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RE: Hello again

It's bad on here now. It's stagnated with many profiles not being active for months or longer...... It is like all that are left are the hopeless cases, the lesser narcissistic sociopaths and those who have been on here longer than the Kennedy administration {We all know the reason for that lol) and other worthless space takers whom nobody wants to waste their time on. Even most of the scammers have gone.
When this site started it was excellent with the other two free sites in its day. Nowadays it is different. The other two free sites are no longer free, social media has expanded and there has been the inevitable shift to there. CS hasn't kept up with developments.
All dating sites have their ups and downs, but we are talking about a steady and alarming decline now.

RE: Any love affairs happening on CS at this present moment..?

"Thread: Any love affairs happening on CS at this present moment..?"

There is a toxic narcissistic sociopath from Tennessee who has several ongoing at once on here at the moment. I met her eight months ago so the number must be even higher by now.rolling on the floor laughing
I'm sure it isn't the only one operating on here so yes there must be love affairs going on.yay

RE: On average there's between 10 and 20 times as many VIEWS in any given thread

That's a godsend then rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: america the free, and the greed

Yes but we are free to choose our own doctor. I did.. You only knock free universal health care because you haven't got it and you never will. Your Senators have though lol. University education is free here too by the way which probably makes your blood boil too.
When I lived in the US I developed cataracts in both eyes. I would have had to have paid there to have them removed.
I returned to Sweden and it cost me just 250 SEK which is less than 30 dollars. That covered the lot from start to finish. There was no waiting time or endless form filling in either.
I am sorry your government is too poor to give you free universal medicare, but it is not the fault of countries which do have it. Like I wrote, you get what you vote for.yay

RE: america the free, and the greed

We have free universal health care here in Sweden like your senators have and you can only dream of.
I have lived in the US before and I must agree. Health care there is all about greed which is why you will never be able to change it.
The taxes here, by the way are about the same which I paid in California.
Still, you get what you vote for rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: The Awful Truth women don't realise.

Speaking of plastic surgery I met a woman on CS claiming to be a heart patient and having her sternum broken during a heart operation.
I asked a heart specialist if such an operation would cause a scar. His reply was yes from between 10 inches or from the navel to the throat. I asked if plastic surgery could cover the scar. He said it could, but would require a very expensive operation. There would also be a slight discoloration left.
The woman sent some bikini pictures of herself and there was no trace of any scar even though the operation was supposed to be recent.
I mean come on...confused The lies these narcs tell on here for the sympathy factor....rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Ring any bells guys?yay

RE: Really - Men / Women have a love life with kids younger than their own!

Yes I've seen some of them. The younger girls here are wise to them and they have a word for them "Gubb Javel" The old men "Import" young Asian girls to Scandinavia hoping to keep them, but alas the girls are too clever for them and as soon as they get their permits after two years of hell pretending to love "Grandpa" they leave the pathetic and doddering old fart and have a happy life. Ha ha ha!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Good luck to the girls.yay

RE: Really - Men / Women have a love life with kids younger than their own!

You will find that most of the population who are healthy are attracted to their own age group as they get older.
There are a few people around though who have an age crisis, women as well as men and it shows this to everybody else, but themselves rolling on the floor laughing There are those also who have been through a childhood trauma and are still looking for mommy or daddy. Again, everybody sees it, but themselves.
Such people are the easy victims of scammers or toxic narcissistic sociopaths, so one should really feel sorry for them.yay

RE: True Love

There are a lot fewer now than there were before due to the rise of social media. Most of the presentable ones go there. You have to really look at a member's motivation for being on a dating site before you can answer that question and weed out the non serious.
The first question you should be asking is why a member is on here and why they simply don't use the dating pool available to themselves locally.
Then the weeding out begins. Firstly there are toxic narcissistic sociopaths (Look them up on Youtube) and scammers. They will not look for soul bonding, but both will use trauma bonding instead. Add to those who have been on here since the Truman Administration, the hypochondriacs and the super obese etc and you will find the numbers of serious members shrinking.
There are a few women who are genuinely looking for soul bonding, but not so many as there used to be.
I get a lot of mail to wade through here, but have to weed out and discard most of them. Maybe one in ten if that would give you what you are seeking.
Hope this has been of help.

