RE: Faithful requirements from society and religion.

If you listen to society or religion then you are not living your truth; As long as one is kind to others and you and your partner agree on the actions your relationship will have.

RE: Getting Married

I used to think someone would be lucky to be with me, but recently i have realized my eclectic personality would make it hard for them.

RE: Faithful requirements from society and religion.

if 2 people decide to be committed, then it might be a good idea, if 2 people decide to have an open relationship, then what they decide to do is fine too.

RE: Do you keep your love promises

i could keep my promise to love someone , i just cannot promise that they can be around while i do.

RE: lists of demands!!!

i am fat ans ugly and i do not get any messages

RE: Are you punching above your weight?

I never have met anyone online, i guess my expectations were too high, all; i was hoping for was a nice man from Finland, who listened to metal.

RE: Women , would you date a bisexual man

i would all depend on how the person treated me.

RE: What do guys look for in a woman

I have no idea what guys look for in a woman, and i do not think i want to find out. It seems so many people are looking for what they want, never thinking about what they give.

RE: Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world

no one can take away your sins, your soul is in your own keeping, only you can evolve it.

RE: Metallica should be kicked out of the big 4.

i used to listen to those metal bands, I still listen to meta but it is mostly from Finland

RE: Revenge or forgiveness

neither, if a person hurts me , they will just be gone from my life.

RE: Don't lie

how do we know we are lying ? how do we know we are taught the truth. my truth could be your lie.

RE: Why fear Intimacy?

as you said intimacy is a connecting of souls and it is also a connection of energy. So even when you part they still stay there for longer it is why some people are way harder to get over than others. Some become a part of you.

RE: Regrets

one cannot regret what they thought the future might have been. and the past is gone. The only moments that can manifest plaything are the ones happening right now.

RE: Unrequited Love... What's your experience?

I have accepted the fact that i will love but never be loved. That is the beauty of a heart, the ability to heal itself.

RE: How They Done It

that certainly would not be considered safe sex, as they would be vulnerable to the attacks of other dinosaurs

RE: How can we recognize a Narcissist?

I think many people have lost who they are, through the pressure to conform. It is not even a matter of pretending anymore, for they have lost themselves. Maybe it is more prevalent in men because most woman have someone they need to look after.

RE: How can we recognize a Narcissist?

they will seem extremely charming at first, but when you look at it deeper they have no substance

RE: Have u ever been in Love....

I have loved but i have never been in love

RE: Your job or the love of your life.

one can always find a job, but finding the love of your life, most of us are lucky if we find one .

RE: Polyandry.I for sure look for marriage with a woman who will have more men than Me.Others like it?

If 2 people get together and agree this is what they want , then it is not cheating. I am not the kind of person that can do that, i do not even message 2 people at the same time. I do not judge a relationship like this though, because there becomes a level of love that is unconditional.

RE: Idiots....stick together....

idiots only stick together if you let them play with glue and tape.

RE: why are women so eager to get on their knees

another option to the poll needs to be added, and that is, some men actually taste good.

RE: Is being religious a strong minded person with faith, or for the weak minded?

I am not sure it is weak or strong minded, maybe it is more of a need. A need to feel something is there so they feel they are not alone, or it gives their lives purpose. I have seen belief in religion work both ways, where it made a person very strong or the opposite. It is not the religion the reflects the mind, but the mind that reflects the religion.

RE: Is Obama a Muslim?

I am not sure it matters if he is, religion does not make you good or not good, your own self will decide that.

RE: If we understood Gravity

if we understood gravity we might understand the situation, and then no one could make the statement, you do not understand the gravity of the situation

RE: best way to escape a one nighter

be honest and just say you wanted to have sex, but you do not have to say the part about not really liking them.

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