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RE: UK and Brexit

It seems Britain and his people is going to be the biggest loser of all. Economy is going lesser , the debts to Eu are high and the creation of jobs is slowing down.They hoped to get soon a trade agreement with The US it seems to work out slowly. Certainly after the scandalpress that accuses Tony Blair to have informed President Trump that the SIS was observing The US !! The EU neither is in a hurry to speed up negociations.
The future of Britains working people is at stake. And this because of organized manipulation of the people and its elections. It proves again how a vulnerable situation our democracies are in today. Also because of the abuse of technological innovations and psychological games! doh Poor country!

RE: Belgium is out of control

Mister LOL I suggest you try to remember you were tsill a kid and how people and politicians were! Life was easier and people were more tolerant. Our democracy became a fake institution . Today it is a partycracy! The image of this country is the world is becoming worser everyday. Look what happend in Brussels last month :riots of young gangs destroying everything they could and how the police was instructed NOT to interfere (source: Brussels policemen !!); How the federal ministers of interior and justice reacted!! They even could not come to a consensus to take measurements because of party interests! I hope they riots will never reach your village. If so I hope you will be far away....being happy!! banana

This is a list of forum posts created by Reconfortador.

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