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RE: Beware

They have multiple mailboxes.You have to post their IP numbers as it is far more expensive for the scamming group to have these known.
You get their IP number from the header on the original of any e-mail which they send you. You then type the number into your search engine and you will get a result. I recently found one from here which had nearly 300 cases of fraud ranging from romance scams upwards. That is the scale of it and the group is still using it.

RE: Scammers ? Who else has had them here?

The scammers will play it out until the very end even after being detected. If you cut them off early they will still try to continue with the scam. They will act outraged or even angry.
Their scams mostly rely on a grooming process which is how ordinary people fall for their lies time after time. there are videos of their victims on Youtube where they explain how the scammer did this.
Mostly they target people who they find believe in true love after a very short while. Their victim will want to believe their dream has come true and they are hooked. The scammer simply reels them in afterward.
If something on here seems too good to be true then it is just that.
I would say that the scammers and also other time wasters make up about two thirds of the members on any dating site in age group which is over 50. That includes abandoned profiles. It is ruining the sites as less and less people will use them.

Hope the Cheeseheads win Packersbabe

RE: Some guys are strange

There are lots of profiles on here and people look at them to see if the other person suits what they are looking for. If it doesn't they keep looking without writing. That's how a dating site works.
Add to that that the scammers who are looking for a mark on here (There's a little ring currently working from an IP number in New Jersey who are going through the profiles both here and on other sites).
Then you have a small number who are too shy to contact you and hope that you will contact them.
Does that answer your question?

RE: Scammers ? Who else has had them here?

They do it for the same reason that people buy a lottery ticket. For the dream. They want to believe in that dream so much that they will soon be hooked and making excuses for the scammer even as the alarm bells begin to ring.
What they will never accept is that they are writing and texting with a group of people. The person that they believe in doesn't exist in real life.
To keep the dream going they will keep sending money, however suspicious it seems.
That is how a scam works.
When they email you get the IP number and from that you will get their location. If you do this right away in the beginning you will not get sucked in.

RE: Scammers ? Who else has had them here?

Scammers come mainly from three regions.West Africa, The Russian Federation and the Philippines.
1. Create a gmail box. 2. get them to send you an e-mail. 3. Open the original there and their IP number is shown among the text. 4. Enter their IP number in What' It will give your their location on a map there instantly. See if it compares to the location which they have claimed to come from.

Never send them pictures but chat online in Messenger. You will then see them. With West African scammers they will never do this. Scammers from the Philippines, however, will do so. Scammers from the Russian Federation use pictures bought from real people there which are untraceable.

There we are.

RE: Scammers ? Who else has had them here?

Here's the email addy of the scammer involved. They are still on here operating right now. If you fall for that scammer you are really stupid. It's a Monroeville PA profile.

RE: Why do scammers think that they smarter than you!

They don't want to chat on video simply because the scam would fall flat. They will chat to you on any text medium, but you can simply ask them for a video chat asking them to wave hello. They won't though. If they did you would see that you were talking to Hairy Boris in Moscow rather than a person in say North America.

RE: Scammers ? Who else has had them here?

Let's see how long the scammer is on here for.peace

RE: Scammers ? Who else has had them here?

There is one on here now. It is a woman posing as Lt General Laura Richardson. The photo was taken from the internet. If you chat with her she claims to be from the military. This comes under identity theft and has been reported to the authorities outside the site. peace

RE: Why are you not in a relationship?

A very interesting question.
I would be asking the same of the profiles with the super model pictures as they would be having no trouble at all meeting prospective partners in real life. I think most of you know the answer to that one already or at least suspect it.
I think a lot of the other seekers aren't actually looking for real life partners, but living a kind of virtual world where they can get the fulfillment of having their egos stroked that they wouldn't get anymore in the real world. Those are quite easy to spot.
The genuine profiles actually looking for partners are generally average looking and are quite sincere. They have trouble being noticed in their immediate location or are socially shy in a competitive in real life dating situation at the workplace or when out socially. That group usually end up meeting people on here who suit them.
There you go.

RE: My New Business

Nice one mate! rolling on the floor laughing

RE: How dirty is your mind....

Healthy body, healthy mind!yay

RE: Sending/Receiving nudes

You shouldn't send any pictures or there is every chance that you will find yourself used in a fake profile.
Pictures that you receive can have EXE and other commands in them. This is common for scammers to use for spreading ransomware. It enables them also to access your phone or computer for banking info or even e-mail boxes to bounce mails from to hide their real locations. You will never know that they are doing this.
Just now the scammers are posting profiles claiming to be from North America. A common one is to claim to be a Ukranian living there or even seem to be a plausible American.
Get prospective matches onto FB and chat with them on messenger instead. Zuckerberg's boys are always on the lookut for scammers and have an extensive database.There is no need for pictures then. Don't use Hangouts for this or Skype. A scammer will seldom reveal themselves on cam or the scam would fall flat.
The scammer call centers are becoming more knowledgeable every day, so be on your guard as victims always think that they can never be scammed.peace

RE: Do People Judge You by How Many FB friends you have?

