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RE: Eat It

What's the very last thing that passed your lips

Her own lips, but then she closed her legs and broke my glasses!
frustrated rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Im so fed up of being single

Lose some of that blubber sweetie and try and exercise more....

RE: How to make online dating more successful!

Dunno about the scammers. A bigger menace are the time wasters as they clog up the mailboxes. I just had to block two more of them.
They really are on the increase now.

RE: Has anyone offered or bought your underwear?

The answer must be no in my case.
Unfortunately it is too time consuming to use a blowtorch and scraper to remove the pair that I am already wearing....rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Difficult to believe but it is true

It's because The US immigration has categories of crime and sex offences and prostitution head the list. They applicants are investigated by their fraud office in the given country and also their immediate family. This is done rigorously with any criminal activity noted. Most applicants have no idea that such investigations have taken place. If any criminal activity has taken place at ANY time in their life on the part of the applicant or their immediate family then they have to apply for a visa waiver.

I most SMUGLY say that even though I do not currently live in the USA I hold both a green card which is for life, a social security number and Californian ID. I have no intention of returning to the US, however as we have free universal health care and a good social system here in Sweden. It pays to have led an honest and industrious life doesn't it as I had no woes such as you describe. Only crims or those who have crims in the family are penalized under immigration rules.

wine grin There goes that red sign on the mailbox again. Gotta go!yay

RE: Female profile pictures

Maybe they have a nose like Concord or something....rolling on the floor laughing You only need the head and shoulder shot so that you can see the collarbones and make sure it's not a secret internet fatty. The rest isn't so important.yay

RE: disrespectful women

Post a pic or two of you in your profile or they will assume you're hiding something like you're fat or you're cheating and won't reply.
Anybody sending me a mail without a Pic I delete without reading it.

RE: Do you conceal carry?

I carry a concealed friendly weapon in my underpants. Does that count?rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: How do YOU break the ice when talking to someone for the 1st time online?

Say what you mean and to the point. Don't procrastinate either. If they reply they will do the same and not waste your time. You can then take it from there.
If they don't reply the next session that they are on here then delete them without any further thought and move on.
You get around two in ten who will answer and the other eight you don't want to know anyway as they are generally bitter and disappointed timewasters who are attempting to feed an ego. Just ignore them and move onto those who are not going to waste your time. professor The mailbox has just gone red so I have to goyay

RE: Fakes looking for dates

You find a few genuine ones and I've met some of them. Just keep away from the ones who have been on here and other sites for a long...long time as it's like a drug to them.professor Also ask yourself why they aren't dating in the normal way by going out on the town or socializing locally. Sorry Mailbox is red again. Gotta goyay

RE: How many Women on CS wanted to be a boyscout in adolescence?

Dunno.In my humble opinion they would be ladies who wear comfortable shoes or be going through a gender crisis.confused There goes the mailbox again!! grin yay Sorry, Gotta rush!.

RE: Where is the best place to have sex?

With some of them on here somewhere preferably dark with the lights out.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing yay Mailbox again. Gotta go!

RE: Who wants to know your standard?

That madam, sounds like bitter disappointment upon your part rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Perhaps if you showed a picture of yourself on your profile you might get a better response....Not much better, but maybe a slight improvement...laugh yay

RE: How does one spend a birthday alone?

I spend it avoiding those without photos on here like most peoplebanana rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing yay

RE: It´s all a bit dead in here!

It's because most of the secret internet fatties got found out trying to hide the blubber and left...rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What's with you, guys?

Ever taken a look at the women on here?
Many of them are secret internet fatties.They cannot find anybody locally because of their excess lard and so they try and hide it by using dating sites. They hope that they can fool people by using camera angles and different lenses even in some cases in their pictures. (Guys, look and see if their collarbones are showing and if they aren't you have a suspected fatty)
They hope that they can live for the moment until they meet the other person only to find that he either runs in terror or they never see or hear from him again after the first date.
What makes me laugh the most is that they never do the obvious and try to find a fat man instead.
They infest internet dating sites and are an almost bigger nuisance than the scammers! What is more they are dishonest as they lie about their blubber.

Soooo don't bash the men on here. A large proportion of the women on here are far worse. Behemoths!rolling on the floor laughing peace

RE: Why are there few people of color in CS forums and blogs?

Because they are in a minority and also because they usually meet their partners in real life rather than on dating sites..

RE: Why do Men say they want relationships when all they want is sex????

Perhaps you would be happier on an everlasting penpal site? There are lots out there.professor peace

RE: I am looking for hosest friends, ages 56 66+

Your profile says that you haven't been online since 2015 Brenda, so I don't think that anybody will be contacting you in a hurry unless in a seance or something....rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: 5 kinds of wild salmon from Alaska

I enjoy eating salmon. It has a strange smell which reminds me of something else.confused I just cannot remember what it was though....doh

RE: sweaty feet

Bacteria cause sweaty feet. The bacteria thrives in a damp and warm environment. professor They will stink and can eventually cause trench foot.

I have heard that some women like to suck men's toes...blues

Perhaps you should try showering? confused

RE: what was the worst humilation you recived from another person?

Dunno. Some get jollies from it.banana You can only be humiliated if you consent to it! Think about that for a bit.

RE: Are we one big happy family here on CS

I don't know about a happy family, but one cannot grumble about the service which this site provides.

There are three main "Free" sites on the net. The other two are owned by the same corporate umbrella who charge for the same features here which you get for free. They made these changes after buying the other two sites.

The other two sites leave a lot to be desired in their navigation, you cannot see if your sent mails have been opened (unless you pay to be upgraded of course) and mails are mysteriously delayed for ordinary members.
Looking at their membership it seems that they have fewer numbers of active members than this site has which surprised me as CC used to be the smaller of the three. There are many inactive members on the other two who have either abandoned the sites and left their profiles there or simply don't go there very often. There are also other goodies which we enjoy here free of charge, but you would have to pay to be upgraded to enjoy there.

All in all CC is by far the best site of the three. So...Everybody should be happy.... While it lasts...

RE: Do u want to get married ?

There are hardly any advantages of being married. so no.

Nowadays both partners work, so the days of the little housewife is over. It is far better just to live together and keep your finances separate. In some cases it is even financially advantageous.

If you decide to break up then it is just any common property to be divided and a lot quicker and simpler with no outrageous divorce settlements.

A lot of people in Sweden live "samboende" which is far easier than marriage.

RE: What do u think of a psychologist ?

Ahhh, but what do YOU think?moping

RE: For my Friends in Mexico and China ...

No free universal medicare like we have in Sweden. Your Senators have it, but you can only dream of it! No free university education like we have here either. USA? I lived there, but returned home to a more comfortable and safer world.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

This is a list of forum posts created by Demeter123.

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