RE: Some say that love is not a feeling you feel....

Absolutely! TRUE...

Base on your back ground, custom , tradition, culture, etc....


RE: Say Anything

Thanks God that allow the inventor to create the cyber world although it may cause to meet disgusting guys. It is save the time and expense in the real world, isn't it?
devil very mad

RE: Independence Day USA 2018

Let's make American Great Again, shall we?

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RE: similarities between chrestianity and islam

All in all, both religion expect all faith become great humanity to the society and the World.. Right?

RE: Germany - immigration problem

Both sides may miss their points to each other..
The host country may forget to let them know what those immigrants must do and don't do.. similar as those immigrant forget to realize their customs cause them to lost their homeland.
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RE: What would you like to read or see on the forum?

Any thing which cause to have a better vision and wise....
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RE: hi man looking for woman

What a poor you are!
10 years may not long enough, don't give up.. PLEASE KEEP SEARCHING

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RE: What do women talk about with their female friends mostly?

Any topics are alright.. whenever they can get along with and must not cause to relation broke up.

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RE: CHILDREN taken away from parents USA/Mexico border

If any one or organization could not understand and against those policies, then they should offer a big payment and take those people to live in their land instead of stimulate the world situation worse...

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RE: Religion

Good people will never take religion as a weapon.
Good people will away to hurt others from their religion.


Bad people always do the opposite Good people doing those!

What type of you are?

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RE: civil war soon here.

Guys... sounds dangerous....

Could you please inform to any one in the world properly..
WHAT, WHY & HOW... do you need any aliens, exactly right, to live and work in your country …

Is civil war, bloody and destroy, the best answer.. ?

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RE: What do u recon is ur responsibility as a parent.....

Why the parent don't tell their children properly .. what do they expect from their children as same as listen and negotiate what do their children prefer to be, if they don't have the same direction such as.. reword or punishment when they make the other side disappointed.. etc.

Is it hard to do with the wise communication?

I disagree when the third person no matter what kind of their relationship try to interrupt their family without permitting.

Children should learn to grow up with confident and full of morality in their soul and mind not from the suck media or blind because of low naturality, don't they?

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RE: Messages from abroad

Those scammers work as a net work, then they must know your weak point and try to approach you via that track...
Please be conquer to chase them away and keep searching!

RE: A few jokes for those who are old enough....................

We need to learn the correct ascent include of how it might be in different, don't we?
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RE: If Earth Had No Water

Then we need to encourage the scientists, especially research and development department, to produce the substance of water.

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RE: Men and women.....Birth control.

I've never believe or agree with... if any couple don't have the proper plan, especially time and financial secure enough, to have a child in their family.
Sick to heart that.... it is a human natural..!
Why don't said... it is an animal in strict!
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RE: Joke, Job application.

We need to learn and know .. the way of deny or reject in that hint, don't we?
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RE: American Men.....

PLEASE... don't let the nationality influence till you're blind.
It is better to blame yourself to select those worse men to involve your life..

Take time and don't let worse experience to influence the way you are!
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RE: What have I come back to??

Surrounding with people who are not only having opposite optimistic but also try obsesses with nasty opinions, then better to leave without quarrel....


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RE: He lived a perfect life but ........................

That must be a silly man who pretend to be a doctor and she lack of experience and consideration.

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RE: The RAPE culture of this "religion"

As I've heart … finally, all those victims get well paid enough till they prefer to be silence till the rest of their life, don't they?
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RE: Trump is a moron

If some one believe as that...then all of people who vote or select him must be the same type, don't they?
It is hard to believe a person who is considered as … MORON.. get vote till having the right to run a develop country name.. USA

It is an ironic, isn't it?

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RE: Trade?

Sounds cool isn't it?
Do they know how to protect their lost?


RE: Money, Money, Money.......

Let's talk about that properly and show them how you manage those money with happiness..

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RE: Women and men....Lady doctors....

All those type of gender don't have a great ethic in there profession till cause to patients fell uncomfortable??

RE: The path to Euphoria......

Then you may turn to addict with those type of pill instead of away from the better solution.
Whatever you are looking for, please don't forget the opposite result before take that objective..

Be smart and get rid the abuse off....


RE: London 1967 no cell phones

Those were the day..
This century no one deny to have its, don't they?

RE: 11 past Presidents failed to do what President Trump have achieved in 15 months.

We must follow those policies and achieve as much as possible unless expect to be in trouble...

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RE: Men and women..... Hypnosis......

Please advise to those victims if they fall on the scammers trap!

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