RE: Was the moon landing real or a big hoax?

I'm not trolling or intoxicated.

I just think anybody who's stupid enough to compare Hawaiian rocks formed last year, with the age of moon rocks in an attempt to obfuscate the ages of the oldest moon and earth rocks, and say these diametrically opposed things...

Isn't worth my time.

RE: Do differences really attract?

That's typical for a Rico Suave.

The last guy I knew, that women called Rico Suave... who's name was really, Rico, died.

But while he was alive, I always thought God created Rico, so ugly women could get laid too.

Big, fat, gross ugly, with red eyes, coughing her lungs out with TB, drool on her mouth: and he'd run to her for a kiss...

He'd catch 5 or 6 of the ugliest women who came to the park, per day.

For years, Rico was a VD Vendor.

To keep the AIDS at bay, and clean his blood...

...he'd smoke cayenne pepper, drink hydrogen peroxide, and was always trying things like that.

RE: Do differences really attract?



Comrad and Pinocchio: The Trump puppet and the Russian troll.

RE: Was the moon landing real or a big hoax?

If it was faked, here's the proof...

The only time NASA sent civillian witnesses to space...

? 2:24
Challenger Disaster Live on CNN - YouTube
YouTube? · ?Armatomic
› watch
Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion (GRAPHIC) - YouTube
Video for footage of challenger explosion
Apr 3, 2013
› watch
The Challenger Disaster: STS-51-L Helicopter Camera - YouTube
Video for footage of challenger explosion
Aug 27, 2016
› watch
Challenger Disaster, Control Room Reaction, Real Footage! 20th ...
Video for footage of challenger explosion
Feb 11, 2016
Post › entry
New Challenger Video: Rare Footage Of 1986 Disaster ...
May 1, 2012 · Rare home video footage of the 1986 Challenger space shuttle tragedy has been uncovered.
› Archives › video
Jan. 28, 1986: Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion Video ...
Video for footage of challenger explosion
Sep 28, 2014
Which Apollo blew up on take off?
Who died in the 1986 Challenger explosion?
Which space shuttle blew up on take off?
What brought down the challenger?
› video › jan-28-...
Jan. 28, 1986: Space shuttle Challenger disaster Video - ABC ...
Video for footage of challenger explosion
Jan 16, 2018
› wiki › Space_Shuttle_Challe...
Space Shuttle Challenger disaster - ...
On January 28, 1986, the NASA shuttle orbiter mission STS-51-L and ...... Retrieved March 23, 2016. ^ "Rare Declassified Challenger Explosion NASA ...
Date: January 28, 1986; 32 years ago
Location: Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Florida
› 2016/03/31 › 80s-c...
When a national disaster unfolded live in 1986 - CNN -
Mar 31, 2016 · CNN was the only network to broadcast the 1986 Challenger disaster live. The seminal ...
› event › Challenger-disa...
Challenger disaster | Summary, Date, Cause, & Facts ...
Dec 7, 2018 · Challenger disaster, explosion of the U.S. space shuttle orbiter Challenger, shortly after its ... Stock footage courtesy The WPA Film Library ...

After Regan and Bush took billions of dollars for a Star Wars System, to protect US from Russians, we can't get to space, without Russia!

RE: Was the moon landing real or a big hoax?

How many people here saw a video of a NASA astronaut, recently (after the Apollo program), talking about the need to get past effects of the Van Allen Belt, before we can travel to the moon, or establish a moon colony?


Nancy Peeloosley?


That's a funny play on the name, Pelosi.

A Trump puppet, who calls himself, "Woodstock"?


Get it? lol!

RE: Would you ban make-up and sexy clothing in the work place?

Ever since I saw a video of two lesbians in burkahs...

Burkahs are as sexy as any other clothing.

RE: to foriengers,do you feel face blind?

Where I live, I'm a foreigner.

I've embraced a foreigner culture so much: my heart and soul are foreign to most of my race (according to blood).

Not Haole, not Hawaiian, without claiming a racial identity, to live my spiritual identity, my friends call me a, "Kama'aina."

On legal papers where they ask my race, I check... "Other, Pacific Islander."

Wherever I am, even to my own family, I'm a foreigner: a stranger, a pilgrim.

I look into everybody's eyes: to see, Who's in there?

RE: What is your height "date" preference?

When I was in 5th grade and much shorter, a bunch of older and bigger black guys were beating me up on the football field at school, because I'm white, and they were bigger, and there was more of them; and I was stupid enough to ask, if I could play too...

An older black girl who was taller than me, ran out onto the field, and grabbed me away from them...

She held me close against her, with my face between her big perfectly beautiful breasts, while she yelled at all the guys, to make them stop.

She held me close, until she knew I was safe...