RE: On average there's between 10 and 20 times as many VIEWS in any given thread

Members don't come here just to read the threads for their own sake. They come here to glean information about a prospective date who comments on the forums and get clues to their personalities.
Toxic Narcissists and scammers also use the forums for this when selecting their next victim. It is easier to get a victim's psychological makeup than just reading their profile. lol. Hence all the views, but no comments. yay

RE: What do you say when someone you’re dating says, “I love you” but you’re not there yet?

I would firstly think about the following before I replied.
Am I being what they call "love bombed" or is this feeling they say they have genuine. Love bombing is a tactic that both scammers and narcissistic sociopaths use at the beginning of their grooming cycle to ensnare their victims. These can be both men and women.
I would then consider how long I had chatted with them or even dated them. Then I would use my own intuition (gut feelings} and common sense.

It is easy for a person to say "I love you", but another to commit themselves for the long haul in practice.wave

RE: Is anyone really online? I’ve a feeling no one really exists.....

"I’ve not had a single reply.......I know my profile isn’t the greatest but even a thanks but no thanks would be welcome,"

Think of it like this: The ones who don't answer are usually worthless time wasters, breadcrumbers or other bores seeking attention that they never get in real life, so you are spared having to get rid of them and blocking them.
A few tips are, Never contact one who has been on here for a long time as there is obviously a reason for it. Never contact ones with pictures like models as they are either scammers or it isn't their picture. They would have no trouble in a real life dating pool otherwise.
Just use your common sense.
There are very few presentable ones who are genuine on here or any other dating site and the ones who are get snapped up quickly. You will see their profiles on here and see that they haven't been on for weeks or months.
Social media now gives us a much wider internet dating pool which thankfully cuts out the attention seekers, endless hypochondriacs and the other unwanted who are causing the death of dating sites. Also if you meet anybody on here you can check them out by looking them up on Twitter or FB which cuts out a lot of the scammers.
So never worry about no replies. They just aren't worth it. Hope this has been of help.

RE: Why is it that all I ever see is the same females on line? Are they looking for a mate or what?

"Seriously; I've been a member on this site for 2 months now' and all i ever see is the some females on line. According to their profile pictures these are good looking women, and in 2 months they still havent found some one? Are they really looking for a mate or just useing this site just to gabb to one another?
looking for the answer.
Think about it."

There are so many non serious sly girls (The grossly weird or hopeless cases) on here that they will seem to be on here forever. The attention that they get from gullible idiots is like a drug to them which they don't get in real life. After a while they go as the attention dries up and then they create a new profile and keep slithering back. My advice is to dump them straight away as soon as you notice the multi chatting going on or their pathetic attempts at breadcrumbing.
Most presentable women will use their own local real life dating pool or social media nowadays.

RE: Now That I'm 40

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing You crease me up Pat!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Are some people closer than they should be to there pets ??

Carefulconfused Or we will be getting into bestialityprofessor

RE: why are women so eager to get on their knees

I just looked him up again. "Matched with a full beard and low faded sides, the pompadour hairstyle combined with the gray highlights gives an older man attitude and demands respect."rolling on the floor laughing

Lets see how long he's on here for before he's removed.....

RE: why are women so eager to get on their knees

Have I missed something here? WoW somebody has been found out. Oh it's a scandal! OOOO I just love a good scandal!

