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RE: What happens if we are alone and fall dead in a Forrest?

The animals will make sounds when they are eating you

RE: Wanting serious comments regarding a particular business practice

I remember when i leased a building for my business, it said the landlord got to keep all my upgrades to fixtures that I had completed. One would need to keep all of the old stuff they took out and put it back when the lease was up.

RE: Hoarding

I would also think it could come from someone who was really poor at one time, so they hoard things in case one day they would be afraid they could not afford to buy it.

RE: Eurovision

my favorites this year are, Bulgaria, Hungary, Estonia

RE: Adultery

The first time it hurts , after that it is just funny. I remember when the person who was cheating on me came home one night, he bent down to kiss me and i could smell pu**y on his lips. I said to him do not kiss me, i am not a lesbian.

RE: Marriage Material

just make sure your marriage material is not wool, it could make you itchy and think the other person gave you crabs.

RE: Why do long relationships sometimes breakdown; your opinion of the #1 factor?

I think a lot of it is the patience to wait for someone, maybe the lack of a timeline. I would wait my whole life for the right one.

RE: The abilty to take the piss from ones self and sometimes laugh

I am not so sure anyone truly knows themselves, we may think we know ourselves until events change us.

RE: Abuse

One cannot be alive and breathing without having been through some sort of abuse, it is not about what has happened to you, but what you have done with it.

RE: A hole in the soul

it is possible to lose pieces of a soul and some can even be divided in 1/2 , there are different ways this can occur. It is possible to get the pieces back though.

RE: Do we live in a dream ?

I guess a good way to put that is a dream we are creating

RE: How come naturists don't get an erection?

nakedness and s*xual feelings are 2 different things, to be naked is to be free and equal. Unfortunately we live in a society where they think, People in glass houses should not show stones.

RE: Is flirting seen as a negative quality??

How we see flirting again comes down to what we have experienced and witnessed. Other people can flirt all they wish, but it is not for me.

RE: Share What You Are Listening To -- Part 99

I found a most amazing band called Amaranthe, sorry i still have not figured out the video thing

RE: The Unknown

everything is the unknown even if you perceive it to be known. In an instant all can change, whether you decide to make it change, or it does by itself.

RE: Mirrors

I look good in a mirror when the light is out :)

RE: Evil

I do not like country music either, or Norwegian death metal, but give me some Finnish folk metal and i will have a smile on my face :)

RE: Mirrors

I have heard the that said ,but it is not always true, there are people out there that are always angry.

RE: To be together.

go ahead and do, just don't sell your house.

RE: Current Thoughts

I did have some current thoughts, but then i realized they were raisins

RE: What Shape Is The Earth?

it is a matrix of dimensionsI think more along the lines of what we do not see I am sure there are objects and people around we cannot see or feel. Maybe there is still a dinosaur world but we are in the wrong space time to see them.

RE: A simple "Hello"... should

For me a simple hello does not work, I would like proof someone actually took interest in reading my profile. Also i do not like it is someone says things like, hello beautiful. I would actually prefer someone argue with me about my views than write flattering things. If i do write someone, which is very rare for me I mention things about their country, and try to use a word or 2 in their language. If i would like a response i put effort into my message.

RE: Your ex

my experience in this situation is, they say they still love you after you have parted, but he never really loved me when we were together. He just never found someone as good as me. Think about how he treated you when you were together, did he have time for you, was he there for you. There are people who only want you because you are gone.

RE: Make me laugh ?

I was driving late one night and i kept stalling my vehicle, I came to a police roadblock, i opened my door and yelled at , "I am not drunk, I just cannot drive"

RE: After life

sometimes i wonder if i am already living in an afterlife. Essentially since everything is energy it can exist with you in an afterlife, so that is a good question. What to take? Also what to leave behind. The thing is what we use here may not be usable in another dimension, we could go to a more or less advanced civilization. So i think i would just take something that matters to me.

RE: What's your definition of tolerance?

most religions are about peace, and many have the same core beliefs. It is culture that changes those things. I believe my beliefs should not be set, once you do that , you cannot know if there are better beliefs. If a person does you no harm, then you are not accommodating them, they are accommodating you.

RE: Decisions

Giving up on someone is a matter of their intentions towards you, some hurt you by accident some on purpose.

RE: Jesus: red or blue?

From what i know Christian means follower of Christ, would be nice if many stopped following and start emulating.

RE: Comedian's

i find Ismo leikola very funny

RE: Men prefer sex dolls to real women

seems to me , it is more about loneliness than it is about sex

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