the only one with old men perving on me

Please dont judge all older men by the few that have messaged you, some of us can be, and are gentlemen, that respect the limits ladies put on their profile, if i am not in the age group that a particular lady is looking for, then i just move on, no drama, im too old or whatever, or i smoke, or drink, some folks just dont read what the lady is looking for before sending messages, that sadly is the case !

RE: Let's write a intriguing story. (A sentence at a time. Each sentence to contain something you can se

She wished she had never drank those bottles of home-made wine !

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