Do I look like I'm an easy target?

Molly to answer your question I meant me clubbing. And Bogart by questionable I meant jumping into bed with them. I'm all for living in the moment but me doing the dirty deed with someone's wife (let alone a gay guy), isn't my cup of tea. I'm flattered by the attention but me landing in the hospital for shagging someone who claims to love their better half isn't how I roll.

Do I look like I'm an easy target?

Molly to answer your question I meant me clubbing.

Do I look like I'm an easy target?

Why is it everytime I decide to go out and "try to distress" somehow some people including married people (both straight women and gay men) always try to put me in situations that are somewhat "questionable"?

RE: Would you rather?

Be offline for 2 weeks

Meditation 101

Thanks. For a moment I thought I might have done something wrong

Meditation 101

This for people who actually meditate on a regular basis. I've started to learn how to meditate and well something "weird" happened. What I would like to know is it normal for someone to fall asleep 10 minutes after meditating?

RE: Would you ever ask someone to set you up with a possibe romantic partner?

It depends. If it were my older brother or sister playing cupid I might consider it. Even then I would still be a bit suspicious of the person they are trying to hook me up with.

RE: single mum

I'm not here to defend all men but let's stop generalising. I personally know some guys who have dated and some of them are happily to women who were single mums (even though they went through some serious drama thanks to the families on both sides).

RE: who would win in a REAL street fight?

It's really a tough call to make considering that their fighting styles are very different. Norris' fighting style is somewhat "composed" while Lidell's is different.

RE: what do you think and prefer

Witty I totally agree with you. However MikeD12 if you happen to find that kind of woman and she just happens to have a sister or cousin who also like that, will you please tell me?

RE: Is there someone here that reslly wants To marry And To try Really something?

I hate to break it to you but you have a better chance of winning the lottery than finding someone on this site, who wants to settle down. Then again I could be wrong.

RE: What do women really want?

I have learned a long time ago that its better to appreciate them than to try and understand them. Trying to understand what a woman really wants it's like trying to find a corner in a circle.

How do the terrorists get their weapons?

I'm not here to bash any country because all over the world our governments are corrupt. However due the recent spate of terrorist attacks, it got me thinking where do these terrorist organisations get their weapons? Could it be that certain people in our governments are secretly sponsoring these groups?

RE: Pokemon Go

Can't argue with that.

Dating Misconceptions

Lol. Blame it on the I.T guys who set up this site. They should have done their home work 1st.

RE: Post what you are going to do in the next hour...

Hmmm that sounds nice. Sadly me and my partner have to go and sort out a crisis with computer store and still prepare for a presentation.

RE: Who influences our idea of beauty?

The people who own Hollywood and every other major media company in the world.

Dating Misconceptions

Talk the guys who made this site because I'm so tired with changing the settings when all I get are options they have.

RE: Interracial dating how many people have try it ?

Okay. What makes you say that I have a chip on my shoulder?

RE: Interracial dating how many people have try it ?

Somebody call the medic because ribs are hurting from laughing so hard.

RE: Men

Because we get kicks from your reaction (just joking). It depends which guys you usually hang out or talk with and the company they keep.

Dating Misconceptions

Quick question and I need answers from people who have actually dated German women. Why do people think that German women are cold? Personally I've never dated one but from my personal experience working with one I've never seen or felt this "coldness" people keep saying they have.

RE: I just want a husband only, why so difficult for me?

I really do hope that you will find a man who will appreciate what you have to offer because I kind of get what you're going through. Me being born in the year of metal horse I've been in most cases put on a friends only zone. So stay strong and keep doing you, because I know that there's someone somewhere in this world who's meant for you.

Astrology & Birthdays

That's a bit unfair. Some of my friends are gemini and I've known them for years. They don't have a "split personality" as you put it. Sure they sometimes do worry about things (especially about they loved ones) but other than that they really cool people. However why do scorpios like to act all cool & tough especially when someone has hurt their feelings?

Astrology & Birthdays

This one is strictly for real astrologers. Just how exact is this science called astrology? The reason why I'm asking this because I did a bit research as to why I always end up being the guy who becomes the assistant chef at my friends' parties. As it turns out I'm born on the 24th of April and from what I've found out, people born that day are usually found being in the kitchen. Keep in mind I do take anything related to astrology with a pinch of salt as it sounds too hazy to me.

RE: Should Bullfighting Be Banned

I'm sorry if I'm about to get graphic. The preparation before the actual fight is downright sickening. Stuffing an animal with wet newspaper, rubbing pure petroleum jelly in its eyes to blur the poor animal's vision, stuffing cotton wool in his nostrils to stop respiration, sticking a needle in the genitals and rubbing a caustic on its legs to keep it from lying down. And on top of that they drug the animal, add strong laxatives to his feed and keep in a dark box for a few days before the fight...That's just twisted. I don't even want to mention what they do to the horses that are used in this barbaric event.

RE: Jexit-should I leave?

I don't know you but my curiosity got the better of me. Where is this coming from?

RE: Do you believe most Jamaicans are scammers?

That kind of generalising is unfair. That's like asking are most muslims terrorist or christians thieves or are buddhist living in a dream world where fairies do exist?

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