I'd date a taller woman.

RE: The pen is mightier than the sword

If someone kicks in your door, and attacks you with a sword, which one would you rather have?

RE: Fake Profiles


That could be true; but those are the women who write us, and include their email addresses, with instructions to contact them there in the future.

Which means, they might look too good to be true; but really, they're not.

They're not looking for a date.

They're just looking for another customer.

RE: Who promotes their Virgin Islands ?

Key West, Florida.


RE: Was the moon landing real or a big hoax?


That was my point!

You just believe whatever you're told, without any proof they're right.

There ya go... I prove you're wrong; so you make up an off topic argument... AND a response from me, that I disagree with...

Then you have the nerve to tell me, "You are off?"


Len, You are off by an infinite factor.

Yes, you convinced me that you're too senile, or too much of a troll, for me to bother doing research, to have a conversation with you.

When all I have to do to prove you wrong, is compare what you say, from day to day.


RE: Was the moon landing real or a big hoax?

You saw them launch a rocket on a screen, and heard communications through a radio...

How much of the evidence you accept as proof, do you think it would be possible to fake?

RE: Was the moon landing real or a big hoax?


RE: What is your height "date" preference?

The ideal height of a woman as far as I'm concerned..., when I walk with my arm around her shoulders, she fits perfectly comfortable for us both, without me raising or lowering my shoulder to accommodate her, and our paces match too.

Walking with my arm around a woman who has that proportion to my body, can feel like, we're making love...

RE: Gillette the worst a man could get

Lee: "Recently Gillette...did an advert...And it was misandrist, racist and did not represent reality...It was as far left as can be and do they really expect real men to buy Gillette products in future?"

Real men use straight razors; and we don't watch tv commercials, or own televisions.

RE: Was the moon landing real or a big hoax?

In all the pictures I saw from the Apollo, the sky was dark.

China supposedly landed on the dark side of the moon, right?

RE: Was the moon landing real or a big hoax?

He didn't island hop, from one visible island, to the next.

If you took the time to read about his journey...

You'd know: he was lost in a storm with overcast skies, that left him unable to see any stars or land for a long time.

After a prolonged time being lost at sea, he was able to navigate, position himself, and find islands, using only one star.

The wise men found Jesus, by using one star to navigate. Instead of trolling, try addressing my point, without changing the subject, to obfuscate your ignorance.

By memorizing which stars zenith over specific islands, Alberto Torrega was able to successfully navigate a 15' dugout canoe from Ecuador to the Philippines, and make landfall on the various islands he chose, using the ancient navigation teqhnique, of knowing which stars zenith over land.

If you'd get over yourself, and the "knowledge" you think you have...

You might be able to learn how to navigate, without any of the junk, you claimed was necessary, in your ignorance.

Your ignorance of navigation techniques, is eclipsed by your gullibility.

Somebody told you a rock came from the moon; and even though you weren't permitted to touch it, or subject it to any scientific analysis, you believe them?

You claimed, You know it's true; because the rock looked older than earn rocks?

While you acknowledge the moon was originally part of the earth?

Which means, moon rocks can't possibly be older than rocks we find on earth everyday!

RE: I Really Don't Care · 1 day ago
'A**hole' Brit tourists to be kicked out of New Zealand after 'causing chaos'
YouTube · 1 day ago
'A**hole' Brit tourists to be kicked out of New Zealand
The Sun

Brit kids from shameless family who terrorised New Zealand ‘steal CHRISTMAS TREE from petrol station’ then fli
7 hours ago

British family face deportation for trashing beach and putting ants in food on holiday
1 day ago
The Sun

Brit family who terrorised New Zealand locals and trashed beach are furious they’re being deported
1 day ago
Daily Mail

› uk › ... › Holidays
'A**hole' Brit tourists to be kicked out of New Zealand after 'causing ...
1 day ago · A deportation notice has reportedly been issued against the family, said to be from Liverpool, after a string of incidents. ... A family of British tourists face being kicked out of New Zealand after allegedly causing chaos across the country. ... In an interview with the Herald , family ...

› watch
'A**hole' Brit tourists to be kicked out of New Zealand - YouTube
Video for brits kicked out of new zealand

1 day ago · A British family are to be deported from New Zealand after locals ..... 'We were pretty sceptical but the chef came out to the table to ...

Mirror › ie › News › Crime
One of "a**hole" Brit tourists facing deportation from New Zealand ...
8 hours ago · 'A**hole' Brit tourists to be kicked out of New Zealand after ' causing chaos'. Cash, 26, was ordered to ...

Sun › uk › news › british-fa...
Brit kids from shameless family who terrorised New Zealand 'steal ...
7 hours ago · She was followed out by the two women, who were clutching ... They group caused carnage across New Zealand after allegedly ...

