RE: How much do u cost to maintain.....

rolling on the floor laughing Different things have different values, to different people! There IS no "one size fits all"!

What's amazingly rare, to one person, is quite common, to another. And the value each will exchange for the EXACT SAME THING, is different, as well. Wealth, or the lack thereof, has very little to do with the "value" of a thing (other than that a richer person has a LARGER ability to "buy" things).

Can I ask your "purpose" in posing this thread, Snookums? Are you conducting some sort of research, here? Why should you care, one way or another, how "valuable" something is? A cast iron skillet can be priceless, to a vagrant! But worthless to a modern homeowner! Although BOTH can do the same things, with such a utensil! Why did you initiate this thread, Snookums? confused hug grin

RE: Men and women....Tolerance of pain....

doh No offense meant, my friend, but don't you think that's a rather pointless statement? Some things men can tolerate more, while other things women can tolerate more. We're just different. To each their own. Some men are stronger - that other men. And some women are stronger than most men, in other ways. And ALL men, in some ways. We're each individuals, and should be accepted in such ways. Don't measure yourself against what another person can do. Measure yourself against yourself. And try to get better every day, IF you can. Improve yourself, and let others worry about themselves. There IS no "one size fits all"! hug cheers grin

RE: should motorcyclists be required to wear a helmet?

confused Should a motorcyclist be required to wear a helmet? doh Quite honestly, I don't know. But I DON'T think so. When one considers that helmets are worn as a matter of self-protection, then I think it should be left to the discernment of the individual. If one wishes to "protect" themself from the possibility of injury and/or death, from a motorcycle accident, then it should be their option to wear, or not wear one. I DON'T feel that it's right/correct to "order" someone to wear a helmet. Or a bathing suit, or any of the 1,001 other things that laws provide for, in this day and age. I'm NOT saying that having laws prescribing such things are "bad", just that such things should be incorporated into one's life, as determined by the individual. And NOT by "law". JMO dunno handshake cheers grin

RE: Who must be given the axe next.....

rolling on the floor laughing #1. It's "hear", NOT "here"! #2. Why should ANYBODY be banned, especially when all they need do is create a new profile and log on/in again? Makes no sense, to me. #3. Why are you promoting banning, Snookums? What benefit does it serve, as far as you're concerned? #4. I don't think anybody should be banned! But there ARE those who earn censure. So, to ME, the question is more "What sort of censorship should be accomodated?" Would you care to discuss THAT, Snookums? confused hug cheers grin

RE: Do u 2nd guess urself......

confused To what point, Snookums? dunno Second guessing yourself (or ANYBODY else) is a waste of time. You CAN'T change what you've you've done, so why use your time, thinking about it? Learn from the things you've done, certainly! But second guess? To what end? Use your time constructively, don't waste it on things you can't change. Make the best choices you can, with/from the information you have, and move on. Let the past BE "the past". It's the future most of us are concerned with. And the way to improve your future, is to make the most of your time - NOW! Wasting it on yesterday is STILL "wasting" it! So, AGAIN, I ask, Snookie, what's the point of "second guessing" yourself? Where's the "benefit"? dunno doh hug cheers grin

RE: What's the best decade of music?

confused What makes you think there IS a best "decade" for music? IF you like a particular "decade" of music, what you're really saying has NOTHING to do with the music, but a LOT to do with your memory of your life experiences, DURING that decade. Good music has been made in every decade. In every genre. There IS NO "best", only different. If you're a TRUE music "lover", then you'll find some music you like, in every decade, in every genre. To even ask this question is admitting that you're NOT a music lover! Youi have NO APPRECIATION for the diversity of music. doh comfort grin rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Love at first sight.....

rolling on the floor laughing "Cheeky"? doh I'd call him "manipulative", Snookums. He's very "particular" about his "style" of comment, Snooky. And he obviously does it with "purpose". So take your own "read" on hm, by looking at his "type" of post, Snookums. He's NOT a "dummy", but he posts aren't just random comments. He HAS an "agenda". He's NEVER just being "a guy". (Unless he's REALLY "strange/out there".) But you make up your own mind. dunno cheers grin

RE: Love at first sight.....

