Bwock bwock bwock ... that's the noise a chicken makes!

If you have an intellect ... share it, c'mon ... take a risk in the same way as you're asking others to do ? ok, firstly this is for the one with no patience. it is not without legal advice you hammer in my opinion on a particular commandment,,,,THOU SHALL NOT KILL,,,,, i do not believe God, who made it clear He does not thing highly of idiots and those wanting everything done or solved for them. i think God told us do not kill in vain...but those who's ill actions deserve the sword, realised its better we put fear in our victims otherwise we are not going to be around for long; if God allows self defence with such a commandment many scumbags become toast. how much pain of any sort can one endure when the enemy is trying to grind you down, and such also in an arena the law and order.


the reality is , there is only three commandments


that is great, some one willing to get involved in some intellectual path. i am apprehensive at sharing my thoughts on a specific commandment, at this anyhow, later i may. i know many will agree with me, we will see


which one or, more of the ten commandments you would take out ? in your opinion they do not make sense relating to the personality of life and modern humans

sex on tap

what percentage of couples do you thing hang around just for the sex on tap and not much else?

my guess is 50 percent

a big mistake

i never imagined anyone is out there in the woods and breathing some fresh air. i confess it was a great reply from you and to day i stepped on my own tail.

the Lord is the strength of my life--Psalm 27:1

O Heavenly Father, this day is a precious gift that I have received from Thee--may I use it wisely--may I have Thy Blessed Strength to uplift me throughout this day. Help me be strong in face of temptation--strong in my efforts to do my work well--and strong in my love for others. Be with me, I pray, and grant me Thy Blessed Strength this day--in Jesus's name. Amen

a special mention: pray and never stop...and also when you feel like a superstar

Gatlin is king

he went downhill went caught on two occasions taking performance enhancing drugs...i am sure it was a very painful time to hit bottom but he worked it out and, showed the world what hard work can accomplish.

i salute him

a big mistake

how bizarre some mistakes body mention how many decibels a normal fart should be

a big mistake

what have you said or done that was a big one ?

one of my big mistake was telling of that time when a UFO parked briefly not far from my cave. its possible these crafts have no one on board. the dogs where silent and the craft not so perfect


not so simple, i wish it was


why not: before i am off' it is fitting i mention another worry with my name attached to it

i am worried many members on this sight will continue to stay on the sidelines and not jump in...if you step on someone's tail... so be it. when you are wrong or you discover your point was mindless...just admit. i stepped on so many tails my shoes are worn out. Good day

what is going on?

i will not keep it a secret i am not shy to talk to strangers especially women and i do many times a day. when i was young it was to the contrary. why is it in Malta more than any other country; the women who are single wear a wedding band and the married do not. is it so the single escape sharks of the land? no i am not a shark but i do bite sometimes


: I am worried because I have nothing to worry about :

E.S. Small

what are you worried about ?

personally; I am worried that in most cases the leader or ruler of a nation...inflict the most harm to the people


if u turn the other cheek you will likely cry

if you get spanked by a rookie

if you tell the truth when you should not


words at their best

lets fill up on wisdom and post some more words at is better than stepping on someone's tail

words at their best

: Compassion is the biggest asset of humanity :

E.Sam Small

thank God again

i have a full beard but i suspect the subject shampoo is good for many things...maybe even for your hair or mine. if you buy it before i do let me know what color you bought as it comes in different colors. it could be good for ??

thank God again

thank you kindly for your warm sentiment...please note i did not buy such a product but someday i may venture out of my cave and get this product to wash the ears of my goat... i am not kidding

thank God again

thank God again as recently i discovered a shampoo made for a beards. my life was a mess without this product. so many needs which is why humans in most part are crazy

words at their best

The greatest asset of humanity is compassion...Emanuel Sam Small


it is a new year now but i just landed back on earth...and it begs to ask if you are speaking on behalf of the bulls of Spain?? no Alex i am not drunk with joy to get you involved in this

james bum

the screen play is finished finally and i can state with great accuracy that james will not be driving an austin martin but most likely a ford. i am confident donald and especially America will love the movie


the cell call i just received does not leave me drunk with joy...i have nothing against angels, i live with one. the reality is...luck do not follow most of us anywhere...its what i meant...sorry angels


i have a strong sense you already know what is required to climb out...although luck does not follow morans or angels very far...i salute you for admitting you are sinking...and good luck


if you do not have one good friend you have nothing...and, if your friend or friends are morans; you are in a deep pit

RE: Are their more male or female scammers on this site?

i cannot let the opportunity escape and not mention the count of male scammers do not include myself...i am retired now

RE: Are their more male or female scammers on this site?

the only good news or info i can share regarding your question is limited...the good news there are only fourteen scammers on this sight...ten male and four females. i trust this will be helpful

twice as hard

do not be sorry for me bogart...i am doing well. you should try help some one else with your wisdom


it is nice to be important but more important to be nice. No doubt Donald or Hillary will never leave each other in peace. If they read this they will smile or label me a moran; just for some practice

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