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RE: Say Something..Anything thats on ur mind..


back for a little bit...

haven't been on here for a awhile whats up?wave peace

RE: Songs for your mood right now (part 4) :-)

drake- im still fly

My thoughts...(March 13,2009)Pt 3

My thoughts...(March 13,2009)Pt 3

This I can say though...I am nice guy, who intentionally or unintentionally draws people of all walks of life towards him. Without realizing it I can influence people to come up to conclusions I myself would have not have up with at first! And I should pay more attention to what I do or say from here on out to the best of my efforts, because that could lead to all types of hypocritical thinking and blasphemies against important figures and even my own God!!! Such as evolution( which I do not believe at all)...Children of the crystals(or christ-like) is something I have little knowledge about but others may( which in time may find out isn't something they want to obtain)...

My thoughts and apologies....(March 13, 2009)


My thoughts and apologies....(March 13, 2009)

After reviewing my posts(blogs and post in the forums)...I've realized this...

I've realized, that no one is perfect and no one should force their religious views on anyone(on this site or out in the real world) without living the way their stating; but instead gently tell them about the word of God if they are earnestly seeking to find it...

Whenever we become this way we bring the word of truth into disrepute. We must acknowledge where we are in accordance to our OWN walks and situations and not force that on to others. We also must acknowledge our sins and mistakes and ask God our father for repentance through Jesus Christ our only Savior, then rely on the love God has for us through his son Jesus Christ....Because sin surely leads to death if not acknowledge as such and asked for repentance!

This states my views also(not my words, but my similar thoughts):

"Oswald Chambers: No power, except the power that comes from being filled with the Holy Spirit, can change or prevent the inherent consequences of sin.

Oswald Chambers: If we walk in the light as He is in the light. For many of us, walking in the light means walking according to the standard we have set up for anther person. The deadliest attitude of the Pharisees that we exhibit today is not hypocrisy but that which comes from unconsciously living a lie.

It's funny I needed a verse or some Chambers kinda help me with this devotion. I opened my Chambers book once and wow there it was. To the point yes I'm a fraud, no in myself am I any good according to the Lord's standard.

I can waste my time trying to please men and women into thinking I'm the real Christian yes I am the man etc. I don't want to be your god and I don't want you to follow me or even see me as a example. My point and where my teachings lead to is for you to find yourself in the presence of the Lord and if that happens you have no need for me.

Everyone wants to be important and everyone wants to feel needed. There is nothing wrong with that unless you try to become god in people's lives that's when you are 100% wrong.
True followers of Christ lead people to Christ because that is what we need anyway. I don't want to be your example I want to be the guy you can trust and the guy you can turn your back on and feel safe.

I take you off the wheel of life when I demand you to be like me. My job as a Believer is to lead you to that wheel and let the Lord do the molding. The Lord doesn't need men and women examples He needs teachers of Grace and ((everyone)) getting on the same page in the Spirit of Grace.

And you people who teach love in total comfort, watch yourself honestly. Some people live in dangerous places with dangerous ticked off people that don't understand love. We have many tools to reach the lost for Christ we don't have to risk our lives and be super Christian. If the Lord has put that in your heart have a game plan, don't be a fool.

So bottom line is this, apart from the Spirit of Grace I'm a fraud and the Spirit of Grace is the only goodness and perfection that's in me. So yes without the Spirit of Grace I'm nothing as Jesus said I was apart from Him. In Him I can have purpose in Him. It's that simple."
And I completely agree!!!

RE: Is the economy affecting your love life?

In a one word answer.....yesfrustrated

To the fathers out there....

If you see your child in danger, what action would take place after protecting them from that current danger?....(arguing with some friends of mine)dunno

RE: Haha - Im listening to Elvis - what are you listening to? part 2...

Lil wayne- Mike tyson flow(American Dream)
Not really a "gangsta", but I'm digging this song at the moment...

RE: who plays WOW (World of Warcraft)?

Are you serious!.....I LOVE WOW!...if anyone plays it, my name is Phoenixrise....imma lvl 54 pally....send me and email if you wanna join!..(but i haven't played in a looooonnngg time, so yeah)

Are our hearts really worth risking??

Mindful where do you stand on religion? because your comments are right on que for my daily thoughts?

