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RE: Playing with balls

Not in all cases hun! My balls are BIG, 8" c*ck and FULL of a quart! The 'real' question is! Can YOU take it? sad flower

RE: CS Pub now open, come on in................

Hey everyone, Jager shot would be great!wave

RE: hey im new

Welcome to the forums. wave

RE: When the Lord Made Man

rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Men Are Just Happier People

rolling on the floor laughing Better run Des. ROFL. Some girls might not think this is that funny.cheers

RE: Would you marry a person or seriously date a person that had s special needs child?


RE: What Funny Things...

My oldest when he was little used to watch "Battlebots" on TV and whenever I was sad, he would come up to me and poke me and say in a funny voice (that still makes me laugh) Battlebots. He's 22 and still does this. Okay, funny to me.

Hey Dana. wave

RE: Why females should avoid a girls night out after they are married...

rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Sipwrecked!

ROFLMAO. Good one Mercedes. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: snacks that make you happy

I'll have to try the ants on a log thing. Doesn't sound too bad.
For me icecream and jelly beans.applause

RE: New guy, signing in.

Welcome. wave

RE: Hallo

Welcome. wave

RE: is it possible to fall in love chatting online

What situation are you talking about being in?

RE: Friday night and we are on here

Zee buddy. Doing good. Just couldn't stand the threads and stayed away for a while. wave

RE: Friday night and we are on here

He's around. I talked to him earlier on yahoo.

RE: Friday night and we are on here

The bar thread was kinda fun, haven't seen that in forever.

RE: Friends with Benefits

Tried it once. Thought it was no strings; rented a room in her house and when I got a gf and moved out the stalking began. Extreme version I'm sure but it's just not for me.

RE: would you drop your best friend for a bf/gf if they asked?

If I were dating, I wouldn't date someone that tried to control who I hung out with.

RE: newbie

Welcome. wave

RE: For all military and formoer military

Integrity. Accomplish the mission (regardless).

Plus the travel all over the world was really cool.

RE: What`s your favourite comedy TV programme?

Two and a half men. laugh

RE: Don't you hate... (again dont read if easily offended)

ROFLMAO. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: newbie

Welcome. wave

RE: What is the most important thing in Life?

Sex. jk. Someone else would've said it. rolling on the floor laughing banana

RE: New to this

Not sure why a pic is important, probably a thread or two on the topic itself may answer that but it's a fact. Put up a pic because women want to see who they're talking to. Same works for guys, makes it more personal. Good luck and welcome.wave

RE: Darn dog ate my cigs!

Wow, that must have been one nicotine rush. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Getting Discouraged

Just hang in there, there are success stories. They didn't give up easily.wave

RE: I've had it!!!!

rolling on the floor laughing I needed a good chuckle. hug

RE: What's The Weather Like In Your Area?

Was snowing pretty hard on the way home, not sure now.

RE: What is the best book you have read and a book challenge...

Recently, the Harry Potter series. All 7 in a month. But over the years--to many good ones to name. Anything James Patterson, Tami Hoag, Stephen King, et. al.

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