RE: Fakes

Those profiles are burned on here now lol

RE: Fakes

Talk about fakes. Have you ever had those people who have made up a fictional life? You always get a tragic story first to see if you are gullible and then they fall in love by the second or third messagerolling on the floor laughing Then the drama begins....They must be texting five idiots at once when they are in contact with you (You can sometimes actually see when somebody is texting at the same time as your messenger window is open with them, but you can't see the texts themselves). Then they will go to great lengths to begin an online argument with you and then they will try and make up to do it all again a day or two later. It's hilarious to watch it if you can put up with their utter drivel for that longsleep
After a week maximum they don't get their jollies from it anymore and they will end things in a drama which would outdo Shakespeare.rolling on the floor laughing If, by the way, you manage to outfox them and won't be drawn into an argument then they will become extremely aggressive. The sheer entertainment value from these mentally ill people is priceless.cheers
We call them "Sly Girls" on here and I'm sure some of you have been plagued by them. I have no idea if there are male equivalents doing this. Anyway if you get one contact you keep them going for the sake of amusement during those times when you get bored.yay

RE: Fakes

It seems to be a trend on here now with those duplicate profiles. With one I saw the woman was claiming that her profile had been hijacked and that hers out of the two was the real one.
I mean what a load of old c*ck! She would have in reality only have had to contact the site about it. They would have looked at both of them and removed the one without the earlier registration e-mail. Some of them do anything to get attention.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Help an insomniac

Wade through an over crowded mailbox on here with some of the utter drivel there and live the legend! You'll soon fall asleep.

RE: Guys, what's your favorite cologne to wear?

My favorite is Brut. The brand has been around for a long time, but is still available.

RE: Fakes

Do a reverse image check on them. There is probably a whole little army of clones out there...rolling on the floor laughing

RE: should motorcyclists be required to wear a helmet?

Yes you should wear a helmet on a motorcycle. It could save your life. Not only that it may cause less distress to your relatives when they have to identify your remains if you have a fatal accident.

RE: If you were able to

I am a British Citizen I currently live in Sweden where I have resident and work permits for life and also Californian ID, a green card and A US social security number. That gives me the options of living in three countries.
I currently live in Sweden as it is a beautiful country, universal health care and education are free, the standard of living is high and the Swedes are very nice people. I also have a son here.
England to me is like a foreign country now which has become overcrowded.and I don't think I would ever return there.
The US is fine with some very nice people there, but there are are some problems with health care as most things work on a commercial basis.

I would say that The US is good place for young, healthy and dynamic people.
England used to be a nice place, but now there are terrible housing problems for the indigenous population and it is a much more violent place than it used to be. Even young people would find things difficult there.
Sweden and Scandinavia are the best places to live in and then travel abroad, being able to come home again.

RE: Relationship

I think I would feel embarrassed being seen with a young girl, besides they have their whole lives to live ahead of them and should look for somebody their own age to share it with.
Remember when we were teenagers ourselves and viewed older people of 40 or so as incredibly old and those over 50 as older than God? Over 60 and it should be made illegal! That is why I find older men sniffing around young girls as rather distasteful. I think they do it because they are probably going through some kind of age crisis.
Ever seen a balding old man with a beer belly who has just been scammed? You look at the picture of the young scammer and think "What made him believe that a young good looking girl would ever be interested in him?" There you have it.
Most people, meh and women, have a natural physical attraction for a partner of their own age.

RE: Relationship

Nice onerolling on the floor laughing

RE: This one thread - You can PM a participant and ask ONE question you normally wouldn't DARE ask.

It's seven at night here and ten in the morning there. I'm not sure which one of us is in front or behind.
Why do you ask? Were you thinking of tucking me in D.
Tell you what, if you are in front then mail me the name of the winner in the two o'clock and I'll put a bet on it here. We'll make a fortune together.

RE: This one thread - You can PM a participant and ask ONE question you normally wouldn't DARE ask.

If I want to ask a woman who I meet on here anything at all which I am curious about I do so. There is nothing wrong with that and it is quite normal....Not being clairvoyant I would find it hard to find out otherwise....

RE: This one thread - You can PM a participant and ask ONE question you normally wouldn't DARE ask.

rolling on the floor laughing Nice one!

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