RE: How to impress a man!!

I impress a man by asking him to move my furniture around laugh apparently

Nahh..If he isn't interested in me for being me..I cant impress him further wink

RE: The one & only...

No I dont know what you mean

Explain it to me Tru sheep drink pouring laugh


Ouch sigh help


I agree grin ..............cheers

Your quite funny in your posts .laugh


#982 and #983 rolling on the floor laughing

983...going to remember that one! drinking wink

RE: Say Anything IIV

Time flies when your having fun.
Unless of course, you're a frog............

In which case ...a fun when you're having flies buddies

RE: Say Anything IIV

Your welcome comfort grin

More and more workplaces are getting hazardous frustrated

All we can do is bring it to their attention in every way possible head banger wave

RE: The one & only...

rolling on the floor laughing Right back at ya Tru!!....giggle

If Im 2xs your age, I must look quite good, dont you think wink wave

RE: The one & only...

wow wow......... scold

No you dont have a neighbor there...your nearest one is probably deep in your garden Tru laugh wink

RE: The one & only...

How springy does she have to be laugh

chicken chicken ............cartwheel joy cartwheel giggle

Think my neighbor here might do giggle

RE: What's your current mood???



wave I drink ginger/tumeric tea 2xs a day...and lots of walking has helped me stay as healthy as I can be now.

Oh, and I eat different flavors of yogurt (lemon meringue(its golden) /chocolate banana smitten

RE: re-live

First time I saw the Rocky Mountainshead banger

Just wouldnt want to re-live the experience of finding a bear in the bathroom stall next to mine..

Wayy out in the Jasper Park here wow uh oh

RE: buttered toast

Also if they lose their whiskers....uh oh

RE: Wow

wave Its a shame really..I think the Irish are dam cute smitten wave grin

RE: Say Anything IIV

Glad to hear your in safer spot Chat professor

Hope the outcome is in your favor comfort wave

Dont wanna fall off a cliff crying

RE: Kissing on a first date

Sure why not..If I like him well enough and we cant keep our hands

....... or eyeballs off each other love

Nahhh, Im good with just the lust for now devil

RE: The one & only...

I still do smitten

Waiting...patiently...getting on with my life.

Ohh I just seen him go

Ohh never bad doh laugh wave

RE: Which places to visit in Canada?

cswelcome grin Hi Dan wave

I can say the East coast is a wonderful place to see in the summer months, but you've already been therelaugh

Alberta has many things to offer, summer or winter. All the provinces do.
Go see the Rocky Mountains and watch for all the wildlife, pretty much anywhere's in Canada.
Edmonton/Calgary/Red Deer are the major cities in Alberta, with tons of events to see.
Can google to see events taking place when your in Canada.
Shopping malls are huge/ all different foods from all over the world to try/many cultures reside here.

Im sure others can inform you of the events there, Im not a city person.
Sorry I cant help you more.

Dont forget the Canadian lingo...EH laugh

Good Luck on your visit handshake

RE: Mosquitos

Post #3..laugh

But so true! There are some big buggars about this year, and whoa do they ever bite!very mad

Funny cartoon Guzman laugh

RE: Canada - Ist G7 to legalize pot federally (med and rec)

Babble away!
Im learning alot here..grin hug

RE: Canada - Ist G7 to legalize pot federally (med and rec)

laugh Yes I guess your right!... I dont know many cool

I dont need to wait that long! doh laugh
Been reading up a ton already grin
Thanks for this blogcomfort

RE: In love


RE: In love

laugh ...doh

RE: In love

Not sure if it was "love", but I was 19.
Young, silly and full of vinegar..I wasinnocent devil

Still am todaygiggle cartwheel joy cartwheel wave

RE: Kaybees cats cats cats Part 3.......

Me too sad flower

Hope she okaywave

RE: Kaybees cats cats cats Part 3.......

laugh Ya, thats ONLY after 4!crazy grin

RE: Canada - Ist G7 to legalize pot federally (med and rec)

Wow Moose!

I suffered from migraines my whole life, which is why I chose to smoke cannabis long ago, its the only thing that worked for me. Tried all the pharmaceutical stuff, did not help me, only gave me more issues on top.
I have not tried all those other things you mentioned, but Im sure there are medicinal properties as well.
Like all plants on this earth, meant to be used for a cure for something, not synthetic man-made pills.jmo

Anyways, loved Cheech and Chongapplause grin

RE: Canada - Ist G7 to legalize pot federally (med and rec)

Hiya reindeer laugh

I think the difference I was referring too with oil versus combustible is the fact that the oils are much more potent (at least to me) and I dont have to wreck my lungs using the oil, as opposed to smoking it.
Thats what I was getting at Trying to save my lungs hereprofessor laugh

I guess we are fortunate to be given priority which is fine by me. I read somewhere ...where they wont be able to keep up the supply but I can still grow my ownapplause grin

Nice to see you back here smoking wave

RE: Say Anything IIV

Hey Bo!...nah not meant here laugh
But sometimes you cant see the smoke and mirrors here anyways uh oh

I will check into those filters, Im using a carbon filter right now in one of them..

thanks so much comfort

Hope your well therehug wave

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