Sun › uk › news › british-tr...
Brit family who terrorised New Zealand locals and trashed beach ...
1 day ago · The tourists then threatened to 'knock the brains out' of locals who ... Johnson claimed it all kicked off when his eight-year-old ...

› uk › 2019/01/15 › britis...
British family face deportation for trashing beach and putting ants in ...
1 day ago · The British family is apparently being kicked out of New Zealand (Picture: Krista ...


That's pretty large compared to your's, BigVoersi. I can't find any mention of your brain, at all...

The marine amoeboid Massisteria voersi is just 2.3 to 3 micrometres in diameter, within the size range of many bacteria.

RE: Is Southern Comfort a good substitute for Siberian Cedar ?

It's a good substitute for intelligence, personality, looks, and a sense of humour; if you give it to the right woman: and don't drink it yourself.

RE: Was the moon landing real or a big hoax?

This guy lost his compass off the coast of Easter Island, and was able to island hop across the Pacific, by memorizing zenith stars.

So, you can navigate and position yourself, without a sextant, or an ephemeris, with only one star.

"Argentine adventurer Alberto Torroba crosses the Pacific by dugout sailing canoe."

On long distances across land, you can position yourself with only one star, too-

Matthew 2:1-2 Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem,
Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.

Our barycenter orbits a Galactic center...

The Galactic Center, or Galactic Centre, is the rotational center of the Milky Way. It is 8,122 ± 31 parsecs (26,490 ± 100 ly) away from Earth in the direction of the constellations Sagittarius, Ophiuchus, and Scorpius where the Milky Way appears brightest. It coincides with the compact radio source Sagittarius A*.

But my basic point was...

NASA spent all this money since the "moon landing," on a few moon rocks, and a bunch of pictures.

They sent up mllions of dollars worth of satellites, to take pictures of stars; but never took one picture of stars, from the moon?

1969 4,251 183,640 2.31 Richard M. Nixon Rep
1970 3,752 195,649 1.92 Richard M. Nixon Rep
1971 3,382 210,172 1.61 Richard M. Nixon Rep
1972 3,423 230,681 1.48 Richard M. Nixon Rep
1973 3,312 245,707 1.35 Richard M. Nixon Rep
1974 3,255 269,359 1.21 Gerald Ford Rep
1975 3,269 332,332 0.98 Gerald Ford Rep
1976 3,671 371,792 0.99 Gerald Ford Rep
1976 (budget transition) 953 95,975 0.99 Gerald Ford Rep
1977 4,002 409,218 0.98 Jimmy Carter Dem
1978 4,164 458,746 0.91 Jimmy Carter Dem
1979 4,380 504,028 0.87 Jimmy Carter Dem
1980 4,959 590,941 0.84 Jimmy Carter Dem
1981 5,537 678,241 0.82 Ronald Reagan Rep
1982 6,155 745,743 0.83 Ronald Reagan Rep
1983 6,853 808,364 0.85 Ronald Reagan Rep
1984 7,055 851,853 0.83 Ronald Reagan Rep
1985 7,251 946,396 0.77 Ronald Reagan Rep
1986 7,403 990,441 0.75 Ronald Reagan Rep
1987 7,591 1,004,083 0.76 Ronald Reagan Rep
1988 9,092 1,064,481 0.85 Ronald Reagan Rep
1989 11,036 1,143,829 0.96 George Bush Rep
1990 12,429 1,253,130 0.99 George Bush Rep
1991 13,878 1,324,331 1.05 George Bush Rep
1992 13,961 1,381,649 1.01 George Bush Rep
1993 14,305 1,409,522 1.01 Bill Clinton Dem
1994 13,695 1,461,907 0.94 Bill Clinton Dem
1995 13,378 1,515,884 0.88 Bill



I asked my Dad, What's a pervert?

He said, Someone who sniffs bicycle seats.

What do you call someone who sniffs diapers?


A lib wouldn't get near enough to you, to smell your Old Spice...

A lying sack of shit?


Lay off the c*ck.


Ireland hasn't ruled itself for so long, they're used to being treated bad.


Russian trolls...

Trolls from Wales, Nz, Belgium, and all over Europe, and Asia, etc. who don't care enough about AMERICA or AMERICAN PEOPLE, to live in AMERICA, support Trump, and come to his rescue whenever AMERICANS question him?

Or... are they all Russian trolls?


Trump is a wolf, in charge of the lambs and sheep who voted against him.

That's why he lost the election, but was appointed by 304 wolves.


One aspect of the electoral system that is not mandated in the constitution is the fact that the winner takes all the votes in the state.

This trend took place over the course of the 19th century.

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