RE: How can you differentiate a 'friendly' hug from a 'loving' hug?

I agree... the world is desperate need of hugging, loving, kindness etc..

Here, everybody hugs - of course, there are various degrees but with no s*xual intent.

Sometimes we even have a day for hugging where we go round hugging people of all nationalities, thus provoking various reactions but....all for the better! smitten

RE: How can you differentiate a 'friendly' hug from a 'loving' hug?

If he gets a hard on while hugging you's a give away! laugh

RE: How can you differentiate a 'friendly' hug from a 'loving' hug?

That's what I think too!
Or...bum..and boobs...wink

RE: the first time ever i saw your face

Beautiful song and beautiful voice. love

I suppose I shall have to practice so I can sing it eventually to someone special..wink

RE: you ever wonder why .....

What about the French?

I was waiting for you to come out of the bath.wink

RE: you ever wonder why .....

... and why have a lot of funny and intelligent people left?

I am still here!


RE: Oldies with crazy ideas

PK..he would still be too old for you my dear! laugh

Anyway...there are enough young studs where I live....and you're welcome to come and try for yourself wink

RE: It's your Diary.

Bonjour Mesange wave
Tu es française?

I also only write my lucid dreams which take place around 5am..and write them while still half conscious.

As for interpreting...I do this at the subconscious level...meaning some kind of hypnotical state...going back into the dream.

RE: Hows one libido ? this one of your predictions?

RE: Hows one libido ?

Hope so for you Pedro thumbs up

RE: It's your Diary.

The only thing I keep a record of are my dreams..the lucid ones I want to analyse them later.

I keep a book by my bedside for that purpose.

RE: With all the technology available to us ..

Skype is FREE!!! And you can use your computer. headset is needed!!

As for being on your many people do you talk to at once?

I only chat with one at the time and only turn my Skype on when I want to chat with that person.

RE: Hows one libido ?

I can understand that as many meds do.

RE: Hows one libido ?

Well...if you have a gf Pedro..maybe I can help you with that?

If you have no gf..then it doesn't matter does it? you need to get your libido up first so you can attract someone ?

RE: With all the technology available to us ..

Of course! Either during..or after?

RE: With all the technology available to us ..

Hola guapa hug
Thanks for the's the men you need to convince though? wink

You also have a lovely voice.kiss

RE: With all the technology available to us ..

Ok..ok...make it 2 weeks..
How's that?dunno

I can Skype with you now if you like? wink

RE: It's your Diary.

Hahaha. Good answer! I tend to do the same Pk. wave

RE: With all the technology available to us ..

Depends on whether they are bloggers and you've been interacting with them on the blogs and threads?
In which case I think it's reasonable to Skype straight away.

If not...maybe a month of regular correspondence ?
Then Maybe first the voice...then the cam?dunno

RE: With all the technology available to us ..

wow hearing somebody's voice is very important!
If they don't want to hear my "sexy" French's their loss and I can't be bothered with such people.

I'm sure Pk you have a beautiful voice and accent.

RE: With all the technology available to us ..

Someone who wants to Skype or whatever after one email and are keen to go off site straightaway...I call that suspicious.

After exchanging a number of emails I also find it suspicious???dunno

Many will give you excuses why they can' or lack of internet connection etc..but.. The ones who just don't want for some other reasons...I can't be bothered with.

RE: i dreamt of the moon twice this week

Was it the dark side of the moon Pedro?

RE: Singledom is a positive choice, not a death sentence.

Some species pair up for a lifetime..

Others only for a breeding season..

While humans...although were meant to live with a mate...many are choosing singledom after the breeding season is over and the kids have left the nest.

RE: When a woman cares about a man

Maybe in his previous life/lives he used to be some Arab Sheik and had a Harem?dunno

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