RE: How can you differentiate a 'friendly' hug from a 'loving' hug?

If nobody gets a wet finger, that's a friendly hug.

RE: Let him without sin cast the first stone

It's obvious why you didn't use The Bible as your source, and didn't post a link to the scriptures.

The only thing Jesus, God, or The Bible says about angels getting married, is that they won't-

For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven. Matthew 22:30

RE: Let him without sin cast the first stone

Nice little story; but it's a forgery, a straight out lie.

I don't accept it as a later addition; and I know a lot of people who don't believe you either.

RE: Let him without sin cast the first stone

Come closer.

I can't throw that far.

RE: Tell me right now!!!

You have a special place for cutlery?

Now that's obsessive!

RE: Melania a most beautiful First Lady of the US never been in a magazine cover

Ooops, I didn't mean, I think she's beautiful. I just think everyone should see Trump's life, without the props.

RE: Melania a most beautiful First Lady of the US never been in a magazine cover

I have pictures of her naked with another woman as a screen saver on my phone.

I agree, they should be on the cover of every magazine on earth.

RE: Have women lost their femininity?

Genetics can't be underestimated.

My mom had 3 son's, from 3 men.

My dad taught philosophy at USC.

My little brother's dad died in prison; and he never saw his dad after he was 9 months old.

My baby brother's dad was a union worker.

Now, my baby brother's a union worker, like his dad.

My little brother's walks like his dad, dresses like his dad, writes like his dad, and is spending his life in prison, like his dad...

and, like my dad, I'm a philosopher, living off grid in a cabin, often compared to Thoreau.

RE: Trout fishing for ladies.....

After working as a commercial fisherman, going to sleep every night covered in fish guts and blood, if I go line fishing with a woman, she's baiting the hook, and taking the fish off of it.

I'll only spearfish, or cast net; I can't cut another hook out of a fish's mouth, and watch it dying in the water, because it's too small or the wrong kind, ever again.

RE: Do Aphrodisiacs Really Works?

It sounds like that stuff works...

I've gotta remember to prepare my own food and beverages around Malaysian women.

RE: i dreamt of the moon twice this week

You told your landlord... God bless your next move.

Pants? Dhotis? Lungis? or Kilts?

For some reason... I actually believe that too. ;)

RE: British soldier fired on say so of imam

*1You still think being British entitles you to kill anyone you want, steal whatever they have, *3 define other people and your victims, and *1 be glad for all the years you got away with it...

*2 You even think you've got the right to declare when you've gotten enough payback... RLMFAO!

*2 But, when the Muslims, and China, and India, etc. finish conquering England; and rule it for hundreds of years...

*2 They'll decide when you've been raped enough; and you'll be powerless to speak a word that changes that.

*1, *2, *3 The fact that you're "glad" for all of the evils done by England, is what defines your nation; and it's your personal burden.

Pants? Dhotis? Lungis? or Kilts?

Two things that I look best in, are kilts and red haired women.

RE: British soldier fired on say so of imam

"My country?"

If you're talking about America... it's just a British colony that rebelled; and signed a treaty that agreed, they'd only allow a British monarch to rule them.

In history, the word president was used to show a man was appointed by a king...

And over these three presidents; of whom Daniel was first: that the princes might give accounts unto them, and the king should have no damage. Daniel 6:2

And almost every president of America was a member of the royal family.

"What has Hawaii done?"

They never invaded another nation, like the Brits. They never played polo with native's heads, like the Brits.
They never committed genocide, like the Brits.
They never broke a treaty, like the Brits.

They've been faithful to the Spirit of God, the spirit of aloha; and a beautiful example of how kings and queens, and all of us should behave.

An example, that the British royals still haven't learned; as they're still as evil as ever, still committing genocide, still invading nations, still starving people, and stealing everything they can.

RE: United States is free again because of Trump

For a while, you sounded like you were waking up...

I remember you telling us he's a Mason, who humped your leg... What? He put it in, and you like it?

Now, you're back to the Hillary delusion?

They've been partners in crime so long, he'll never do a thing to force her to testify under oath.

You already told us this stuff in 2016; and he already told U.S. Hillary's not going to prison. Remember?

RE: British soldier fired on say so of imam

If the British hadn't invaded the Middle East; over, and over, again...

They'd still be there riding camels!

They already sit on your throne!

All the British totals are decedents of Mohammed. They invaded Europe, and enslaved the British Isles a long time ago. They enslaved most of the world, committed genocide on every inhabited continent; and the sun never set on her sins...

Compared to Hitler's short reign... England's centuries of global dominance are worse.

But as long as she looks white, and keeps them eating the best grass from every nation, the British sheeple are to stupid to question her religious beliefs, before they'll kill anyone she points at.

It's just a matter of time, till Westminster Abbey becomes a mosque...

Welcome to The New World Order.

RE: Do Aphrodisiacs Really Works?

I noticed, You didn't say a word about putting it in your coffee...

It doesn't work on women?

RE: Least Favorite Movie Scenes

I don't have the time or energy to keep track of my least favorite movies.

RE: Premature Ejaculation

Who needs a massage oil, that's guaranteed to make them smaller?

RE: Rain Rain Go Away

I live in a place that has the 2nd most rain on record, 56" in a few days.

The nearest water pipe or spigot is over 5 miles from my house.

All my water comes from rain; and I'm not about to complain.

RE: i dreamt of the moon twice this week

It's your resurrection.

You really need Jesus.

RE: Do Aphrodisiacs Really Works?

It doesn't look like they work to me.

RE: you believe equality of human Rights ???


I believe in the equality of human lefts too.

RE: The New Dr Who

Why'd they give the doctor's part, to a nurse?

RE: Donald Trump is buying CS

Oh no!

We're moving to China!

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