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Stimulus Predictions

The Draft

He has aspirations of being head of a NEW Ottoman empire. He is certainly doing well in parts of Europe.

The Draft

I am sure they all are feeling patriot and pumping iron in preparation

The Draft

8- 9 Hrs Ago.... TURKEY President, wants IRAN & RUSSIA, to have a joint military force, in Gaza To Fight ISRAEL. And the USA has as Commander In Chief.... uh oh

I Am Grateful _______

My neighbor, just gave me a knit scarf. She said she worked on it all winter. It is fantastic.

RE: Should Prince charming be banned for kissing Snow White without consent

Early signs of Necrophilia

RE: When you mind your own business life becomes peaceful ?


There is a criminal act or tyranny

Food Thread

Sure is...

Food Thread

grin Walmart 11.5 oz
Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuit mix $1.78
With rosemary and parmesan $1.88
Gluten Free $3.84

But of course, it is always better, when someone else cooks for you and pays for it. cheering Enjoy your day.

Medical Martial Law

Damn he is good grin

Pearls Of Wisdom

The saying: "Honesty Is The Best Policy"

doh Gets distorted. Because, "Everything Isn't For Everybody"

If they think it is... RUN laugh

Pearls Of Wisdom

thumbs up


Heilung | Berserker's Songs


RE: The Can You Believe This Thread

wave I didn't believe it. It sounds like a liter doh
Here is what I read this morning....

BAMAKO, Mali (#AP) — A Malian woman has given birth to NINE babies at once — after expecting seven, according to Mali’s Minister of Health and the Moroccan clinic where the nonuplets were born.
Guinness record is American Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to eight premature but otherwise healthy children in 2009.

A Million Dollar Question, for the #AP:

Article says, no indication she was given fertility drugs. Babies were born via C-section at 30 weeks gestation.
Doctors were expecting 7 babies. Moroccan doctors claim they were notified, 6 weeks prior to the birth.
So HOW, if the mother is in **"one of the poorest countries in the world"**, did they test and expect seven at 24 weeks, gestation!?

Pearls Of Wisdom

Don't let anyone steal your joy. No matter who they are or how close you think you are to them. Don't give them that power over you.

RE: hot cold gonna die now its climate change now convid,hm.

Grand Solar Minimum Is Natural...

It was the coldest April in over 100 years.

Winter has come 6 weeks early, in some parts of the world

Winter 2020/2021 is going to be a b*tch, for everyone North of the equator. Canada, Russia, China, Northern Europe etc.

But let's block out the sun and make what's natural... Worst.

Border Alert (2)

(1:03) Biden's immigration plan would add 37 million new immigrants over 10 years


Medical Martial Law


Digital health passports are being deployed at over 60 US stadiums and other venues this summer to get the economy "*back to normal*” according to Reuters.

RELATED: (LInks on #headlineswithavoice)

HEADS UP: Biden Working w/ Private Firms to Create “Digital Passports”
April 14, 2021

The Unstoppable Push for Digital Health-Passports
January 29, 2021

Biden Signs E.O. to Create Digital “Health” Passports
February 5, 2021



(41:44) War Trance / Powerful Drums & Monks Voice chanting Mix



Currently trending at #?1 with 154K tweets
Started trending about 2 hours ago.
Currently trending at #?1 with 154K tweets

Quite a distraction and division ... Isn't it Bill roll eyes


All the worlds a stage. wink Search Melinda and Kevin Kline and Melinda and Robin Williams doh grin


(2:97) Bill And Melinda Gates TO SEPERATE! / After 27 Years #HugoTalksSomeMore
Currently trending at #1 with 110K tweets.Started trending about 1 hour ago

(28 sec) Bill And Melinda Gates Announce Divorce

Pearls Of Wisdom

"If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is"

When did parents stop teaching their kids that? doh frustrated

RE: You like to post in

Other sites..

That still have remnants of Free Speech


Pearls Of Wisdom

It is always obvious, who is a "Natural Born" American, and who isn't detective

The "Natural Born" also know, that America gives some kind of "Assistance" to over 190 counties. So when or if "The Republic" falls, it is taking everybody down with it.

Oh the irony

Food Thread

Beef strips and sliced potatoes and mushrooms.
Gave half to my favorite neighbors..

Do Mormons eat Cajun style? laugh Well they do now. cheering

RE: What do you do when you find out your girl friend or boy friend is a p*dophile.

1- Zero tolerance. No mercy

2- Ask yourself what is wrong in yourself ,to have such a friend

3- Get new friends

detective detective
Police siren

Hang Em High (Theme song)

RE: I can see clearly now

(Jimmy Cliff) - I Can See Clearly Now (With Lyrics)

RE: Meetup

From CS? Or a web site? No
Only Conrad blushing

RE: Experienced VPNers Wanted

Virtual Shield

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