RE: Are we alone in the Universe

i don't think we are, in the form of microbes and animal/plant life is out there i would think...but intelligent life that has built a civilization?...probably their are ones- but the nearest could be the other side of the galaxy and we would never know of each others existence

RE: Katy Hopkins

I think she is the newspaper equivalent of a radio 'shock jock'-saying outrageous things to get a response and to sell copies of whichever rag shes working for

A warning...

i met them here, they got me onto off-site email, then onto a certain(i see from the rules im not allowed to name specific sites, but i think you can guess which one)media site...thanks for the good wishes, and as you say, we live and learn

A warning...

Hello all...ive had to use the block button on here for the first time- i got talking to someone on here about a week ago, and i thought i had maybe, just maybe, found someone who might be a soulmate- i told them up front my life was a mess at present and i was'nt going to tell them everything about myself just yet-too much info you know?-THAT can kill any budding friendship or romance stone dead...they got me on off-site email..then i went and added them on another site- apparently, because i didn't (since they obviously went and had a good nose at my details)tell them about every last facet of my life at once, i am a liar and a player and should go away-well, fair enough- after that abuse, i dont want to talk to them anymore anyway!

We all have a 'dark side'..mine is like a star trek vulcan's-but the mirror universe type of vulcan- cold and ruthless- i have blocked them from here, my email,everything- it has caused me quite a lot of distress i can tell you- so, the lesson is, don't go off site with ANYONE till you really know them well-and DON'T let them on any other site you are on- we live and learn, and i certainly have today- my search goes on... good luck to all of you in your personal search for happiness

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