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RE: UK and Brexit

Goodafternoon to all from my experience in the banking sector working for many years I would like also to express my view about the Brexit. I agree with most of you mentioned that there are going to be many against of this decision because England should not consider only the issue of immigrants but other issues that will be harmful to its economy for example
1. a Brexit might drive other countries to take the decision to get out of European Union like Greece and this might create a domino effect

2 and the most important now a large number of various organisations and mostly financial and accounting organissations i.e banking institutions have offices in London a possible Brexit will drive all these big institutions to leave London and move in other European Country many of them I heard that they would prefer Frankfurt in order to continue to enjoy the benefits which countries in Europe enjoy

3. and important based on this is the fact that English people a huge number will loose their jobs since if so many financial institutions move to another EU country consider that there are many people who because of their families might not be easy to move away to work abroad.

on the other hand without mentioning the impact that this decision might have on other EU countries i.e Cyprus and Greece where tourism if considered one of their major source of income for the economy and the majority of tourists especially in those two countries come from England

on the other hand travelling in European Countries will be difficult for residents of England since most probably they will need visa to travel I am not sure about that


This is a list of forum posts created by selectical.

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