RE: Is Abuse, in any form, Legal?

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Ignore them, simple.
Don’t you let them drag you down.
They are not worth it.
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RE: NEWS : Physicist Sir Stephen Hawking has Died

Indeed! R.I.P Sir Stephen Hawking sad flower

RE: What are u hoping 2018 will bring?

All...that this year did not ...

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RE: Say what u like!!

Deedee 123x

sad flower sad flower

Wishes of a HAPPY 2018 for you and for all of “us” that someway , somehow went trough whatever sad, painful health or personal... problems. Hang in there. Be well. New year new Life. An amazing one!!! Believe...
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Blessings teddybear

RE: How to celebrate xmas?

you don't need christmas to celebrate :-) celebrate every day of your life because you have just one. Don't wait for christmas! :-)[/quot

Exactly....cheering cheering cheering

RE: Why are men on here such time wasters

confused uh oh mumbling hug wine bouquet He is not worth it. You deserve better: hug

He might be out there ...who knows!!!dunno wave

RE: Which country would you visit

???? Australia my list grin conversing

RE: fake profiles

Everything is possible for all that are still alive...laugh
Fake people are here and in real world just needs to keep our senses and eyes wide open!!!!
professor laugh

RE: What´s the best country to visit in the EU?

Hello there :)
What do you mean " if you are broke go to Portugal " !!!!

Portugal is not ( unfortunately) an inexpensive country anymore! Those times are over.
Ok , maybe cheaper than the UK but still...just my opinion as a Portuguese.
In Portugal we say " the Times of the fat cows are over" and this means good cheap old days are gone!!!
There are much cheaper countries in EUROPE than Portugal....with a little internet chearch one arrives there ;)
But you are always welcome to my country and see it for yourself...
Portugal is cheap indeed for some EU salaries...but not for all!

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