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RE: Is CS a haven for Un-American activities?

Lib, another thing that will become apparent is how atheists on CS are far more Christian-behaving than the self proclaimed Christians.

RE: Should people who don't have profile pics be allowed to post on the forums and blogs?

Some of us have been here a long time and met many CS members doing away with the need to promote our ugly mugs day in day out.

RE: Share What You Are Listening To -- Part 99

RE: Share What You Are Listening To -- Part 99

RE: How are you an Artist?

I arrange the flayed skin of my enemies into motifs. They're beautiful.

RE: Trump Administration most resembles what TV show?

I'll wager after he leaves office his speaking tours will be restricted to the penitentiary circuit.

RE: What do you know that most people don’t?

I give money often and don't care what beggars spend their money on. My small financial contribution isn't about to change their life in any significant way, so if they want to get high and forget their troubles for an hour or two, so be it. I don't place conditions on the small amounts I give.

RE: Messages for the departed

I was beginning to think you had gone the same way, Dee.

Yep, someone go around to see that non-smoker chap and tell him that's enough time off.

RE: Guess What Is In The Chest....

How did you get .........'s ego in there?

RE: Is there a another you in a parallel universe..?

Apparently the math of Everetts many worlds theory suggests there's infinite universes. And here's the kicker...every time you make a decision, the universe splits in two to accommodate both potential outcomes.

Look it up, it's a cool read. (And recognized by all modern day physicists as a real theory)

RE: The Gentlemen's club

Devo, Gill is CS's doctor of remedies and is without question the greatest new user I've seen here in years.

RE: The Gentlemen's club

Motor oil and rusty bicycle chain works for me when a man needs a trim.

RE: Doomsday is a ...

Doomsday is the day I wake up without anything left I want to do.

RE: please help me save a realtionship

I don't have enough popcorn people. Send for back-up. I repeat, send for back-up!!!!

RE: What was your Last Time....?

I just blame the acid, maaan.

RE: Travel ur own country first....

I hitch hiked around Australia as a young man for three years working as I went. Many great memories and experiences. l

RE: What Are You

Ha! true.

RE: Who wants to join me.....

I'll meet you in Lake Flaccid. But I probably won't get up to(o) much.

RE: Orange Juice - No Pulp or Pulp ??

Someone once tried to tell me orange juice pulp is used by gangsters to make illegal drugs. Sounded like Pulp Fiction to me.

RE: What Are You

A Dik-dik is an antelope where the female of the species screams. "dik -dik" as an alarm. I kid you not.

RE: What would you like to do on the first date with someone?


RE: In 3 words...

Bored beyond belief.

RE: What is ur trick to atract some.....

Being genuine fools 'em every time.

RE: CS Dream

Ha. I just realized the word "mole" in Whack-a -mole may be misconstrued by some as an attempt on my part to speak poorly of some female members of CS. That wasn't my intention. laugh

RE: CS Dream

My CS dream would resemble a large game of Whac-a-mole. I'd have the mallet.

RE: I’m a simple every day person ... thank you for letting me be myself

I'm quite simple most days as well. I do admire those clever types.

RE: How do you place your toilet paper on the roll?

One thing I wish western living would adopt is the Asian bum gun. Simple, fresher and more hygienic, the bum gun should be installed throughout all homes and public places.

User Tip. Making the mistake of not testing bum gun pressure before use may widen the eyes.

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RE: Help an insomniac

I used to suffer occasional bouts of insomnia, Dee, and found a technique that works for me. Just focusing or concentrating on the inside of my eyelids in the dark and paying attention to the fuzzy black void. After a while it became a type of meditation and seems to work most times when i need it to.

RE: why are women so eager to get on their knees

If God wanted gals on their knees, diamonds would grow on the ground.

RE: best way to escape a one nighter

It's called the Pirate Escape. c*m in her eye, then whack her hard on the knee. While she's hopping around on one leg with a hand over one eye....make for the door..thumbs up

You're welcome.

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