I've been consciously cutting back my time, here, Snookums. This joint is like a drug! It will just suck you in, until this is ALL you do, if you can get away with it. I enjoy the "family", here, but life doesn't REALLY happen, on a keyboard! I've got things that I NEED to spend some time on, and I like DOING things. Chit-chat and chuckles is okay - fine, when you've got he time. And I actually do like several people, here. This IS a sort of "family", which, living 4,000 kilometers from my one immediate blood relative (who I upset and argue with, too - but we DO talk regularly), IS something I miss, and I enjoy the give and take, here. And, besides, I thought you'd LIKE a break, from ME! You STILL haven't made up your mind whether I'm "friendly", just opinionated and pushy, or I'm too obnoxious for words. I THINK you'd like me - in REAL life. You and I ARE somewhat alike, I think. (Which may be why you have your detractors, too. TOO outspoken for "polite" company.) Hope all IS going well, in ALL facets of your life! J hug cheers grin

RE: Love at first sight.....

handshake Interesting observation, PK! cheers But leave it to a woman, to notice such things! head banger hug grin wave

RE: One Word Only

rolling on the floor laughing YOUTHFULNESS !!!!!!!!!!!! I just don't have the get up and go that I used to! doh cheers grin

RE: Best all time U.S. President

rolling on the floor laughing The BEST president - of ALL time? My vote goes to a man that never got elected - Benjamin Franklin!

But, of those that GOT elected, you failed to include him in your list of possibilities - Thomas Jefferson! One of the more thoughtful presidents, who made the statement that he thought we'd have a revolution every 20 year or so! And we're sorely in need of one, now! This country is NO LONGER a country OF the people, BY the people, and CERTAINLY NOT FOR the people! professor grin

RE: One Word Only

LeeCharmingCardiff, Clwyd, Wales UK2,604 posts

LeeCharmingCardiff, Clwyd, Wales UK2,604 posts
LeeCharming: Secs

LeeCharmingCardiff, Clwyd, Wales UK2,604 posts
LeeCharming: and

LeeCharmingCardiff, Clwyd, Wales UK2,604 posts
LeeCharming: more

doh scold Wrong, Lee. What you NEED is - well, THAT'S a PRETTY LONG list, so I'll just say "intelligence", since this is a one word thread! rolling on the floor laughing comfort grin

RE: Do U conform to other's opinions of U......

doh In the same way that America was, aries! And all I read you write, about America, is hate mongering! So? Are you saying you hate Australia, too? confused Even Canada IS an independent entity, today, son. Wake up to the FACT the the British "Empire" NO LONGER exist, beyond anything other than a basically similar cultural heritage - IF you go back FAR enough! The sun DID set, on the British Empire, quite some time ago, now, aries. thumbs down comfort grin

RE: Do U conform to other's opinions of U......

confused Hum? dunno I DON'T "KNOW", chris, as I wasn't around, then. But, from EVERYTHING I know, the Australian Aborigines are actually immigrants, too! The ONLY "claim" hat they MIGHT have, to the land, if that of FIRST possession! But THEY aren't native to Australia, EITHER! So, no offense, but your argument kinda falls flat on its face, before it even gets off the ground! Since THEY were "settlers, too! And you're trying to say "NOT - to settlers! Past AND present."

IF you wish to argue a point, chris, a bit of advice. Think it COMPLETELY through, before you stake your argument on it! JMO dunno doh cheers grin

RE: Do U conform to other's opinions of U......

rolling on the floor laughing Sorry, Snookums! I STARTED not to even comment on this thought of yours, as I KNOW you don't think it applies to ME! But, as I started reading comments, here, I decided that there were things being said, on this thread, that I WOULD want to reply to. So I came back to respond to this.

