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RE: Has anyone else noticed.

do you find it is different in 'real life' ?

RE: The blondes are back..........................

There's a blonde that went to the supermarket earlier with her best blonde friend, later they both returned home, suddenly the blonde friend phones home, says, i'm really sorry i have a very important question to ask you!!!! our friend is like, i'm all ears,....the other person says "when the lights go out, where do they f*ck go?!!!! the first person says go to the kitchen, open the fridge" :D

RE: Papadololous?


RE: Papadololous?

it's pronounced

RE: Australians become openly hostile to Muslims.

Radicalised/ hooliganized discussions on religion,, more often than not lead to crap (yes i mean excrement and diarhoia). i was lucky enough to meet extremely open minded civilised muslims that are probably appauled these days with how their savoir vivre is appropriated by all sorts of people. and ok i'm not the only one thinking that. What i really cannot fathom is how the f*ck people dare to openly ignore many underlying reasons of todays hardships (economic exploitation of countries and resources/ bullying as mainstream societal function, etc. and still referring to some voudou shit like if that's what's actually wrong with todays world... i mean by being blindered like that you end up legitimizing very radicalized opinions that approach sickness of the mind :( and of course i have no place calling anyone sick in the mind, but whether you like it or not society works better when there is a certain amount of respect for your fellow being.it's like if we've taken a flawed construct of principles and marketed it to the nth degree... without assuming any actual responsibilitty about what the f*ck we're actually doing.... I mean whatever your personal thoughts might be, when you get multiple actual mothers that are so radicalized that end up breading bombers then something is not right allover as a sociey, it's not just a sick mother, nore will it get fixed if you do plastic surgery on your child cause it gets bullied if it has pointy ears. utilitarianist thought don't often allow for generalizations of the sort 'shut the f*ck up and start talking to each other' but to be honest shut the f*ck up and start talking to each other.

RE: If it wasn't illegal, would you kill someone

it is horrifying to think that the only deterrent is the law, i shall now drink and process this data...

RE: help converting ml into one litre


RE: Relationships with disabled persons-What do you think?

i think you'd have more and truer answers if you just imagined yourself in a similar situation. with your post and how limited its scope is, you contextualize and propagate stupid things like 'she can't walk she must be retarded' types of things.
now, given that this is a dating site, i presume you wrote this to get laid. which is considerably worse.
wtf my disabled va*ina (c*ck) thinks.

RE: Cyber Bullying

real-life bullying is still going strong. and we have enough evidence as a species on why and how it evolves. instead of dealing with it we presume we must study its new format,rather than call a c*nt a c*nt.
even worse, these days when we don't like criticism we call it bullying too. so there you go, the exploitative mechanisms are always gonna be in the clean slate part of things from here on-wards. Like when the journalists on tv can't call a fascist coup d'etat by its name for civility reasons.

when i was 9 years old, a larger-bodied classmate of mine pinned me on the ground and farted on my face, and laughed about it.when he was 16 he was beating his girlfriend with a baseball bat. decades later he is a major player in a major political party that on-off is in power and therefore affects the law.
nothing specific to cyber bullying is new practice. (from the anonymity to the mass propagation it has all been put to the test in 'real-life' bullying. But we failed grandiosely to deal with that so we rename it to keep the sheep satisfied that we propagate progress.)

of course no one mentions that bullying is part of our species' bio-psychology, and to get rid of it we have to also get rid of certain primal instincts inherent to our species

yeah that's crazy talk, so blame the computers :D

RE: Does being bisexual justify cheating?

there are differences in a bisexual female in her twenties and another one in their sixties.fact is when they explore you get victimized a bit, but at the same time that's what happens to them when you explore, so no biggie.
grow up.
either you understand how pathetic the whole game is, or you lose again and again.

RE: An Aristotle quote.

another greek can say smth on that i suppose :D

“Gaµ? t?? p?st?? sa? ?a? t? µ??aµ?t? sa?! ?e? e?t??pes?e ?a ??te?te ap? ?µ?? s???????,µe ??a? ???t??? s?at?-S???t?? ?a?µ??t??,?a t?? ??s? ?a? a?t?? ?a? t?? ?e????? sa? ?a? t?? ?ß?a??? S????t?? ?p?da t?? p??t??a! ?µa ??s? ?a t??? ?aµ?s?,?µa pe???? ?a µ?? ???s??? t?? p??ts?!”
? St?at???? Ge?????? ?a?a?s?????

"if i live i'll f*ck them, if i die they'll fart on my d*ck"
:D :D :D

RE: Relationships with disabled persons-What do you think?

i couldn't be bothered with previous comments, but thought i'll say my piece, if it's to help anyone.
i really don't care about labels, but i still need to satisfy my urges when i am intimate with somebody. so if that's done it doesn't matter.

RE: In a rut or depression

i would expect when something with a soul is made/produced, one wouldn't want to consciously tie it down to someone else's anachronistic short-comings. i do get pragmatic/utilitarian, and most of the times you write here i see where you're coming from, but i kind of think for this issue the pragmatic approach perpetuates some selfish shit that should be over a long time ago. and the fact that it's always been like that doesn't mean we should keep it going on like that. but that just me i suppose.

