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banana what an awesome story, Ooby. laugh

RE: The Keystone XL Pipeline

Too true.

I do think out should benefit both countries financially.

RE: A Slip Of The Tongue

Great forum idea, btw. wine

RE: A Slip Of The Tongue

My daughter used to say the blessing as a wee one. Instead of saying "Amen" she said, "Gay Men." My gay friends loved it. It was so cute I didn't correct her for at least a year. laugh

Well Hello Again

Thank you. Its good to be back. wave

Well Hello Again

Hi there. Its nice to meet you. I'm Dana. Thanks for the warm welcome!

Well Hello Again

Hi there. Its nice to meet you. I'm Dana. Thanks for the warm welcome!wine

Well Hello Again

Bodleing! So good to see you still around. hug

Well Hello Again

Hi everyone. Thanks for the welcome. wine

Ooby.. No such luck. I got out of the habit of getting online for awhile. I don't even get on fb much. My daughter and I had a lit to deal with the post couple of years since her kidnap and rape. Then last year her soon was born 13 weeks early. This year, in January, Emily had surgery for a broken back.

Needless to say, I've had my hands full. hug

Conrad... Awesome to see you, my friend. wave

RE: The Death Penalty !!

2 1/2 years ago, 2 weeks after my daughter turned 16, she was kidnapped and brutally raped 6 times. If they hadn't put him in jail so quickly, within 2 hours of our return from the hospital, I'd be in prison myself. I couldn't have killed him fast... Well slowly... Enough.

What are you listening to?....

What song are you listening to now? Any particular reason?

I'm listening to...

Bullet For My Valentine.... The End.

Because I like it. dancing

Well Hello Again

Shit. I'm on my phone and even though I adjust the name before posting, it just isn't cooperating, Roasted. Lol. Sorry. Rizlared. laugh

Well Hello Again

Roasted, I wondered why I recognized that face but not the name. Now I know. Yes, I'll admit, I had a lot of fun here. laugh

Well Hello Again

Oh my goodness, dragos. I changed that from seafood but it wasn't cooperating. I'm so sorry.

Well Hello Again

Yes seafood, its been quite some time. Nice to meet you.

Well Hello Again

Happy to met you you, Scott.

RE: Love can't survive without good sex?


Sorry. Not a hearty moment. Didn't mean to throw that out there. laugh

RE: Love can't survive without good sex?

Right on. kiss thumbs up

Well Hello Again

Thank you, you Romancer, you. I've actually lived all over the country and though I think TN is beautiful, the heat in the summer makes me wish for Iceland. laugh

Well Hello Again

Hello everyone. Maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Dana. I've been here off and on over the past few years. From my lurking I would guess that there aren't many around who would still know me, so I thought I'd introduce myself. So...

Hello again.


RE: an awkward position...

Yup. That's the thing, isn't it. People use these things to their own convenience. Sad, isn't it?

RE: Read Their Mind

I'm sorry for the misspellings. I'm on my phone. doh

RE: Read Their Mind

Yes, I can raff the minds of those that I'm closest to. My daughter is the same way, well... She us more psychic than I am. Her boyfriends over the years have had to get used to our conversations with few words. Admittedly, its kind of funny at times. Lol. Drives them a little nuts. I'm good with that. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Reasons why some men lie

Yes Ma'am! You are right on. Been there and done that. wine

RE: long distance love.....lady leaving

This I is excellent advice.

The man that raped my daughter is finally in prison!!

I made sure she wanted to go to the hospital, I wanted to leave that personal decision up to her. I was proud of her that she wanted to go. And she wanted to make sure that they'd call the police. I assured her that they would.

After they finished the rape kit, we spoke with the police and sheriffs department investigator. She gave an amazing description of everything and was able to pick him out of a photo lineup. His name is Steven and he was in jail giving his statement within 2 hours of us getting home from the hospital. She was so amazing, my sweet little girl was.

Unfortunately, it didn't stop there. She didn't hide what had happened to her. She knew she'd done nothing wrong and it wasn't her fault, but she ended up losing a lot of friends. Maybe they didn't know what to say or how to handle it. It doesn't matter, she's making new friends. Her boyfriend broke up with her 2 days after the rape. He never even came back to the house for his guitar, the little bastard.

