RE: Post A Song From A Band Or Artist From Your Home Country

From Belgium, Triggerfinger

RE: CS Juke Box 2023 to Infinity and Beyond !

I would doubt that when you see his 'last choice', the untalented Yoko

RE: Ruin a band or artists name..

The Stolling Rones

Watch out for 'stolen' pictures

Hello ladies and gentleman.

It's a known fact that scammers will not use pictures of themselves. They 'steal' pictures on the internet or in Facebook or other social media.

Check if the pictures they use are genuine can be done with

Just drag the pictures there, and you will know more.

Terrace Solitary

So, it's not only me then. I tried other games, and get the same response. Hope they solve it asap

Terrace Solitary

Hello, all of a sudden I cannot play this game anymore.
I used to play that almost every day. But now, since this morning, I can't acces it anymore?
It says, that this game can't be played from a mobile device!
I use the same laptop as always, and from my home... Can this be solved please?

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