RE: In a rut or depression

that's really bad for the baby, i hope you were joking

RE: In a rut or depression

i wrote the word "care" means different things to different people. mechanolanguage. you have to love it i suppose

RE: In a rut or depression

loads to cover so i'll do a list.

a) sorry you feel like that.
b) many others do too, it's not supposed to be an embarassment, it's just life.
c) for under-priviledged people it's their everyday life.
d) don't for a moment presume the current western hype against seclusion whilst depressed. sometimes you might just feel different from the rest of the world, and that's not desease, it's just a thing that happens.
e) depending on your experiences it's plausible that you might disagree with everything successful people do. just a few hours ago i heard hugh jackman say in an interview: "when i would do anything for money..." and then say something about that period in his life, and i was pretty sure i wouldn't want my kid to say this ever, but it is what it is.
f) rationalize a lot and then accept your depression for what it might be. for the most part we wouldn't have knowledge like Galileo's otherwise, he'd be in therapy (probably forced to severe antidepressants cause the earth is flat and stuff).
g) you are not always right, and you are not always wrong. you need to learn to dance in between.
h) when i had my extreme depressive moments the most helpful thing one said to me was "i don't care what it is, sort it out". so i'm passing this on.
i) however bad you feel, never stop learning. the answer to your turmoils might be just around the corner.
j) sometimes we all feel like shit but some can hide it, some find it immoral to do so, and some choose when they hide it. it's your pick.
k) knowing things in some way or another (emotional or cognitive) is uncomfortable. you have probably already lost those green meadows of naivete. don't be dishearted, it's all a rollercoaster after that, more or less depending on your psyche and probably genes.
l) if you are rich enough you could have your genes tested for predisposition to depression, but most of us aren't rich enough.
m) the word means different things to different people. don't presume they would care as much as they portray on those charity spots about depression if and when they're hungry for resources.
n) i feel i should at this point remind you that movies are really very real apart from the end bit when the good guy wins and how handsome the characters are.but they are real in the moral dirt they depict, so there's another reason for you to be depressed! :D
o) many people on this apparently round-on-paper planet, abuse substances to cope. i would suggest legal ones, cause problems after that can escalate to things you might not be able to control. but humbly i would say do not trust professional healers cause you might i.e. be a stoner that can't leave that groove and they had a joint once at a party and presume they can tell you how it goes, and that's just recipe for destruction.
p) take time out to think things. agonies of the psyche are more important than agonies of the wallet, and indeed those have an end and a solution too!!! it just takes longer and costs more!
q) the arts traditionally help with psyche questions cause they raise even more questions and remind you of your tiny insignificant place whilst in front of a tsunami. I would suggest loads of movies in seclusion would help the crap out of you.
r) even if it is a nominal say of one over however many billion we are now on the planet, don't let people take that away from you. you have your say, and you accept the concequences, and that pretty gets you out of depression as a desease and into depression as a historical understanding of things as a minority, which is actually much healthier.


RE: A Call for Trump to Drop Out

i am ashamed that i have to witness this presidential election in my lifetime. it is embarrassing. both candidates kind of insult my intelligence, but the mechanism of playing them off each other is just too much. i'm so glad i don't have any children these days.drinking

RE: Donald Trump insults America whenever he dons his baseball cap

i despise how one has to vote Hillary to avoid Trump. seems like the epitome of politics. either way it's a very funny decade coming to the planet.drinking

RE: Racism is increasing or decreasing in modernisation??

racism is inherent to primate bio-psychology. a broader education along with a more user-friendly way of life is a way out of it -so that the primal feelings are apeaced. everyday insecurities certainly don't help. drinking

RE: Post what you are going to do in the next hour...

really? they wont?

RE: Post what you are going to do in the next hour...

i have leftover wine and i have to drink it otherwise the devil and the terrorists win.

RE: A new word begining with the last letter of the previous one II


how to delete a thread

thanks 2intrigued, more than a decade here and i didn't know :)
take care all you's people, i leave again. i'm pointless here.

how to delete a thread

wtf dude. are you that h*rny about bashing me?

how to delete a thread

any ideas?, i've been searching for a bit and couldn't find smth.

wouldn't it be great to have an email notifier if someone viewed your profile?

and i'd say you sport a va*ina, ok, now do you know how to delete this?

wouldn't it be great to have an email notifier if someone viewed your profile?

dude you're responding to this like if i'm needy, i was just making a joke.
i'll leave this for another 10-15 for you to read it and then delete it. seems corporations have really f*ck up with the global intellect.

wouldn't it be great to have an email notifier if someone viewed your profile?

that wasn't the point. the point was automating likeness ;)

wouldn't it be great to have an email notifier if someone viewed your profile?

wouldn't it be great to have an email notifier if someone viewed your profile?
women would do their job of affirming they still count, and men can appropriate the same to our pleasurelaugh

RE: Why do some women favour shoes over other superficial crap that their into?

i think there's a certain amount of foot fetish in most but we don't like to call it that... i'm not into it so i get your point.

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