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RE: Love Songs

my favorite love songs are , Enya, hope has a place, Indila, love story, Shane Macgowan and Maire Brennan, You are the one. My favorite band Korpliklanni, Under the sun and Lempo.

RE: Love at first sight.....

I have never experienced love at first sight, but long ago i had a friend for years who i had never seen a picture of. i think love is better when i have no sight, ,for love exists in a realm i cannot see.

RE: Uppity women

I have seen plants grow through pavement and trees grow on rocky cliffs, but these plants always seem small and the trees shriveled and bent. These plants are like people without fertile ground to grow in, they may grow but they do not flourish. If you have to bend to anothers will your love can not fully grow and in the end the flower you pick will only be 1/2 the size.

RE: Everything has changed

I just go randomly writing comments on forums and blogs , I do not think it matters how i see people or how they see me. My existence here is of no value nor is it a deficit.

RE: Honestly, What Do You Expect Ftrom This Site?

I have no expectations, and only one hope.


I have know a few nudists and none were gay or bi, they just did not like the feel of clothes.

RE: Any Advise To Tread Wisely???

A month is not that long to be chatting with someone, but I think it would be a good idea to message her now. and to see if she remembers who you are.

RE: Quotes, passages, words or wisdom

It does not matter so much what the world is doing, but what you are doing in the world.
the past is part of us but we are not part of it.

RE: Ladies going on a date part two - Ladies make your choice?

The thing is there are 2 people on the date, so how can one pick what they would do. You would both have to go through a list of things you like to do then pick one.

RE: I have a man in my life again.....

congrats to you , i wish you the best.

RE: Low IQ with a big heart Vs. High IQ with a bad attitude (What do you choose?)

I do not put much stock in IQ tests so i would say low IQ , but if it was low intelligence i would have to think about it :),

RE: I'm waiting for someone to post an interesting thread!

there vary many interesting threads, firstly silk, it is very interesting because it comes from caterpillars and it feels wonderful on the skin. Then there is wool, from .sheep, angora, lama , ranging from itchy to fuzzy feeling. Cotton definitely has a history.

RE: Some say that love is not a feeling you feel....

you do not need another to decide to feel love, you can find love in everyday acts of kindness. Emotional love may not be a decision, but intentional love is. I also think it is harder to let go of someone you have loved intentionally because you have to make the conscious decision to stop loving which takes time, because the decision to love someone can take years, so letting them go can take just as long.

RE: The truth........ Hurts......

If 2 truths coincide it might become reality, but it is still not necessarily the truth, because it is a perceived truth

RE: The truth........ Hurts......

If you are being hurt by someone elses truth, essentially you are being hurt by a lie.

RE: The truth........ Hurts......

only perceptions of the truth that you think about yourself can truly hurt you.

RE: U have the right to an opinion......

It is not about having and opinion but how we express it, and how accepting we are of others. Sometimes we can change a persons opinion but mostly just help them see a different point of view. If someone thinks a certain way because of something they have read, how do they truly know how they think ?

RE: In shock from psychotic episode ?

there are cases of people being cured of schizophrenia without medication, but it takes years and a lot of support. It seems it would be impossible by oneself.

RE: Education on Consent

I wonder if this ever happens to men ? I hope this posting works for you because you have the right to say how you feel, and that you get the emails you are hoping for.

RE: Education on Consent

Everyone has a different view on what is appropriate, it is more of a personal matter , I admit i do not have much experience in these matters as i have only talked to 2 people for any length of time. I can understand you might not be happy if your first email is of that content.

RE: Stefan Molyneux talking facts

men do not go to war for women, they go to war for governments

RE: It Made My Skin Crawl.............

we do not know how the granny treats her, also maybe she offers to help her and has always been turned away.

RE: Forever and Ever.....

I do not believe in forever and ever, live and love the best you can, for as long as it lasts. Cherish it while you are in it and let it go when it is over.

RE: 'You can't help who you fall in love with'...

if you know someone is with another, stay away from them, and that is how you can avoid this situation.

RE: Abortion referendum in Ireland

It is not about being pro or against abortion, it is the fact that you let others have a choice.

RE: What happens if we are alone and fall dead in a Forrest?

The animals will make sounds when they are eating you

RE: Wanting serious comments regarding a particular business practice

I remember when i leased a building for my business, it said the landlord got to keep all my upgrades to fixtures that I had completed. One would need to keep all of the old stuff they took out and put it back when the lease was up.

RE: Hoarding

I would also think it could come from someone who was really poor at one time, so they hoard things in case one day they would be afraid they could not afford to buy it.

RE: Eurovision

my favorites this year are, Bulgaria, Hungary, Estonia

RE: Adultery

The first time it hurts , after that it is just funny. I remember when the person who was cheating on me came home one night, he bent down to kiss me and i could smell pu**y on his lips. I said to him do not kiss me, i am not a lesbian.

This is a list of forum posts created by marlindap.

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