RE: Now a days Why divorced ratio is very high

So you will get more comments but less voting.

RE: Now a days Why divorced ratio is very high

your topic is great but.
Your options are not so good.

RE: Now a days Why divorced ratio is very high

The weakness of your partner should be filled with your qualities.
And your weakness should be filled with your partner's qualities.
if you are capable to create this strong bond in between, then do marriage otherwise being bachelor is best option.

RE: Now a days Why divorced ratio is very high

Nice post Gill

I think due to intolerance.
Nobody wants tolerate anything.

Nobody is perfect but everybody is searching for perfection, much expectations. Nobody is ready to tolerate any deficiency of their partners. It cause the irritation, fight between them & then go for divorce.

RE: What should they do

Giving worse life than death, it's better to abort. There are many orphaned child, they must adopt any one or two.

RE: What should be your decision!

You are correct Tanzila. I am agree with you. You made me speechless.

RE: What should be your decision!

Mostly love makes blind & marriage opens the eyes.
Before marriage (in love relationship) everything looks correct (everything seems fair in love), age doesn't matter, face doesn't matter, disabilities doesn't matter, etc. etc.
And after marriage everything does matter.
I will not say everybody is like that, but mostly is like that.
Our parents have marriage experience, we don't have. They knows better (before marriage & after marriage).

So we have to tel our parents everything about our love relationship in beginning. They will suggest you correctly.

RE: Blaming others for acting exactly same as yourself

It's very easy to blame others & very difficult to accept our fault.
I think everybody is like that, myself also. It is because nobody is perfect.

insaan galtiyon ka putla hota hai. vah hamesa doosaron me kami dekhta rahta hai. We have to change this bad habit.

RE: What should be your decision!

It is not a simple question.
According to Indian culture parents love their childrens unti death. Parents love is bigger than few days of relationship love.
In today modern world relationship (love) is like a chewing-gum. Chewed until the sweetness is over, after then it is spitted in form of breakups & divorces.
How can we go against parents dicision only for a few days of relationship.

I am not religious but i will say one amazing thing in Hindu religion, there is no word defined for divorce in Hindi dictionary.

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