RE: Where have all the Good Men Gone?

Every dating site carries this type of negativity towards man
There is a site called men going there own way which encourages them to lead a life without women
Them there is a organisation called fathers for justice for men who suffer financial and emotional damage where the women use there shared children as human shields to cause misery to there fathers.
Join most dating sites and read womens profiles
No liars
No cheats
No this no that
I can't see like.s message me.
Sound familiarkiss

RE: What do Females normally leave at their new boyfriend's home?

Heartache .misery.badluck.

RE: Post your current mood in one word


RE: has anyone ever dated on here?

Yes I met someone from the south east so a fare distance from me.
We were seeing each other over a 9 month period and a very nice respectful lady.
Unfortunately she had serious health problems and the distance made things difficult.
Friends to lovers okay
Lovers to friends never.

RE: Which is your favourite letter of the alphabet?

L=Because it stands for LOVE=and if you find it you levitate to a new dimention

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