Are our hearts really worth risking??

wave ...Believe me when i tell you this ALOT of what is written in that particular book(specifically that verse) can be applied to many aspects of someone's life...wave

Are our hearts really worth risking??

Your ego stems from your brain, but your heart is what makes the decisions for that brain...understand?

Are our hearts really worth risking??

I knowhandshake ....I think it depends on each person and how much they value themselves and their belief systems...wave

Are our hearts really worth risking??

thumbs up true...but when does that become excessive? when does one truly find out that instead of growth they thought they've been experiencing turn into self-mutilation?

Are our hearts really worth risking??

hopefloatspointing wave ....thanks!hug

Are our hearts really worth risking??

I've been told by several people that to find love(or happiness) you have to risk getting hurt by putting it out there; is that really a smart thing to do. The one thing that holds our beliefs, our joys, and who we truly are as person, should be put at risk for finding someone else...

...At what price do we pay for having the one thing that can be truly be called our own, sold and exchanged repeatedly just to find a sense of worth, companionship, and happiness?

By the time we find that one person, how does ones heart look like? is it torn and repeatedly reglued? is it so bruised and beaten that it has lost it's life?

MY point....Can we really give who really are completely, after giving it to many others in trial and error? It is one thing to open your hearts to love one another, but it is something completely different to risk your whole being in attempt to find a mate...

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.(Proverbs 4:23)

My thoughts...(February 4, 2009)

Where is God?

God is NOT energy
God is NOT a tool made up from mankind to help better ourselves
God is REAL

...So where is he and how do we get to know him?

"Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me." John 14:6

Jesus is the Way.
We find that Jesus is clearly discussing the way a person can find union with God. There is no doubt that a person can find God the Father through Jesus Christ. We must go beyond this. He is the exclusive way. We might fear there are not many roads, but why? If there is one well–marked road, is this not sufficient.

Jesus is the Truth.
He is the full revelation of God. The word 'truth' is used 22 times in the Gospel of John. If we know the Son, we also know the Father. This thought seems to tie back to John 1:1-3.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being by Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being."

Just as Truth is the very principle of God, so is Jesus Christ. Jesus was/is the Word (logos) of God. He never was created but always existed. Instead we see all things were made through Him. Everything is totally dependent upon Him. So just as truth is the backbone of creation, so is Christ. Without Him, one is simply living outside of God's revelation.

Our sinful world is much like a virus threatening to occupy God's kingdom. The world has different operating rules. It tries to usurp God's creation because it has nothing of its own.

We do not hear people saying that a virus should have equal footing with their regular genetic code. People want to get rid of the virus invasion and allow their body to normally function. We might look at all of the human race as invaded and occupied and only by being freed and restored by Christ can we be restored. The sin–sick and wayward thoughts of man are not normal. They are twisted and perverted.

Jesus is the Truth. He fully reveals the Lord's way and wonderfully enables us to be restored to it. Other religions are simply man's way of justifying their twisted lives. Only Christ leads back to God the Father. Let us not be ashamed of the Truth. Only here will we find the glorious path to true freedom.

Jesus is the Life.
He also is the Life. If we continue to use the illustration of the virus, we see that the virus lives off of what is already existent. Its path is destruction: occupy and destroy. We might live seventy years before our bodies give in to its full destructive path. But this is totally different than Life. This Life was shown in Christ who healed the sick, cast out demons and rose men from the dead. The Life is the main operating energy source.

We might ask what this truth has to do with living godly lives. We need to be embrace the truth with much more confidence. We cannot think that others apart from Christ have a solution. We dare not stand around doing nothing when people are perishing. The truth is worth living and dying for. We have one life, and we must quickly eradicate every compromise of this truth. Each compromise is a twisting of the truth so that it is no longer truth. In order to be men of the Truth, we need to allow Jesus Christ fully reign in our lives. This is when the Spirit of Truth has full reign in our lives and in our sin–affected bodies.

(All this can be found at...

If you wonder why you have never found a relationship with God it is because you've never found the ONE person that can't get you to that point...Walk the way Jesus did..Follow his example!

Again not my words, but my thoughts...handshake

My thoughts...(Jan 31, 2009)- Do NOT click if you do not intend to read it ALL...

My thoughts...(Jan 31, 2009)- Do NOT click if you

Why are we the way we are?

Psalm 1:1-2

"Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. 2But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night."

