RE: Q, this is a lovely alphabetical number.

And it is probably a Psyop catering to people's fantasies of an invisible superhero. Using repetitive words and phrases like "Trust The plan" & "Fight, fight, fight" & "These people are sick" & "Patriot", "God"... all the while, making lists for the future from people's browser history uh oh

There is another thread about "Q" & Trump

RE: Reparations anyone

We don't owe anybody anything, including apologies.
#AmericaFirst We owe ourselves and to put our future and money and security first. If the Dems or EU or U.N. or TPTB have a problem with that...well, we must be doing something right

RE: Reparations anyone

The Forgotten History of Britain's White
Slaves by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh
In the 17th &18th centuries, 300,000 people or more became slaves (most were Irish & English) there in all but name including urchins in ALL the British colonies including the United States
They were as young as 5yrs old (few made it to adulthood)

RE: Which James Bond do you fancy most? Thread for the Ladies:)

None. Never got into it. It is made for men.
Bond acts like a narcassic wh*re

What Would Become of California If They Exit the Union?

France regifted that to us, because they didn't want the monstrosity. And most wish we could give it back.
Despite the fact, that we take in more "real & legal" immigrants than ANY other country and being the 3rd most populated country (But not the 3rd largest).
Outsiders misinterpret the Statue of liberty, as a "Welcome, one and all" and that damn poem as an American philosophy. It NEVER was.
If we could remove the poem and replace it with "You better have papers and you own damn money, because there is no vacancy", that would be great.
Even the term "America is a melting pot" is from a (Broadway) stage play.

21+years and counting for a Southern border wall, promised by EVERY presidential candidate (except HRC, who said fence).
At this point... we may need one for Canada, ... maybe they will take the statue and poem laugh and rewrite it in Arabic and throw a giant
burqa on it, so the invaders are not offended dunno And the natural born citizens continue to work and pay taxes to support them. And maybe, just maybe, true Canadians won't be called names.
....nah roll eyes

RE: How does religion fit into the Big Bang theory, Siddhartha and How I met your mother?

Apparently roll eyes
Only one forum is required on this site. "P.C. Chit Chat" yawn

Supercomputer Predicts Dangerous Earthquake

Okay. So, any and all discussion, is off the table then.

Well, thanks for stopping by, have a pleasant day. wave


The site name should change from Connecting Singles to Connecting Sadism

RE: New change to Forum page

That's putting it mildly! doh
Well, those I want to find me, already know how to.

Bye C.S... P.C, Globalist, boring, chit chat forums wave :

RE: New change to Forum page

I can't get use to this layout. What happened that the OP' s can't have some control over the threads? The banning and hiding feature is gone.
And mobile and full site are exactly the same on my phone. Which means... I can not pick a category to read or post on, on my cellphone, because it is no longer on the top of the page doh There weren't enough threads or thread makers before. Now there will be less. It is boring as hell.
How is any of this an improvement for forums? It isn't... But it may be discourage people from posting (other than chit chat), any only PC sh*t, and return it to an actual date site, like it was when... over a decade ago? yawn
Is this a Facebook layout? (I wouldn't know... lol) Has C.S. gone globalist Zuckerberg...? SMFH

I said it before and I will say it again "Thank God for other sites"

I think you are right Reb, ... goodbye USA

Supercomputer Predicts Dangerous Earthquake

They have been warned for about 100 yrs doh

Supercomputer Predicts Dangerous Earthquake

(6:22) Supercomputer Predicts Dangerous Earthquake Fault In America Is About To POP

The Hayward Fault in California is the most dangerous earthquake fault in the USA and the single most urbanized earthquake fault in the United States

Bay Area Earthquake Forecasting & Prediction | Earthquake Safety

RE: Polygamy

Absolutely not. Not for anyone. Illegal is illegal and there shouldn't be any excuses or exceptions
The offshoot of Mormans that do this are not recognized by the Morman church (?)
We should do what we did in 50's and 60's and arrest all the men that do this. (And perhaps the women, who did it voluntarily) If we don't then each state, that sets it's own individual marriage laws, is leaving a door open for their own destruction

""A primary element that has separated the United States of America from virtually every other nation in history is the concept of it being “a nation of laws, not a nation of men.”

“A nation of laws” means that laws, not people, rule. Everyone is to be governed by the same laws, regardless of their station; whether it is the most common American or Members of Congress, high-ranking bureaucrats or the President of the United States; all must be held to the just laws of America. No one is, or can be allowed to be, above the law.""


""Even Jesus the Christ said that blacks were a very stubborn people, could be easily misled, and that the devil had great powers which could deceive the very elect.""

Oh no you didn't very mad


"and Americans seem to believe everything the media have told them"

wink Only the Left does

RE: Should the US attack The Assad regime?

So has Mayor Khan' s of London, radical speech.
And the FoxNews vid from 2016, that says we have 26 No Go Zones in USA
So has some RT videos about Sweden, especially interviews.
Canada ones are missing too.

RE: The New York Daily News bestows an honorarium on Donald Trump

Pense doh God forbid. Mr TPP /open trade for 11 yrs before nominated

RE: Should the US attack The Assad regime?

The whole world knows what Google is laugh Orwellian
And what they are trying to be "NewsSpeak" .. thought police

RE: Should the US attack The Assad regime?

rolling on the floor laughing This coming from a guy who is supposed to be in Commie China

A Bucket Of Rocks & Baseball Bats

Oh these pics are great! grin

What Would Become of California If They Exit the Union?

Oh I have to write this down... And mass message it tomorrow yay

What Would Become of California If They Exit the Union?

I heard Northern California wants to stay in the Union. Is that true?

RE: Two wheeling — Spain’s Best

(2:50) You only drive once
- James Bond's Aston Martin on display in NYC

Aston Martin 2014 'Centenary Edition' Vanquish, numbered 007 and belonging to British actor Daniel Craig, was on display outside the Rockefeller Centre in New York City on Friday.

RE: Should the US attack The Assad regime?

I wish. But it doesn't appear to be the case. 8-9 countries (or more) are involved

RE: Should the US attack The Assad regime?

(3:38) UK: 'What's happening in this country?!' - Yakovenko slams Westminster

(4:38) BREAKING: Russian Duma Drafts Legislation Sanctioning American Products

(4:06) Russia: UK and White Helmets fabricated Douma chemical attack - MoD

(3:35) Germany, Italy, Netherlands & Canada vow not to strike Syria, call for thorough investigation

(3:13) A Second US Tomahawk Capable Destroyer Enters The Mediterranean


Since 2010, 201 anti-Sharia law bills have been introduced in 43 states. In 2017 alone, 14 states introduced an anti-Sharia law bill, with Texas and Arkansas enacting the legislation.

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