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Kizzy's Bar Grand reopening

OOOH Ajax You always knew how to make me smile grin grin grin grin grin grin
So been getting any?wink

RE: Marriage proposal

now now you didnt get down on one knee....IMOUT!!!tongue tongue tongue

RE: Early retirement?

Im all for it ! I had a five year plan which ends in three months , will have paid off the beach house peace peace peace peace So will be looking to work casual 10-12 hours a week will do me ! wine

Kizzy's Bar Grand reopening

Well look what the cat dragged in AAreunion kiss kiss kiss
Now last I heard you were heading OS ! Its been a longgg time between drinks darling !cheers

Kizzy's Bar Grand reopening

May have to breathe new air into the joint Obscuritan... Perhaps some mud wrestling friday night....

RE: Early retirement?

sound like a plan man !applause

RE: short term relationships

SHORT TERM ..... An unfortunate phrase really ... i mean how short? 3 minutes?
4 inches?
think Ill pass

nothing here nothing to see
move along


RE: 12 Years of Celibancy (In Mind & Body)

Give it up FFS !! Your husband to be would much rather you know what your doing in the bedroom !!.... throw in a couple of OMFG<S AND EVERYONES HAPPY!wine

Kizzy's Bar Grand reopening

JD & a Margerita for the lil lady! drink pouring buddies danceline

Now where the hell are the strippers ??? shimmy shimmy shimmy shimmy shimmy

their Late!!!mumbling

RE: Happy Birthday MIss Serene.......

Hey Harry!!!

Kizzy's Bar Grand reopening

So where the hell is everyone??? confused

Kizzy's Bar Grand reopening

Every ghosttown needs a bar ... Soo whats a nice guy like you doin in a place like this???
What can i get you ? Slippery nipple?

Kizzy's Bar Grand reopening

Hey Rob !Long time no see ! MMmm an International Roast ???shockPerhaps I should haver opened a cafe!

RE: Kayak down the Yangtze

Wow sounds like fun ! apart from the kyacking and the 1700 ks .. I suppose I could hire a paddleboy....giggle

Kizzy's Bar Grand reopening

Now comon...dont be shy?

blushing blushing blushing
Im restocking the bar beverage delivery beverage delivery beverage delivery beverage delivery beverage delivery beverage delivery beverage delivery
I dont bite grin

Kizzy's Bar Grand reopening

Walks in begins to wipe down the bar Jesus it smells like someone died in here ..... best shut the celler door

Place hasnt chasnged a bit wine

Kizzy's Bar Grand reopening

bartender beverage delivery waiter party danceline
The only cyber establishment where the beer is cold the women hot and the men available....wink
At Kizzys you can say or do whatever you like because ....
WE DONT CARE!!!banana
Here at Kizzys you can meet new friends handshake run into old matesreunion Grab a coldiebeer or just let off some steammumbling very mad
Who knows you might even find lovesmitten love in one of our darkly lit corners heart wings
[b[Whateva your mood come have a chat to Kizzy everyones favorite Barmaid /b] know you wanna! shimmy buddies drink pouring

RE: Pistorius, Oscar

I dont think he has a leg stand on!

RE: Mickyj and Melmoana

The heart wants what the heart wants ..... best of luck to both of you seriously hope you guys !heart wings

RE: Buying an investment house

cyclones and bushfires are very random .Floods on the otherhand tend to revisit the same area due to the geographical elements and the lay of the land.Throw in climate change and the prediction of increased superstorms due to this phenonemon and you have a good chance of the next flood not only occuring exactly where the last on did but also morw frequently and more severe..... but hey what do I know...

RE: Buying an investment house

I wouldnt touch it with a barge pole ...and thats what your going to need next time it floods.You wont get insurance , and the property will only devalue in a flood area.You could find yoursef having to do massive clean ups and find somewhere for your tennents to reside while your doing it! back.away back away

Jmo wine

RE: I need a dream analyst

I gotta start charging more for "stiff drinks"

RE: Single young women in Sydney, Australia

Can I park my car at your place while im on holidays ?

RE: How do you take rejection???

I find boiling bunnies helps....

RE: Best Buys At A Garage Sale???

Ive no idea Looking ... its solid alabaster marble about 90 cms high and the shade is also alabaster The base is carved and so beautiful. Just the fact it was thrown out in two pieces after he granddad carted it all over blew me away ! He probobly turned in his grave !

RE: How many car crashes have you survived?

well would have been however she hit the accelerator instead of the brake ...she was old..been nearly 12 months I am still on crutches well only one now !!

RE: Best Buys At A Garage Sale???

I went to a garage sale recently and there buried amongst the brickerbrak was a carved solid alabaster lamp the shade was found in another pile ,The owner casually state that her grandad had carried it all over Europe, I offered her $15 bucks and she shruged and said sure ...Its magnificent and now one of my most loved pieces wine

RE: How many car crashes have you survived?

Im surviving one now hit by a car in Bunnings car park (pedestrian)
had my hopefully last operation on the 3rd of this month !!! banana

RE: The Price You Pay For Being Committed To Someone.

Gotta luv Cyber space,Even the heartaches are still floating around out there somewhere foreva ....right next to the cyber sex & nude pics ewwwwwww

RE: The Price You Pay For Being Committed To Someone.

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