Many use FB to use it's Messenger to chat. Google has the same thing called Hangouts with exactly the same functions. If you truly wanted to be anonymous and secure though you would use WhatsApp.
With the startup of the scammers bouncing their emails off American addresses now and using them to create FB profiles seeming to have a location in the US you cannot trust a US facebook profile anymore.
They are using the same tactic on CS as well trying to glean more Email addys for ransomware and for other uses.

RE: Dinosaurs

The dinosaurs? They either died out or the smaller ones evolved into birds.professor
Mind you there are still a few left on here...You know... the ones who have been on here since before the Ark and whom everybody avoids for obvious reasons...They can be found living on the forumsrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing yay

RE: California smart crowd

The fact is you get what you vote for. We have free universal healthcare, free university education, things like that. What do you have in the US?rolling on the floor laughing Like I said; You get what you vote for....
Mailbox again, gotta rush..yay

RE: My favorite Johnny Depp movie

He is an extremely versatile actor and the only American I know of who was able to do a convincing London Accent in his movie about the Ripper.
His best performance in my opinion, however, was in the Nine Gates. One of my all time favorite movies!cheers

RE: Spiritual but not religious?

It is either because their particular religion is not on the initial profile application or that they are spiritual, but not a devout religious nut as for obvious reasons nobody remotely wants these on a dating site.confused
Mailbox has just gone red again. Gotta go!yay

RE: Dear Scammers (Lol) :scold:

Interesting. The latest trick of the scammers here on CS where they get around the fact that you have blocked the area where they operate from is to like you or favorite you. They cannot send you mail.

If you look on "who has viewed me" you will see that the person who has Favorited you or liked you does not show up. In other words they have not even seen your profile which means they are doing this en masse.. They then hope that you will like them or Favorite them in return which opens up your mailbox to them.

Now you know how they are getting through the blocking system. The site is deleting the obvious ones for you, but the hole is still open in the system. Don't let them through yourselves! professor

RE: No One's First

Are we talking about funerals here?rolling on the floor laughing

RE: New Currencies & Tax Exemption

Why care about it? The people on here haven't got pots of gold and silver or common sense will tell you that they would be elsewhere if they haddoh There goes the mailbox again...32 this week so far...yay

RE: Do People Judge You by How Many FB friends you have?

If you had 500 friends on FB you wouldn't be able to talk to them all everyday or even read all of their posts as it would take too long even if you were one of the common or mindless herd who spend most of their time on there.
In answer to the question though, it really depends on where you live. In naughty America for example it is very important socially to seem to have a lot of FB friends, however superficial that they are. The TV series South Park played on this very issue in one of its episodes.
In Europe, however, people tend to have a closer bond with their FB friends and are more privacy minded. There are, however, exceptions to the rule.
I myself closed my FB account and only then I realized how much time I was wasting on there every day. I don't miss it.

RE: Should there be a license to use the internet?

In Sweden the old TV license is being abolished within a couple of years now. With the availability and advances in social media, hardly anybody actually bought a TV anymore. Just a large flat screen for use with a social media device which was not classed as a TV.
Instead of the old TV license a Public Utilities tax is being brought in with every household charged. That is what happens if you begin to put licenses on things.
Those broken down old actors, you know, the old has beens which never were and sentenced to do the never ending rounds of game shows and those boring, boring cultural programs which everybody avoids are being kept alive with the new tax revenue.


I am not bullying or insulting. Just humorous. I also keep to the rules of the site. If you have a problem with that you can always take it to admin. By the way, I rarely comment on the forums, so don't try and play the victim card either.

RE: What do u want Most in ur Life......?

Perhaps if you stopped insulting people madam you might stand a better chance of finding it....confused It is a good clue to your personality, however....wave

RE: What do u want Most in ur Life......?

A new bottom? This one has a hole in it.....moping

RE: Odd Behaviour on Dating Sites

Odd Behaviour on Dating Sites?

How about those not posting a picture on their profile?: grin yay

RE: Are My Testicles Black?

Are my testicles black?

Well...I need a blowtorch and scraper to remove my encrusted undies, so maybe they are?confused

RE: What makes it difficult for a black getting a white girl for a wife?

I live in Sweden. You have very little chance. The Swedes have a very tight community feeling and you would have to be accepted into their society. There you have the truth.
It would be a lot easier for you to look for somebody within your own cultural and immigrant group. I am curious as to why you are not doing this.

Mailbox again!

yay Gotta go!

This is a list of forum posts created by Demeter123.

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