Thank you for your comment Jono, yes, that´s a very stressful job....hope she is better now. Tell her -if you are still in contact- that a stranger from a dating site envies the opportunity she had LOL


“How is it so easy for you to be kind to people, he asked. Milk and Honey dripped from my lips as i answered, ‘cause people have not been kind to me.” Rupi Kaur

RE: Judging.

Jajajaja Thank you Jono, I wasn´t born this way ... wink

RE: Dating rules

A very good friend of mine dedicated that song to me in a very sad moment of my life, it was 11 years ago, everytime I´m sad I listen to that song and feel better ....not that I´m sad now (well almost lol) but I remembered you liked it grin

Have you ever think about who of them survived and who doesn´t (famous and talented singers) ? ..... I worked at the show business for a couple of years....barely to resist, they need what they need.

Anyway, time to bed here
gnite Gal

RE: What is #1 reason people don't put up recent profile pictures.

Ok another one....who told you that?
Track stop the BS....you are a nice looking guy, I told you once, you are too young for me but if you were more that 45 ha! I would have gone after your bones, guitar included....and that snow you have there wouldn´t stop me at all head banger

Now take a couple of kisses from your virtual-CS-untouchable-big-sista LOL lips lips

RE: What ya got on the go.....SAY ANYTHING

I´ve been thinking about her too..... a kiss to CC

RE: What is #1 reason people don't put up recent profile pictures.

You are not ugly ....at all. Live with that! LOL dancing

RE: Dating rules

applause applause applause I´ll listen Janis/ Summertime today on your behalf ....I liked your comment ;) wave

RE: What is #1 reason people don't put up recent profile pictures.

I had no pic for a couple of months when I joined the site, I didn´t have it because I was not really interested in dating here, no that I´m now but I just changed my mind; in any case my profile (I think) is very clear about that and also my behavior around forums & blogs.

I think each of us can do whatever we want with this picture thing, options are there, and no pic is one of them ....

I don´t know maybe they are just ...insecure? or prefer to use their words and no images, in any case it must be difficult if your image doesn´t match with the personality you tried to show here ....I don´t know.
Don´t really care dunno

RE: Dating rules

I could say so many things here Gal devil ... I do not have tickles blues
(it´s cuchi cuchi, and my nick name comes from there...I don´t have tickles but the one who owns Cachuchi name in my house has)

RE: About Right

moping I´m a man LOL

RE: Facebook

I do. A lot, business & pleasure. wave

RE: Dating rules

Sorry I can´t process rules, any sort of rules dunno

RE: How many still believe in Marriage and Family life, like Ozzie and Harriet portrayed on tv?

Following MollyBaby here ....head banger

I do not believe in anything but accept everything, does it make me easy? LOL probably ...like a sunday morning cool

RE: What Can You Hear...

Tokyo / Track / Pat / Jac joy (hey there is a pattern here lol!)

If any of you are interested in Auditory Therapy (there are more studies from Tomatis than from any other one online, but all of them are the same thing) I could give you the original "music" in a pen drive, just send me a PM and you´ll pay the mail postage, etc, etc.

I have 10 disc (aprox. 10 hours) which I use in my work with families.

RE: What Can You Hear...

Hi =)
That´s fascinating.....I just love your synesthetic mind !!! I perceive the intentions of the dog LOL....yeap ...once I caught one by his mouth before attacking me, I was 9, nobody could explain how I could be faster than the dog ....I simple guessed his intentions wink

RE: Judging.

Hmmmm I have opinions, based in my own preferences/ tastes, I can change my opinions since I´m constantly learning and I feel I can adapt to almost anything, although there are some of my preferences which are based on who I´m, those can´t be change because they are part of me but still can be modified (have been actually, I do not have same preferences/ tastes that I had when I was 25).

Judgments are based in beliefs....and I believe in very few things LOL, besides that I try to be tolerant with almost everything any human can do without hurt or damage others. There is no a single day I don´t look at myself in the mirror and say: "Yeah...you are a queen! ...no better than anyone sugar, slow down" (it´s my own version of what psycologist recommend as: "just like me" or "we are all people")

Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who we are....so I try to be very, extremely, absolutely cautious before submit my impressions from others.


RE: What Can You Hear...

Yeap, it´s mostly used for that Daniela, binaural goes from 40 to 1500hz, it helps to balance our mind.

(just in case you are reding this Jac....I was listening to these frecuencies when I had that heavy Zoster episode in 2015...a good coinicidence here).

Auditory Therapy goes from 20 to 2000hz and also balance sounds differently in order to make it more separated and continued.

RE: What Can You Hear...

Track, you are a musician (right hemisphere) your left ear is more sensitive...well job rock star LOL ....now go and fix it rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What Can You Hear...

Most absolute picth people are able to identify notes by ear....some of them identify also the tone of the note too. It´s the finest level.

Ok., this is to both of you, do you know what "auditory therapy" is? binaural music? music of frecuencies?


Ha! yeah....zebras always get the worst part of everything ...sigh

RE: What Can You Hear...

Hi Jac,
No, I can´t. My hearing is ordinary although "I learn by ear" and I also had Otitis media as a baby.
But my daughter does. She is absolute pitch (big time, notes and tones).

My grandpa had absolute pitch don´t know what level, but he was a musician and composer (autodidact & famous).

By my ex side there are 2 people with absolute pitch too....they are able to hear a wide range of frequencies, those you mentioned included.

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