RE: Clarify for me?

I found this dating site hard for meeting anyone, maybe try a different one

RE: Are Dreams for Real?

we can manipulate our dreams as much as they are manipulating us. Change how you react in your dreams and you will change your life in reality

RE: Pretentiousness - Is it a crime?

in life everything is a fine line, because if people find out you are kind you have good chances of being taken advantage of.

RE: How responsible are you?

responsible enough to be able to live 12 years alone and still be alive

RE: Question for men – Do you prefer feminine or masculine women?

sometimes women have no choice but to chop their own firewood or fix their own cars, because the man they are with won't do it.

RE: Should you say hello to a beggar?

are they begging for sex?

RE: Do you pick up hitch hikers?

i do , but they have to go through a list of questions first. I think it is more painful for them to have to put up with me.

RE: Can anyone explain why Bush senior and junior never where sent to Haag tribunal for war crimes.

I just find it so sad when someone tells you who your enemy is and one listens. All those people are potential friends.

RE: Are there any Genuine people left on this earth?

we have had to hide for so long, we have forgotten who we are.

RE: What country has the ugliest guys?

All I know is that long haired Finnish metal men are the hottest :)

RE: Heaven is waiting

if you truly live in Finland you are already in heaven

RE: Suicide

I see suicide differently than most people, i do not see it as a sin, and sometimes life does give us more than we can handle

RE: 1. Men and women have vastly different online dating experiences

I think it can hurt more when you do find someone you get along with

RE: women make online dating impossible

one cannot blame others for how well you do on this site, if you want a response put effort into your writing. If you want someone to be kind you must be kind. Just as much as you have expectations of women, they will have expectations of men. For me my only sadness is there are not more men from Finland and Norway. :)

RE: Ladies question. How important is the men's income for you?

so one does not have to spank themselves with birch branches

RE: Ladies question. How important is the men's income for you?

willing to go into sauna with you is important as well

RE: Ladies question. How important is the men's income for you?

thats easy i take out the wheelie bin, but i will let you know later, when i have more information

RE: Come to God before is too late

by knowing who you are, God will come to you.

RE: Ladies question. How important is the men's income for you?

The man only needs to take care of himself and i take care of myself. A second language is far more important, accents are hot :)

RE: RULES...Something to ponder...

doing what is right sometimes means one must not follow the rules.

RE: fake profile again

I remember i was contacted by someone whos profile said they were from Poland, so i wrote czesc , they proceeded to ask what that meant. Knowing a few words in different languages is very helpful.

RE: Come to God before is too late

just because one does not follow the bible does not mean they have turned away from God.

RE: What is your Love?

love is also knowing that you do not deserve less than what you are giving.

RE: Do differences really attract?

people who are social and people who are not social, does not seem to work well

RE: whether you trust a strange person who say love to you very easily?

it is very hard to find unconditional love because it is hard to be unconditional love. Most people cannot tell you they love you without expecting something back.

RE: Is it possible for God to strenghten you...?

I am sorry but that makes no sense to me

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