RE: This thread is for Trump lovers only

I love the fact, that this could be the day someone blows his head all over the back of his car.

RE: please help me save a realtionship


9 pages of pity party that begins with sympathetic listeners, and get's around to saying...

"The problem is your personality," way too much energy to put into any relationship...

When the only problem is you; and you're trying to fix someone else...

...the only thing that will help you, is enough pain in your life to wake you up, and pants full of crap.


God bless her soul.

For about as long as I remember dancing, I've been loving Aretha Franklin.

I'm gonna be missing her, until my memory's gone.

RE: Anti Trump 2

Maria Boutina,

What do we call an orange thing with a squirrel for a wig, that comes in his mouth every 5 minutes, who can't remember what he told Putin 12 hours earlier, without listening to the recording, if we don't use the word, "Idiot?"

RE: Is there a another you in a parallel universe..?

Where can we find a copy of the rule books, for every parallel universe?

RE: GF Texting Pissing You Off?


RE: Is there a GOD???

Isaiah 9:6
For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Acts 20:28
Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.

RE: This thread is for Trump lovers only

There's always something about Trump, for everybody to love...

I love that picture of a woman holding Trump by the orange squirrel that always comes in his mouth; the one with his butt ugly potato head cut off at his vocal chords the source where his fake news comes from. That beautiful picture that shows the blood pouring from his throat.

It should be mandatory that all the people he forces to swear loyalty to him, fly that picture everywhere they go, while pledging alligence to pissing on his grave 5 times a day, at every public gathering, at the beginning and end of every school day starting in preschool, before and after every meal; and it should be mandatory for everyone to wear it on t-shirts to celebrate every state and federal holiday.

Every sheet of toilet paper sold on earth, should have that picture if full color on it too, surrounded with proportionate pictures of his tiny little girl's hands.

RE: Porn-aholic, turning porn into a serious addiction.....

Yes, we all care!

What are you wearing?

RE: Are you racist ?

I used to race bicycle motocross, when I was younger...

RE: Do You Keep a Secret?

Nobody can get a secret out of me!

I remember my best friend Bobby was f*ck aroung on his wife, Melanie, with her sister, Megan, and her girlfriend, Amy...

They were all working at the Winchles Donuts on Lincoln Blvd, in Venice, California; and...


RE: a Pic is the first attraction.....

Last month, when you said, You found someone, and weren't looking for anybody...

When all those people asked you the same question, you just asked...

Do you remember what you said?

RE: weary eye on south china sea

America's Space Force, hasn't been able to get to space without Russia, for a long time...

RE: Thr Saudi Canada Clash

Sounds like Trump telling U.S. North Korea's no longer a nuclear threat.

RE: Thr Saudi Canada Clash

As long as Saudi men arn't allowed fly anymore planes...

Who cares if Saudi women drive?

RE: Car

7/10ths of the earth is water; and most big cities are on shores.

Cars can only travel on a relatively small percentage of the earth.

For the price of a car that seats four people, I'd rather have a boat that four people with dogs and cats can use to live on 6 continents and 10's of thousands of islands with nobody around for miles. Islands with wild pigs and cows, and goats for food, and horses to ride, and all the vegetables and fish you can eat for free, just by dropping an anchor, and looking a little while...

That beats the snot out of driving all night to find a KOA parking spot for a car, where they charge more than an anchor and food for four people, just to sleep for a night.

RE: If you won the lottery what would you spend the money on?

Just kidding.

I never bought a lottery ticket in my life.

I'll never win the lottery, unless I find the ticket.

The odds of winning the lottery, are way over a million to one.

RE: My elder son's cat is very sick....

Antibiotics kill the beneficial bacteria that naturally grows in our guts; and feeds bacteria (like candida) that's bad for us.

Things we get sold as probiotics often have candida feeding yeasts and/or preservatives in them, to make us dependant on buying more of them...

Yoghurt and kiefer, and fermented foods contain healthy bacteria, and should always be used with and after antibiotics, to build up the immune system, which antibiotic use harms.

RE: Men and with exes....

If my ex sees this... The restraining order is still good for 5 years.

Please post your response to the op, in one of the other threads with the same title.

RE: Check out my new to me bike :)

With you post it on YouTube, or are you selling them?

RE: Thr Saudi Canada Clash

For all the people who forgot that Trump curtsied the the king of most of the 911 hijackers.

RE: Thr Saudi Canada Clash

And he still can't curtsy as good as Trump!

RE: If you won the lottery what would you spend the money on?

I'd invest it all in lottery tickets!

What are the odds I could lose a million dollars?

RE: Where you ever in uncharted waters...?

Are you in an uncharted well?

RE: Where you ever in uncharted waters...?

Are you in an uncharted well?

RE: Thr Saudi Canada Clash

All of Canada's problems with the Saudis could be fixed overnight, if Trudeau took curtsying lessons from Trump.

RE: Premature Ejaculation

I doubt any women even notice your premature ejaculations, if you have a 3" c*ck.

RE: Premature Ejaculation

Gill, I can't get your post to show up when I check quote; but, your problem probably has something to do with the the 5 palms.

20 mints couldn't hurt though.

RE: Premature Ejaculation

Shouldn't this be in the "Speed Dating" thread?

RE: My elder son's cat is very sick....

I seriously doubt that it's possible her cat caught herpes from a duck.

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