RE: French Kissing - How good r u at it ?

An extremely small risk from saliva. Then again, it is always good to know ones partner's health Hep, and Herpes....that and saliva are more likely.

RE: French Kissing - How good r u at it ?

Hey, if not attracted, to whatever degree, why even bother? laugh

RE: Which movie describes your life metaphorically...?

Sorry for the "view" - it is a way around copyright

RE: Why is an AI called an AI - Why not just Intelligence - As it is Human created - and thus Exists ?

To distinguish it from biological/organically generated "intelligence" To "mimic" a cognitive function, is just that, mimicry.

RE: Witch country would you avoid visiting

No, if you have been, you are infected and of the "to be avoided!" Sorry, I guess we should have informed you of the consequences of stepping onto these forbidden and desolate lands. We are a people, both laughable and to be avoided! peace hug teddybear Unfortunately, we are just all about sex and funny accents up in this wasteland!

RE: Is Sex Overrated, Or Underrated !!!

Scholarly words no better professed have I heard. Well. almost....rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: commandments

The "commandments" are OT Judaism\

You Abrahamics really must try and get your shit together

RE: Outdated views on relationships & sex!

And THAT is the way to roll!

RE: Outdated views on relationships & sex!

Thank you sir, saved me the trouble of responding to that! - signed, Da Pimp!

RE: Witch country would you avoid visiting

PS - Lots of witches and warlocks....okay, just in Calgary!

Seriously, if you wish to avoid us, our loss, for you are always welcome! (aND lord, I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM ABOUT TO POST SOMETHING ABOUT TORONTO!)

Did I mention, WE WANT YOU TO AVOID US! rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Witch country would you avoid visiting

YES! Finally, above North Korea! teddybear

RE: Witch country would you avoid visiting

Canada!! Why would I go to all the expense to visit these hose-heads....when I already live here! We are maple syrup slurping, beaver chasing, moose-humping, hockey playing :blushing hose-heads who hug you for no apparent reason (other than to cop a feel! Borrowed that from Bush! arr, arr!). No night-life, no day-life...we just try to maintain the temperatures so our igloos do not melt. Ask Harvey Weinstein! He was actually raped by a polar bear here at the Toronto Film Festival in 2001....avoid Canada ta all costs! Hell.even in just the isolated little part I live in...nothing to see here people, move on...

Oh, I forgot to mention....way to much sex happens in this god-forbidden land as well.frustrated

RE: Is Sex Overrated, Or Underrated !!!

There are moments I truly rate it better when I am "over" her", and then their comes those moments when I am "under" her....hard to say which is to be rated "higher?"

RE: C.S. Saloon is now back open

Oh yeahhhhh....I have seen C Heat live several times.....own their entire library....damn that Woodstock nonsense! teddybear hug hug

RE: Today is international "Tuen back the clocks" day

#1 I would have altered my speech in the old folks home back in 1983 when I said I was IN TOTAL support of "Youth In Asia!"

#2 I would have listened to my buddy back in 1972 that 200 hits of acid was TOO MUCH ACID!

#3 1976 - my first try at "69" I would like to take back that "breaking of wind" (She claimed no way in hell we should want to smell that another 68 times!)

#4 1993 - I would remember to FULLY tighten the gas fittings on my camp-stove before igniting!

#5 1969-2016 Pickled eggs and draft beer - sorry and apologies to all!

#6 1975-1996 I would not ever again be a stuntman in porn movies - mom had a hard time dealing with this when watching porn with dad!

Other than those, not a single damn thing! Sure, I could have done things differently, but I have had a blast these past decades! Maybe I will convert to Buddhism and come back and try all over again!

RE: Trump is telling lies again. New one daily!!!

I noticed that! rolling on the floor laughing I truly couldn't believe my eyes! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Just teasing

RE: Trump colic !!!

String, as talented and pretty as Ivanka is, to me this is nepotism, Ivanka tagging onto "daddy's coat-tails" just as Donald hung on to his father'scoat-tails. I have no problem with children utilizing parental wealth as a means to an economic end. But when it comes to "power" - that must be earned and garnered, not granted by right of birth. I simply care not what Ivanka says, other than any other citizen.

