Thanks. I see you agree with me. wink

I know that dates are aphrodisiacs.

RE: Speed Dating....What To Reveal.

Dee...what about speed dating while blindfolded?

I wouldn't need to ask any questions .


I know as a fact that eating a few raw dates a day increases your libido...for men and women!

RE: What Keeps u awake?

In my case it's WHO keeps me awake ???

Someone in America who's in a different time zone.grin

RE: why is so hard to find a partner life? what i have to say to show my sincerity?

", the women on cs are mostly mentally challenged. "???

What about the men???doh

RE: When u look in ur mirror.....what do u c.... "did some psychology " did you really?

Well I've got news for you dear Snookie...I happen to be a psychologist too but I don't advertise for it nor for my IQ and EQ like you do.

Btw...I do not belong to any clique.

Ummm...transference comes to mind..roll eyes

RE: When u look in ur mirror.....what do u c....

No..I'm not either!

Lookin is speaking some truth
uh oh

RE: Have u ever been in Love....

I agree! One can be in love with life...with the beauty around you...
It doesn't have to be a person.heart wings

RE: CS Dream

Yes I do..
They usually come and haunt me in my dreams ...especially after I've blocked them.laugh

Hi's life treating you?

Are the mangos growing?
Nothing growing here as it hasn't rained for ages!!

RE: W H Y .................?

Unlaoised is far from being a boring person!

She's intelligent..she's witty and has a good sense of humour and also not competing with anyone.
Least of all with you Snookie scold

Intelligent people witn high IQ and degrees don't go and advertise about it and patronize others the whole time either.

RE: W H Y .................?

I like that quote! thumbs up

IMHO... Those who give in are not weak but are probably more compassionate and don´t feel like wasting time on trivia,

As for those who don´t, it doesn´t mean they´re strong, but they are probably stubborn and want to be always right.

RE: W H Y .................?

I like your quote! thumbs up

RE: Save me.....

British humour is the best! head banger applause cheering

And I am a connoisseur!

RE: Tantrums.....

I just ignore

RE: If u work....Why do u work.....

Glad to hear it Snookie thumbs up teddybear

RE: What kind of a relationship do you want?

A spiritual one.
One that is out of this world.angel

RE: Should I go electric?

I used to keep geese...they're cheap to run applause

RE: Ladies

That would be perfectly fine with me as I prefer a cost tête a tête.

I would want to know though if the desert was so attractive? wink

RE: Hard or soft Brexit

Ok...let's get back to Brexit..thumbs up

RE: Hard or soft Brexit

Who had a broken love affair?? ? If you did then I'm sorry to hear that! comfort

RE: Hard or soft Brexit

Not only do I sound Aries...but I AM! innocent

How did I end up in Spain?
I chose it..That's why.

And how did you end up in Finland ? confused

Sorry to be off topic but I got distracted by Harry..
Or was Díck responsible?dunno

RE: Hard or soft Brexit

But Díck is having a hard time keeping it hard..he's got a soft centre.....

like Maltesers !

RE: Hard or soft Brexit

Sorry to disappoint you but I stand alone...on my own and by myself. head banger

I don't have any relations on CS..but I have in England.

RE: Hard or soft Brexit

I quite like Tom and Harry...
it's the Díck I'm not so sure of?
He sounds like a suspicious character to me..uh oh

RE: Some say that love is not a feeling you feel....

Some say is a hunger endless aching need.

I say is a flower..and you its only seed.smitten

RE: Imagine:- U go to sleep.....and wake up in a different place......How did it happen......

And the cup of tea. Herbie you forgot the traditional cup of tea which solves ...Or dissolves...all the problems! head banger

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