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RE: fema is now hiring for fun/fema camps.

I did some seaches on FEMA hiring. I didn't see anything unusual, other than jobs that are considered temporary

RE: Leftists To Blow Up Mount Rushmore

(1:09) Protesters Slash Tires, Block Road Leading to Mount Rushmore Independence Day Celebration
Protesters blocked the main road leading to Friday night’s Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore with disabled vehicles, lining up vans and standing in the road holding signs reading, “You Are On Stolen Land” and “Sacred Sites Over National Monuments. Give It Back.”

RE: Leftists To Blow Up Mount Rushmore

The Arikara in the Black Hills was followed by the Crow, Pawnee, Kiowa, Cheyenne, Lakota, and then the United States. The Lakota arrived in the region after getting kicked out of Minnesota in the late 1770s by other tribes. The Lakota took over the region after they drove out the Cheyenne Indian nation. The Sioux forced the Cheyenne to move West

The Last Tribe to get the Black Hills

Chief Seattle, owned slaves. Seattle Washington is named after him. Let's rename Seattle.

Robert Byrd, KKK leader and Dem senator, for 51 years. No Democrats are calling for his statue to come down.

Trump And The United Nations

The Secretary-General of the UN lays out two possibilities to get through the pandemic: either accept UN leadership today or go through a FIVE -year Global Depression and then accept their leadership as the #NewNormal”

Either way, it’s the same outcome

All Creatures Great And Small

(4:42) Kayaker Saves a Deer from Drowning in Italy (3 weeks ago)

Fabulous action by whitewater kayaker Fabrizio "Gass" Capizzo who saved a deer from drowning while paddling with friends on the Candigliano river near San Marino in Italy. The funny part is he almost cares more about the deer than his fellow paddler who swam... :-)

RE: Leftists To Blow Up Mount Rushmore

LIVE: President Trump Speaks at Mount Rushmore

ALL DAY Coverage and Fireworks! 7/3/20

The Supreme Court

I don't think POTUS and choose SCOTUS, in an election year?

The Supreme Court

I know, I know.. scary uh oh

The Supreme Court

(4:24) Supreme Court Retirements Coming, In Next 2 Weeks?"

*2 Conservatives* 
Clarence Thomas &
Justice SamAlito

Right Wing Pundit's Claim Conservative SCOTUS Justice Alito Is Also Considering Retiring Sets Off Court Watchers on Both Sides

The Supreme Court

Supreme Court group hug

Updates typing

RE: The Demands of BLM- Do you agree?

People are feed up hearing about BLM and Antifa.

Definitely propoganda going on. YouTube (Google), and news sites, everything was COVID19. Now.. YouTube is showing all kinds of things about RACE.

One distraction after another as they slowing remove one thing after another (hoping no one notices)

Jeffrey Epstein

Next we'll hear, she has COVID-19 laugh

Jeffrey Epstein

Even the story of Maxwell, being found in a mansion in the United States... doh What a joke! She would of been out of the country last August. Probably a country, we don't have an extradition treaty with.
She could of walked into Mexico for heaven sakes! doh

RE: The future of transportation.

"The future of transportation"

Will be trains. No personal owner of cars in Agenda21 and Agenda30

RE: 2020

The preview/ trailer of.. 2021 - a nightmare uh oh

RE: USMCA cat was right!

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Western Countries Drastic *Population Decrease in 5 Yrs *

1/3 of #Australia,
2/3 of #USA,
3/4 of #UK,
2/3 of #Germany

RE: Leftists To Blow Up Mount Rushmore

Seeing simular opinions on other sites. No matter what it was or is... It is FEDERAL land and an American landmark.
It should be protected.

Jeffrey Epstein

Ugh. 6 hours.. I was hoping someone else caught the eerie similarities between Epstein/ FBI press conference and Maxwell / FBI press conference


Jeffrey Epstein

The now you see em, now you don't one. In one door and out another

Jeffrey Epstein

All kinds of evil with that 6 toed creature.

RE: UK opens up conflict with China by inviting 3m Hong Kong residents to move to Britain.

".. 3m Hong Kong residents to move to Britain"

This will never happen popcorn

Jeffrey Epstein

(17:00) Appears.. they are throwing the book at her

Charges against Ghislaine Maxwell announced #FoxNews

RE: USMCA cat was right!

GIANT, Locust swarm headed to CALIFORNIA, from South America.
Expected this month; July
All downhill, beginning in August. Food Shortages

RE: Leftists To Blow Up Mount Rushmore

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There is no way, America would put up with Rushmore destruction. scold

Jeffrey Epstein

FBI arrests Jeffrey Epstein's friend, British Socialite, Ghislaine Maxwell
A SIX count indictment, (child sex abuse conspiracy, perjury charges)


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