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RE: American pie

RE: Would you...

NO way would I be on one of those LOLhelp

RE: Covid-19 injections

I forgot to mention my city has a population of around 450,000 (just for comparison)

RE: Covid-19 injections

NO compulsory vaccine in Australia.

IN the city I live in we haven't had a case in 8 months...only 109 people got sick with the virus with 106 recovered, 3 elderly in their 85+ passed away with the China Flu... however had other health problems... no one seems to be wearing nappies over their face..for the past 6-7 months.... Horray!!!!!!!! cheering

RE: Covid-19 injections


RE: Do you have a nickname for your organ?

answer to your poll is NO

I always considered if someone said "cuddle" it was meant as an alternative to hugging... dunno

and yes I do also have another word for "sex" and it starts with the letter "F" 'ing...angel

RE: Wouldn't that be great to find someone for the rest of our lives?

What a stupid introduction.. IF anyone calls me beautiful(or similar) in their first message to me they get deleted immediately... They are usually catfish or scammers.. scold

RE: Any place world wide A-Z

Vienna, Austria ... City I was born in.

City's Town Hall

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RE: Is it deceptive for a woman to wear a padded bra?

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RE: Insane English.

I found it very difficult to learn to read, write and speak English...

I had a friend who was from London, around the same age as me and she took time to teach me... so now I kind of speak Aussie/Austrian(which is German but with a dialect)/ and British...
I made a concerted effort to learn, correct, English. cool

RE: Beauty

laugh laugh laugh

RE: Free Range

One of my girls is an 'Australorp'..(actually they originated from Great Britain - but do better in Australian climate). and the other one is a very light colour 'ISA Brown'.

ATM my Australorp is "broody" - meaning that she is sitting, trying to hatch invisible eggs LOL... takes about 3 weeks during which time they don't lay any eggs at all... its quite funny.. she gets cross when I try to lift her up which is strange cause she loves a cuddle..

I have enough eggs to share amongst a couple of my neighbours..

RE: Free Range

Yes I have two chickens, free range in my backyard... banana
They do have their own 'chicken run' they stay in most of the time

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RE: How do you think other member perceive you..

I really don't know...dunno

RE: Anti-vaxxers' dirty trick

I don't particularly care... if you want to make a fool out of yourself.. go ahead..

NB: just a side note, In Australia, our Prime Minister said we will have a choice..

Besides you cannot under any circumstances to be forced Legally... otherwise ti would be a BREACH OF NUREMBERG CODE Which states...."The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” Also, The Australian Medical Association Code of Ethics

(Besides that "Nurse" thing... was all FAKE, as well.. all a set up)
Go head and tell your lies..

RE: Any dates on Connecting Singles

No, not one.. dunno

RE: Face of a man living in Switzerland 1300 years ago.

sorry you lost me there ... "white stick" ??? confused

RE: Anti-vaxxers' dirty trick

YOU meant to say ONE antivaxxer.. not plural.. you are implying all antivaxxers do that, NOT ALL antivaxxers do that..
Don't throw everyone into one basket.. It is the same as people say all women or all men...scold

I don't care who does or doesn't have THE vaccine but I will definitely not have this vaccine. MY choice.. and I don't care it if isn't your choice.

RE: Face of a man living in Switzerland 1300 years ago.

I don't think he is ugly at all..

RE: Face of a man living in Switzerland 1300 years ago.

He seems to have the same bone structure as my DAD (for real)...
I would post a pic of him to verify but I don't I better ..

RE: Technical Difficulties

I have to log in everytime i open this site..(probably a good idea - safety)

clear your cache on your computer and delete all the temp files.

RE: Christmas what do you plan for?

Same here .. same as any year with my "OLD" type O blood... .. and my belief is that my city also has 'the herd immunity' i know not the exact reasoning for that... personally i think it has something to do with our Urban spread.. we don't have overcrowding ...There are actually studies and Papers written regarding that..

but can you explain what you mean by The first shall be last, and the last shall be first how does that correlate with the *Beer Bug ? or should I call it the China bug.. ;)

*NB: Corona = Beer, Virus = Bug, hence *Beer Bug..

RE: What do women prefer wearing?

I can't answer because I wear all types of 'Shoes'
-High heels
and sometimes I go -bare foot
This all depends on the 'activity' at hand...

But since I don't Ice skate, Ski, nor Roller skate i can't say that I wear either of those..

RE: Plague of Liars:

I certainly will NOT take the vaccine !!!!

RE: Plague of Liars:

- Australia’s leader has abandoned a plan to make a vaccine for the coronavirus compulsory for his citizens . Prime Minister Scott Morrison told a radio station it would be “as mandatory as you can possibly make it.” But later that day, speaking with another radio station, Morrison backtracked. “ It’s not compulsory. There are no compulsory vaccines in Australia,” he told 2GB radio.
Morrison’s government announced Tuesday that it had signed an agreement with AstraZeneca to provide every Australian with a vaccine.

- Governments around the world appear to acknowledge that they cannot make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory. The top US infectious-disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said Tuesday: “You cannot force someone to take a vaccine.”


The description on the bottle says "ENERGY" drink.. it gives you energy, puts salts in your body to retain fluids.. but it doesn't make you stronger comfort

RE: Christmas what do you plan for?

It wont be any different here where I live (Canberra Australia with a population of around 380,000) my family celebrates on Christmas eve... our Austrian tradition. Here we don't wear mask any longer and haven't for around 6 months.. restaurants are open, clubs are open etc.. public transport is fully operational.......

My family will come over to my place for Christmas (eve) dinner... we exchange gifts have a few drinky poos.. LOL.. and on Christmas day those who are partnered.. will go the other families for Christmas celebrations... And Boxing day I, with my dog, will travel to my little place down the coast and do nothing. well, probably veggie out on the beach across the road, or hang out on my porch.. and enjoy the sunshine.. for 3 or so weeks.head banger

Merry and Happy Christmas to you all lips

RE: What has 2020 taught us ?

Should read

RE: What has 2020 taught us ?

The Australian Prime Minister let us/Australians announced the vaccine will NOT be compulsory..applause

RE: lol


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