She's moving foreward and we're trying to put it behind us. He's made a plea bargain. He was on parole so he also has to finish out that time. He had been in prison for aggravated robbery and 2 counts of robbery over $1000. Unfortunately, the DA thinks the judge may run his sentence concurrently so that he'll serve his parole at the same time as the rape sentence. He told me that he'll probably only get 4 to 8 years. We were originally told it would probably be about 20 years, so you can imagine how devastating that was to us.

The man that raped my daughter is finally in prison!!

Please bear with me. It's a long story. I've decided to share all of it with you.

On Sept 8th, Emily was kidnapped from a parking lot. This man grabbed her by the shirt and bra and threw her in his car. She screamed and fought, but he drove away with her. When she tried to jump out of the moving car, he held her clothes in his fist to keep her in. Though she kept trying to get a chance to call for help, she knew the light on the phone would tip him off, so she waited. He took her to a dark place in the woods and made her get out of the car. He raped her twice there. They waited there for about an hour. He told her things to scare her from trying to run away again, such as that he would kill not only her, but me too. He had a gun.

When they left there, he took her to an abandoned trailer in the woods. He made her help move a mattress from the living room into the bedroom. He raped her 4 more times there over the course of several hours. He was so brutal. He had her in such painful positions. She tried to reason with him that if he was going to do this to her he didn't have to try to hurt her so badly, but it did no good. Every night for weeks I would massage her legs and back and hips. It took weeks for her to heal from what he did to her.

Twice he made her walk to a nearby house with him watching, to get him water. He only let her wear her shirt, panties, and socks. It was chilly outside in the middle of the night.

At one point, when I was trying to call, he heard the phone. She was trying to turn it off, but he held her down and choked her until she got the phone turned off.

You have to understand, that Em has always been good about being home on time and letting me know where she is and with whom. You can imagine how worried and scared I was. I was hoping she'd just fallen asleep at her friends house watching a movie. It breaks my heart how wrong I was. There's no way the cops could have found her before she got home. She was in another town near here and far out in the woods. She was on her own.

After the last time he raped her, she sat in a corner and waited. He kept telling her that he'd take her back to the car in a few minutes, but he lay on the bed thinking. She knew he was deciding whether or not to kill her.

However, as alone as she was, she never lost her wits. Over all this time she convinced him that she would never tell. She told him exactly what I was thinking, that she would tell me she'd fallen asleep at her friends house while watching a movie. She told him she didn't know anything... not where they were or what kind of car he was driving or anything more than his first name.

But she'd paid attention. She knows cars, so she knew what kind of car he was in. She could describe the gun. She knew exactly how to get where they were. She had looked closely at him to memorize the details of what he looked like and what he was wearing. And she knew that his first name was Steve.

She convinced him that she wouldn't tell and not to kill her. He finally took her back to the car. We're convinced that he'd done this before and gotten away with it and that that is why he was confident that she wouldn't tell.

She got home about 4:30am and fell apart in my arms. She said she hadn't even cried until she got to me. She was too angry. Then she told Mommy that she'd been raped. It was the hardest thing I've ever heard. My baby was kidnapped and raped 6 times. (cont)

The man that raped my daughter is finally in prison!!

Rider, I'm with you. I'd like to shoot the bastard. And I do know that prison has their own form of justice, I'm just afraid nothing will happen to him that should. I'm all for the big, bad, baudy Bubba Vinny. lol I do love that thought. laugh

I am going to post what actually happened for those that would like to read it. My daughter was absolutely amazing. love

The man that raped my daughter is finally in prison!!

Today, the man that abducted and brutally raped my 16 year old daughter 6 times is finally in prison. He's been in county jail since the morning after it happened because my daughter helped the cops get him, but we've been waiting for this to be over.

And now he is finally in prison where he belongs.

I hope ever woman that reads this buys a can of mace, if only in honor of my daughter. Mace could have saved her from the nightmares she's faced.

Be well and be safe.

-Dana teddybear

RE: Describe your self in 3 words!

My "son" said... "I'm a lover not a fighter, but I have a gun just in case." LOL laugh

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