RE: Bringing back the Mental Facilities that were closed during Reagan, agree or disagree?

Makin g it look like there are no places where people get locked away is just false. What you want to do? Bring back the old days where people just put the ones that where in the way into a place like that?

RE: Ugly / Pretty

your right, I fully agree. Seems people do not know what to do so they make up crazzy statements lol

RE: Useless facts - No Racism or Politcs please

You crack me up. I am LMAO here. keep going, lol

RE: Useless facts - No Racism or Politcs please

This tread is useless. good Luck with finding a woman ( or what ever your looking for ) that doesn`t care about what is important: like Politics.Looks like your one of the liberals that screams racism about everything. Most people do not even know what racism is. love the Barbie joke incl all lol

RE: ladies, would you pay for sex?

That is the point! Would have be damn worth it if any of us women would even think about So I agree with your question. I also want to know what has he to offer ....rolling on the floor laughing

RE: ladies, would you pay for sex?

dunno never met a guy that would have been worth to pay him.

RE: I Love Redheads

devil I agreebanana

RE: Culture Critic

I agree lol


lol and that is the point. You should not even think about arguing ...just go for it and enjoy. doh


That is so not true. Fakt is we do tell but men do not listen and that is how we all ended up on this side. lol Think about that!professor


Clooney and Hiddleston? Really? No WAY!! I have a different taste and I do not dream of exotic holidays. lolconversing


I think that is an easy answer. We dream about what we DO NOT have.


really ?? wow what kind of women did you met in your life?? Sounds boring and scary at the same time lolrolling on the floor laughing

RE: Cluster headaches

what your talking about is migraene. That is not cluster. And you really do not want cluster. I had it a few time in my life and if one thinks a migraene is bad have no idea.
I think cluster is the worse thing that canhappen beside a Trigeminusneuralgi.

RE: Cluster headaches

No. I never heard or took anything that really helped. Not if it is full blowing.

RE: Its really funny

There are a few things I do not understand. So I can not answer. lol rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Do legitimate relationships stem from sites like this one?

ok , if you are able to find people here that are in your area and you can meet them face to face it could be a chance. BUT so far , what I have seen there are many scammers. How can you trust someone that is far away? How should that work out. Those questions you must answer for yourself. I find it worthless if one is sitting inside the USA to even talk to someone that is in a different Countrie. I believe men get ripped off by women just like the other way around. So never give a dime to anyone. That is always a red flag, Asking for phone cards or money or to trasnfer money or want to send something to you. Never do that. Before you met a person face to face and get to know them and you can spend time with the person ...careful!

RE: Things NOT To Say After Having Sex

now that was a waist of time

RE: It´s all a bit dead in here!

blushing yep so far I haven`t seen any sexy tall highlander with at least a six pack ( not beer!!) and more muscles..have no idea where they are hiding.

RE: I bring you good news

I have news for you too= I am free like a bat if I so wish rolling on the floor laughing too handshake wink

RE: Is the Earth Flat?

This question is so damn dumbI aint getting into this. Hope your tinfoil is fitting you welldoh

RE: Three scammers in the last hour ...

you probably have the same problem I scammer after the other. By now I just hit block and block...I amonly here looking over the forum but that is all. cheers

RE: your very first time what made your heart beat

if that would be true there would be a photo......

RE: your very first time what made your heart beat

I can not remember was when I was a embyo in my mothers womb THAT os when my heart started beating

RE: How Often Do You Change Your Bed Sheets??

A reborn Christian would never ask such things in a puplic forum at all. Believe me. That is a absulut no go for a Christian.

RE: How Often Do You Change Your Bed Sheets??

The point is what makes one think a person would answer this in a forum! Sick!doh

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