RE: Who do you really want to be president?

Colin Powell for President!

RE: Texas shooting


RE: Banned

with another person??laugh

RE: commandments

I'd go back in time and break the friggen tablets. How much happier the world would be.professor

RE: What did you rebel against growing up or still do...?

authority...and I still do. I have a very low opinion of police officers!

RE: Jeff Flake and his Vindictiveness

Yes..let us not saty anything bad about Trump...the Godhead!!

RE: Are times changing

I believe society is beginning to catch on. Sex feels great and people of both genders love it. So Do It!

I uysed to find it interesting that "boys" wanted to and were expected to have many s*xual partners. So I figured it was society's way of turning men gay, because 'girls" were expected to remain virgin until married!confused

RE: Atheist and A believer fist fight who wins?

The Atheist prays that he does! It is said, "the foxhole knows no atheist!"dunno

RE: Atheist and A believer fist fight who wins?

And we see what happens to Jim Bakker, Jim Jones and Jimmy Swaggart!!

(Note to self....don't attend a worship service with a preacher named "Jim")devil

New..job, home, and relationship! Wow!

Thanks to all...againkiss

New..job, home, and relationship! Wow!

Thank you, so muchblushing

New..job, home, and relationship! Wow!

I shall have to change that...thank you!handshake

New..job, home, and relationship! Wow!

As many know, I recently reconciled with my wife. Now, I have started a new job( part time) and we are moving into a new place. Also got a new car. We sure have been busy since Sept!!...lolapplause

RE: Percentage wise - How much happiness have u had in ur life ?

I have had more than my share of happiness. Although some of that time I was scared, waiting for "the other shoe' to drop

RE: Fragrance

I love a woman to wear Toujour Moi. It isn't an expensive fragrance, but sexy. I still prefer Old Spice after shave.

RE: Is there clique on cs here?

The first day back on the site, I realized it as the same old clique. No problems! Carry on!

Went back to ex-wife.

We say stupid things when we are hurt frustrated

Went back to ex-wife.

Dixie says thank you for all the kind words! I do, as well.

Went back to ex-wife.

what a great analogy! Thank you so much.handshake

RE: I am prone to bouts of.....

I agree with #1....all of the above!

RE: Is Marilou Danley really innocent?

As is to be expecting from the :"right"...can't hold a conversation without name calling!!

RE: Is Marilou Danley really innocent?

What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Isn't it strange that those who espouse being a "true American" are so quick to judge others?

RE: Why Stephen Paddock commited mass murder

Police say he shot himself....but do we know this to be true??

Went back to ex-wife.

My wife and I had some issues. I actually went back to TN to get some things from storage that i had left there. But once I saw her, I knew that I was still in love with her. So we talked things out. Stated our expectations and our parameters. We have decided that we can work through things. No other agenda! I do not respond to one person, as I see him as an antagonist.cheers

RE: First impressions.

I had read my wife's profile many times on another dating site, but never expected to meet her. However, one night, while at karaoke, I saw her face to face. She was every bit as beautiful as her profile picture. I immediately knew that I wanted to get to know her better. Can't say love at first sight, maybe lust at first sight. But I set my goal to get to know her better and was more assertive than I had ever been in getting to know this woman, than with any other woman I pursued in the past. It all paid off. We had a 14 month break, but now we are so much more committed. And she is as beautiful as ever. heart wings

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