RE: For the Hell of it - What would You do...

I bet you're a fire walker? wink


Sorry Raphael...can't open it!?

Maybe you could tell me what he said?


No one is forced to go anywhere Marlin.

You can just return to your source is YOUR choice.

RE: Agoraphobia

I don't like crowds either...nor loud noises..but it has nothing to do with getting Mustang said!

RE: Agoraphobia

I've heard of some people who have it and are afraid of leaving their house.

But I've never met anyone in person.

RE: First Class

What certificate Ali? confused

I could supply references ?

RE: Internet

You see's even more expensive in Ireland.

RE: Yeah, When Will Girls Realize

I'm vegetarian!
And I'm not religious.grin

RE: Internet

Oh I see...
Does this apply to the men as well?

But...first I need a proof?

RE: Internet

But Ali...I'm wondering why would Spain import mangos when they grow them here?confused

RE: Internet

Maybe we could start an import business hey?

RE: Internet

Here they are around 3 euros per kilo grin

RE: a Rush...

Do you mean a RASH?

Or...are you in a hurry?

RE: Internet

But can't compare Spain with Pakistan? dunno

How much are mangos there...just out of curiosity ?

RE: Connecting Singles is just a marriage oriented site?

There are many REAL people here and also who are only looking for friendships .

For example...I am one of them and I know many who are too.

Maybe you've looked in the wrong places?dunno

Are We In A Computer Simulated Reality?

Mike...I thing you've missed the point here?

If you read the last comments we're talking about living in a matrix ...whether you like it or not!

RE: Internet

Good morning to you my friend.wave

And how do we get access to yours?dunno

Are We In A Computer Simulated Reality?

Sorry...but what has this got to do with our computer simulated reality?????uh oh

Are We In A Computer Simulated Reality?

So do I Felixis. There's a lot of evidence and it all makes sense!

Not only is the whole universe in it...but we were also born with our own personal one.

Now...the game is to either continue playing it...
Or find the way out.

RE: Internet

I don't have any package.

I just have unlimited access with Wi-Fi at 20 euros a month.


Mine certainly its entirety.
It has been a real adventure like a roller coaster...with many ups and downs.

It could be a four part for each country I've lived in.

RE: God's will

How did you know whose voice it was???

RE: God's will

So did I but...
What you see it's only your own perception...according to your beliefs.

If you believe in will see angels...

If you don' see energy..light..

RE: God's will

Good question! thumbs up

Are We In A Computer Simulated Reality?

Sorry Lady M, but I still don´t understand what this is all about??? confused

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