RE: Trump colic !!!

Whew...good to hear that the leaders of the countries with the two biggest nuclear arsenals on the planet are into a "bro-mance!"

RE: Trump colic !!!

This is an interesting thread. Snookums thinks I am a Trump-basher. Yes and no. I am from Alberta - the most right-wing, conservative province of Canada. Look where I live - you couldn't find me in any crowd in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho (the last three states I visited). In the seventies, I was on rigs punching holes in the USA (okay, only once across the 49th, but several times in Alaska) I have only been to Texas once, long ago, when I was young a did rodeo insanity! PS - Oklahoma proved us both wrong as to who was good! I "bash" Trump when he starts messing with my economy - and I am sure he understands and even appreciates it - sort of....rolling on the floor laughing The reason I bash (and compliment) is because I am a Canadian - oh yeah, I forgot,...I also hold dual citizenship....Canuck through and through, but because of energy, and mining, and forestry, and fighting just was way easier, and because I do hold the USA and its people dear to my heart, to become a Canyank? Yankuck? rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Let's just say, I am an American, both continentally and country-wise. (But yes, I am not eligible to vote in the US - even though I took that hard-a** citizenship test! vote, no dual BS, just be USA!) PS - last round of NAFTA? I hate Trump as well (but yes, I know he seeks to rip it up and then approach Canuckistan with a bi-lateral proposal!) Take care, sir.

RE: Trump colic !!!

You called me and my country sheep - why? For not following the "beat of Trump's drum?" Would not that make me a "sheep?". The thrust of my statement was basically "why is someone from South Africa so vested in a President from a foreign country? I live right next door, have visited the USA literally hundreds of times, I understand that our two countries have a HUGE trading relationship that affects both of our nation's economies, I have a lot of friends in the USA, I have worked in the USA under bi-lateral yes, I do sometimes comment upon the leadership of the United States of America - the leader of the USA has a definite and profound impact on the "frozen" part of North America. What, lets say, Jacob Zuma, does, has very little effect on and in my world, so I seldom, if ever, comment or criticize. As a side-note, many of your countrymen and countrywomen have decided to make Canada their new "home". Some support Trump, other's most certainly do not - for they now, as Canadians have a vested interest in what the USA does (Trump is the eleventh President I have seen since my birth) Just a few weeks ago I strolled into MT (Montana) that voted Trump (55 %). Hilary only snagged Glacier County. Yet, sitting in a tavern, it was a lot of fun! Not everyone there was a fan of Donald! I heard some very hefty criticizing - then again, they are Americans. As you stated....we do not have to follow all the "sheep"....

RE: Which country would you visit

My own...I still have not seen it all!

RE: Ladies what do you prefer

uh. that could have been a 2 question poll...foreplay? Yes or no. The "ladies: I know have a LOT of "others"! lol

RE: No one here

Sorry, was outside doing stuff in the GWN! Was looking at a couple accidents, eh?

RE: Gordon Downie Has Terminal Brain Cancer

Every living thing dies - comes a time.

RE: No pipeline and best of all, no oil tankers to spill oil.............

roflmao! I am Albertan...I say, screw the tankers, the it for the kids, and keep it ALL in Alberta! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Trump colic !!!

roflmao! So, my statement, being my idea. are you denying me this? Oh right, you think...(oh sorry,...u in ur country can not have ideas)....if I can interpret you grammar, makes me a sheep! lol! PS - There are many South Africans who have moved here and have easily melded into and have been excellent additions to Canada - I am an immediate neighbour to the USA, and, if I so chose to be politically infused regarding said country....might have a bit more vested interest than the bottom of the African continent - this is the Americas, and in particular, North America. And now, I bite my tongue.

RE: Trump colic !!!

Wow....leaders of the Free World! Global Police that leads the planet. Maybe you should re-evaluate? Wow, not only is your country self-absorbed, so is your "leader!"

RE: C.S. Saloon is now back open

This is back from when I was a young lad....

RE: A new computer

SSsh....let the mac's "think" Windows, Linux....hey,...that is for those who have swords and knowledge and can fight in the IT world. No one in the apartment in Russia is working with a Mac! LOL! Just saying!

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