RE: is there any single females thta not got kids all ready and

Just another thought... why did you put the quotes around that sentence? And why would I insinuate something good? Saying I am insinuating something good makes no sense. If you don't know the meaning of a word, don't use it. Just a thought?

RE: personally i desire for a woman with very little or no millage up on her

Millage? You want a woman who isn't making flour?

Ohhh you mean mileage... you are not only a dill but you can't spell either.

RE: terror in london

you have really got to some of the basic problems in all of this. Remember when the younger George Bush got sidetracked from the golf course and was told to invade Iraq... and get rid of the nasty man who was in charge. Yes he wasn't the best leader in the world, but all the experts said.... uh oh... this is a bad move.. you will create a vacuum that will be filled with something nastier. The yanks don't care about bigger issues. They can only see as far as their own back door.

America and their friends... including us... have caused what has happened in London. And that is the least of what we have caused.

RE: terror in london

I don't understand what the point is other than just hate. What are these people wanting to achieve. Other than just causing pain. Or is that it... I don't know. Is it just some weird thing where they feel they can say... we win. Nobody wins.

Anyway - I just don't understand the point. Does it make these people happy killing others?

RE: CentreUnlinked - 3rd Class citizens

Wash... it should not be so hard. But I hear what you are saying.. the frustration of the lack of coordination of government requirements.

Hope you have got it sorted now.

RE: is there any single females thta not got kids all ready and

sorry to be a pain but your grammar is terrible. It should be "are there any (not is there any).... and it should not be females... female is not a noun it is an adjective. You could say a female person, but not just a female. It would be much better to say a woman. And it's not all ready, it's already.

RE: Are tall & slender women a dying breed???

are intelligent men a dying breed? Seems so to me ... not many around who can look past what a woman might measure around the waist. Hint... read a book occasionally. Or do anything that might actually make you interesting.

Oh... also get in touch with reality.

RE: Vegetarian, vegan dating

Jenny you really must be a total nong. The worst pong is when you lot have bits of something dead stuck in your teeth.

And the stench of death that surrounds you.

RE: My rabbit

thanks for the video.. haven't seen that for aaaaaages/

fake people

yes I know.. just a bit annoying I guess..

fake people

yes I know about blocking etc, I tend to just ignore.. but I thought it would be nice just for chatting ...

fake people

well i just thought he sounded nice and is good to have someone to talk to .... I just don't understand . Maybe I am particularly stupid or naive or something

fake people

Haven't been here for a long time because of bullying and not being treated well. Logged on recently because I was playing one of the games (and yes wanted my score recorded!). Contacted by a little old man wanting to talk... and that was nice - until he got very insulting and revealed himself to not be real.

Why do people do this?

John Denver

Looking down the list of people posting ... not many women there - that's a bit of a worry

John Denver

Oh well I guess I will just have to keep replying to myself - all the other posts are sooooooo incredibly interesting.

John Denver

Oh dear.. all my replies are from me - oh well - them's the breaks I guess.

John Denver

Sunshine on Leith ... there are some wonderful bits .... here

better to listen to that than be angry

John Denver

I also have a bit of a Proclaimers thing happening... Scottish version of King of the Road is something special.

John Denver

Oh well I guess the John Denver question is not all that provocative - this site is not what it was in 2007 - that's nearly 10 years since I first was here. Yikes!

RE: Is neighbours rubbish?

yes neighbours is rubbish

John Denver

I know it's a bit daggy....but how beautiful are John Denver songs - listening for the first time in a long time. They are mostly lovely.


RE: FFS!!!!

Oh - hadn't really read all the posts... but anyway - there are still things you can use to help give up....which is where this thread started.

RE: FFS!!!!

Hello Looking 4

Giving up might be the solution to your problem - there are various drugs that are subsidised by the government that might help. Have you been to your GP and asked about options?

And I have worked mine off too - I am 60

RE: Post your best of 50's 60's

Hope this works…not very confident!

RE: Post your best of 50's 60's

Hmm - how do I do it?

RE: Post your best of 50's 60's

I don't know how to post but hopefully the instructions from way back will work

[you tube}

Long time away

I have been a CS member since early 2008 - and back then the chat was fun....lots of different people, ages, points of view. Then the nasty people took over...and now and this is not surprising, possibly just surprising that it took so more chat.

What a pity a really good place was ruined by some really unpleasant people.

And I am posting this now because it's the first time I have been here for ages and discovered that the chat was no more....

And I have to say,...why do I have to pick a category for my comment.. nothing fit

RE: Would you leave your disfigured husband/wife?

I haven't read all the replies, so don't know if the conversation has moved on, but no I woudn't, unless he was a complete bastard of course!

RE: we are not a monogamous species...

Conrad - how is "Man" different from "Animals" ? I am guessing that you have an opinion about that?

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