Found this on a website...( I moved somethings around a little

# There are dangers for you who seek to walk in godly paths (v.1) "Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers."

- The Devil is active and will put obstacles in your way. He will use those who are his to hinder and hurt you.
- The threefold danger: Walking, standing, sitting.
* Walking in the counsel of the ungodly.
- The ungodly always are ready to give advice, to give counsel.
- This may be in the form of literature.
- I'm Okay, You're Okay. Advice columns in Newspapers, i.e., Dear Abby.
- This may be in the form of advertising
- This Bud's for you -- drink this.
- You deserve a break today -- eat this.
- This may be in the form of entertainment.
- Talk shows, with secular opinions, solutions, and their focus on self-esteem.
- Movies: Where violent and immoral men and women advocate revenge, one-upsmanship, material possessions, infidelity, and moral relativism.
- Radio shows that are full of secular psychology and opinions.
- A children's cartoon where one of the characters in exasperation says, "I'm voting democrat."
- In all of these, the secular world, mocks the true God.
* Standing in the way of sinners.
- This does not mean standing against them, but with them, agreeing with them.
* Sitting in the seat of the mockers.
- Those who mock, in their ignorance, the ways of God, adopting their attitudes.
- The road of the scornful is always downward
- Watch out for these dangers. Notice the progression.
- Walking in the counsel of the ungodly. Accepting advice.
- Standing in the way of sinners: being a party to its ways.
- Sitting in the seat of the mockers adopting its attitudes.

# There is delight for those of you who seek to walk in godly paths (v. 2) "But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on His law he meditates day and night."

1. As a Christian you should have delight is in the Word of God.
2. The Christian has learned to make God's Word his delight.
1. To some it is boring, but to you it is exciting.
2. To some it is dull, but to you it is delightful.
3. To some it is fantasy, but to you it is fact.
4. To some it is information, but to you it is inspiration.
3. But not many will make God's Word their delight.
1. You must move against the tide to do this.
2. You must decide to be in the minority.
3. You must seek to make the Word delightful.
1. Study it; pray; hear the preaching of the Word; have faith in God's Word.
* David who wrote this Psalm had great delight in God's Word.
1. "For I delight in your commands because I love them" (Psalm 119:47).
2. "Let your compassion come to me that I may live, for your law is my delight" (Psalm 119:77).

...wave handshake
...This isn't necessarily my words..but MY Thoughts

RE: Today's thought.............

wave ....nice post. You've inspired me to start my own daily thoughts....But i will be blogging...gotta go cheers

Second heartbreak, First serious heartbreak! this when?

why do you say that?

Second heartbreak, First serious heartbreak! this when?

Not bitter....just frustrated, annoyed and disappointedsigh

RE: Thought We'd Forgotten, Didn't Ya??? Ya Bugger..... Happy Birthday!!

You twoscold ....grin

RE: Don't You Feel Sorry for TED HAGGARD ?

Seriously people! If one person can deter you from making a decision and not accepting the general message of a religion, then "fools really do think alike"...JMO

RE: Have you ever contracted any of these s*xual diseases?.Tell which one

Lucky for me I don't sleep around!...nonecheering

Second heartbreak, First serious heartbreak! this when?

Well I've officially have join the wonderful world of having your others who have experienced this, is this when..

-Guys turn from respecting most women to seeing them as objects?
-Women turn from wanting a fairy-tale to settling for any guy?


-Guys unconsciously rationalize to themselves.."since I've been hurt, others will to"
-Women unconsciously rationalize to themselves.."since I've been hurt, others will to"


-Guys become disallusioned(sp) by stating "time always heals wounds" or "It's for my own personal growth" when it doesn't completely
-Women become disallusioned(sp) by stating "time always heals wounds" or "It's for my own personal growth" when it doesn't completely


-Guys become bitter
-Women become bitter


-The Idea of someone genuinely caring for someone goes out the window....

...I hate polls so discuss!! Gimme some knowledge of what to expect!sigh

RE: How many times have you been completley Heart broken

To me it's like losing a loved one...
you don't feel it at first...


What do you do to not become nervous?

laugh wave ...thanks!

What do you do to not become nervous?

explain plz?

What do you do to not become nervous?

wave ...hey, I thought I seen someone who resembled you todayuh oh

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