RE: Picky

I thought I was picky, until I realized I'm just not interested.

RE: Is intelligence or wisdom more useful in life's journey?

I was reading recently a story told by a 140 IQ mensa dude who went shopping for a new suit which had to be bought within a very strict budget. An hour later the 140 IQ mensa dude realized a young shop assistant had got him to spend three times the amount of money he had been determined to stay under.

RE: Being Single...............!!

Not only am I OK with it, I much prefer it. It's a misconception held by many that EVERYONE wants or needs a mate. Or, if a person isn't interested in finding a partner, their relationship history must have wounded or scared them into singledom in some way. Nope, some of us are actually happier (for many different reasons) to be single. Really.

I'm interested in the idea that our intellect as a species is evolving beyond our physiological or biological urges.

RE: Who is the Creator?

RE: Being Single...............!!

Being single is a joy offering a selfish freedom I now doubt companionship is able to compensate - I've never been happier.

RE: How you express your love

My spidey senses tells me you may be dusting off your moves.wink

RE: The Best Thing About Having A p*nis

p*nis Magic.Making it disappear.


Not for love exactly, but I was flying from Kathmandu to Perth with an eight hour stop over in KL. I had been chatting with and had become infatuated with a CS member who lived in Singapore and on a spur of the moment decision flew to surprise her on her lunch break once I arrived in KL. Suffice to say, she never made it back to work. wink

RE: How come naturists don't get an erection?

I'm just glad you've found an avenue to explore the possibility of some latent longings, Harbal.

RE: How come naturists don't get an erection?

Just no way you can conceive of some of us not searching out or looking at male naturist pics, hey?

RE: How come naturists don't get an erection?

^ Fixed that for you.

RE: One single change

Better than feeling like an outbreak of old herpes, I guess.

RE: One single change


RE: No

An argument yesterday. But I'm trying to build a better me.flirty

RE: The Serbian Butterfly

At a guess, 1200 years?

I'm not sure I want a history lesson right now so I will assume it originated in Serbia.

RE: The Serbian Butterfly

Or Romania.Serbia didn't come to mind. But, I don't actually know, just vaguely remember something about Hungary or Romania related to the origin of Vampires.

The word originates from Serbia?

RE: The Serbian Butterfly

For some reason I thought it originated in Hungary. But I have a feeling you're going to tell me Serbia.

RE: The Serbian Butterfly

That's a pretty well crafted horror trailer for 1973, I thought.

RE: Past, Present & Future

No, you need to stop being such a controlling pedant and relax a little.

Chill out.

RE: Dependance

I think this gross generalization is formed by a person who perhaps has made some repeatedly bad choices in partners and doesn't realize just because she may have had certain negative personal experiences with men, those experiences can not then be applied carte blanche to every other living man on the planet.

To suggest all men want everyone in their life to depend on them is patently absurd. Most of us understand this through our day to day interactions with friends, colleagues, family and society in general, not to mention our own relationships. If at any time in my previous relationships would I have demanded my significant other be dependent on me, i'd have been kicked to the kerb.

Most of us men actually do want as much equality between ourselves and our partners as possible.I'm sorry your personal experiences have imbued you with such a negative opinion of us.

RE: Working always !

I have issues currently relating to the opposite - I'm perpetually at rest just now and need to get off my rather splendid a** and do something. I'm blaming post traveler blues.

RE: Multi profilers

If those previously banned that are here now under new identities were to be banned again, CS blogs and forums would run the risk of becoming a veritable desert full of fundamentalist, conspiracy theorist tumbleweed nutjobs rolling around uncontrollably bumping into and sticking to each other until the place was forced into a slow and painful "the shy is falling, the sky is falling" asphyxiation (there are many previously banned members back here and without them it would be very quiet indeed)

Added to that, those who maintain numerous profiles with the intention of creating a little mischief are much needed so as to ad a bit of color to the overall CS fabric. I don't see any real nasty types about, and if there were, they'd be sorted out pretty quickly, I'd say.

Who cares who is/was who.

My two cents.

RE: Is flirting seen as a negative quality??

Do you need much tape?

RE: Is flirting seen as a negative quality??

"Is flirting seen as a negative quality?"

Only if your willy is out.

RE: A bit of advice for everyone....

If you don't see the world as a really big theme park ride and your life here as entertainment, you've kinda got it wrong.

You're welcome

RE: How long are you going to wait...

"Eventually" is a very under rated and under used word. I'm obviously doing my best in my previous post to bring it back to its halcyon days of use. laugh

RE: How long are you going to wait...

It's my experience society isn't to blame for you not demanding the best for your self at all, you are!

I'm a recovering drug addict clean thirteen years who blamed anyone and everything for my addiction and life at that time (my gender role models/parents, socioeconomic status, some perceived genetic predisposition....) anything that took responsibility away from me. Eventually I understood there was only one person who was the primary cause of my addiction - myself!! I eventually realized my delusion of being a victim to then demand the best for myself eventually kicking the junk and going on to develop the well rounded, charismatic, desirable individual I am today.laugh

Society does permit you to demand the best for your self, you just need find the courage to understand it.

RE: Worst Introductions

Hate Crime Guidelines, What Time is The Apocolypse?, What Shape is the Earth?, Is Antarctica Real? and Worst Introductions.

Aren't you just a little ray of conspiratorial sunshine.

RE: Social Lubricant

Because I pissed myself laughing.

RE: Social Lubricant

I've a great blank/vacant stare for just such occasions.

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