I doubt they'll be ANY debate, on my answer, of "No." I DO conform to some things. But ALL my "conformities" are through/by personal choice. I'm PRETTY sure you're agree that I DON'T give other people's thoughts/opinion ANY credence, over my own.

As to WHY do people "join" the "mob", I'd say, in MOST cases, it's for the protect of anonymity. People are afraid to stand UP/OUT. They might have some "difficulties/problems", if they were to. It's the old saying, "Go along, to get along", in action. JMO doh wow hug cheers grin

RE: Do U conform to other's opinions of U......

confused And YOU'RE NOT, Rainy? rolling on the floor laughing Do you EVER read what you post? dunno

I don't know whether M likes, or dislikes, or is indifferent to Indians. I don't follow her around, reading all her posts, anymore that I do anyone else! But you HAVE "advertised" YOUR dislike of Pakistanis, and Muslims (NEITHER of which is a race, and neither is "Indian"), all over the forums. APPARENTLY, in YOUR opinion, it's IMPOSSIBLE to be a Muslim, and be a good person. Your arguments are basically saying that those two things are mutually exclusive. So You MIGHT wish to remember that you're a pot, BEFORE you start calling the kettle black! JMO dunno cheers grin

RE: Do you think it’s important

rolling on the floor laughing And there's a LARGE NUMBER of people, here, ad in life, in general, that have NO "ability" to deal with such "attacks", Harbal! Lee being a PRIME example! As well as the guy (from India) that I got into the argument with, the other day. wow rolling on the floor laughing grin

RE: Do you think it’s important

thumbs up Generally, I agree, MsC! But one does what they must! For those things that ARE "important", to them. handshake grin

RE: Do you think it’s important

head banger I agree, MsC! But THAT is NOT ALWAYS possible! professor And, if you read what Sun Tzu writes, you'll find that he accepts THAT, too. Yes! A GOOD general WILL try all things at his disposal, to avoid a DIRECT battle! Because ALL sides lose, in such a battle! Even IF you win. But being prepared to DO direct "battle" must ALWAYS be one of the weapons in your arsenal! thumbs up handshake grin

RE: Do you think it’s important

rolling on the floor laughing I'll take that as a compliment, Harbal! handshake Yes. Getting into a "direct battle", with me, is not generally a good idea. I MAY lose! But my opponent will be almost surely be somewhat "maimed", themself! As I said, I'm tenacious. There's VERY LITTLE "backup", in me. And whoever WILL have to "fight", to overcome me. thumbs up cheers grin

RE: Do you think it’s important

scold The "wise person" DOESN'T "avoid" the battle, MsC! The WISEST person selects his time, conditions and place of battle BEFORE hand! professor And, thereby, CONTROLS the battlefield, which will give him the most benefit, with the least cost! GENERALLY speaking, as Sun Tzu said, a SUPERIOR "general" can win his battles WITHOUT a fight! But you must ALWAYS BE PREPARED to fight, so that your opponent CAN'T surprise, and overwhelm you, via main force. hug cheers grin

RE: Do you think it’s important

Do you think it’s important to win every argument..
What are your tools of battle.
For example, intellect, analysis, insults, etc........

Hi MsC!

Is it important to win every argument? THIS answer is going to STUN everybody! No. But I ENJOY the back and forth of argument/debate/whatever "word" you chose to use. Why? Because it helps me to "see" the other person. Their "style" of "fighting" tells me a lot about a person.

What are my tools of "battle"? PROBABLY my GREATEST single "tool" is "tenacity". I'm ornery, to the point that I'll drive people crazy. Once I'm decided what answer seems to fit, best, TO/FOR me, I WON'T give it up (UNLESS someone can introduce a thing/perspective of the question I failed to consider, in MY analysis). Beyond that, I think I'm somewhat intelligent. I have a wider range of life experience, than 98% of the people I'll talk to. I think I'm better than average, at "analysis". As well as being LESS emotional, and more logical, than the average bear. I have a decent amount of "book" knowledge. And, IF I feel like it, I'm pretty good at "pushing people's buttons" (which comes from my ability to "read" people). I'm NOT the quickest or the smartest intellect, out there. But I'm fairly "diligent", if a thing interests me. And, from experience, I've found that diligence will OFTEN beat out intellect, in finding the best answer. And, of course, my use of CAPITAL letters (in my writing) seems to throw a lot of people off their stride, before any discussion actually begins. So I guess THAT gives me a certain "advantage", as well. I'm somewhat UNconventional, irreverent and irrelevant. Which makes me somewhat hard to "anticipate", and therefore harder to defend against.

All in all, if a person hasn't thought out their topic, and are just speaking extemporaneously, off the top of their head, I guess I can be quite a bundle to deal with. Because, while I DO tend to speak off the top of my head, too, I usually have spent SOME time thinking about whatever is being discussed. And so, have a somewhat "considered" opinion, on hand. But it IS possible to change my mind. And I WILL quit an argument, once I decide it serves no "purpose" (to ME). But, the BIGGEST problem people have, in dealing with me (I THINK) lies in their "perception" of me. Our "perceptions" tend to make us prejudice/biased, one way or another, about things and people. But you CAN'T "expect/anticipate" what I'll say, or how "I" will "see" a thing. I do NOT "fit any pattern/stereotype". And IF you think of me, as being this, or that, then it's just a matter of time, before I'll surprise you. doh cool dancing cheers grin

RE: Why do so many women have either tattooed on eyebrow or pencilled on eyebrows?

doh Just back away from the computer, Lee! Sit on your hands and chew your lip for 10 minutes. Then, take 3 valiums and sleep it off, kid! comfort MAYBE you'll feel better in the morning. But tell me, do you ALWAYS tell ladies what they think? Doesn't sound like a very happy productive method of winning their approval. to ME! I'm wondering if you EVER have a date? She MUST BE a masochist, if she dates YOU! confused conversing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Why do so many women have either tattooed on eyebrow or pencilled on eyebrows?

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Wishful thinking, again, Lookin? laugh No harm in dreaming! head banger banana cheers grin

RE: Europe must pay their fair share of THEIR national defense

rolling on the floor laughing So HOW does THAT make him ANY DIFFERENT from every OTHER politician? laugh I DIDN'T SAY I like Trump! And I DIDN'T SAY he WASN'T lying! In point of fact, I DON'T "LIKE" ANY politician! I think we'd do BETTER without some/ANY megalomaniac trying too lead us down THEIR garden paths! But, as long as people are determined to be followers, I don't see much hope for changing THAT.

It was YOUR man, aries, an Englishman, who said you can't trust the UK politicians! Talk to him! NOT me! rolling on the floor laughing comfort cheering grin

RE: Europe must pay their fair share of THEIR national defense

rolling on the floor laughing Het! YOU were the one who wrote and posted it! NOT me, aries! doh So, if ANYBODY's the "fool", it CERTAINLY HAS TO BE you! rolling on the floor laughing comfort peace laugh grin

RE: Why do so many women have either tattooed on eyebrow or pencilled on eyebrows?

rolling on the floor laughing Actually, Lookin, "I" THINK the one you've chosen, for ME, is kinda cute! dunno Certainly gives him "personality"! wow cheers grin

RE: Why do so many women have either tattooed on eyebrow or pencilled on eyebrows?

confused Opps! My bad! Maybe your only meant that to apply to Lookin4MsRight! dunno doh rolling on the floor laughing cheers grin

RE: Why do so many women have either tattooed on eyebrow or pencilled on eyebrows?

rolling on the floor laughing ONLY in ireland, Molly! It rarely gets as lower than 15 C, here! professor And last week, we had several days in the mid 40's C! And, depending on EXACTLY where you were, in the 50's! Mid 20's is NICE! NOT hot, Molly! CERTAINLY NOT too "warm" for a little cuddling with a willing woman! doh hug grin

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