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RE: to foriengers,do you feel face blind?

Here exist also real face blindness, not just for foreigners. :))
My oldest child has face blindness. These people should learn other ways how to detect who people are – voices, hairstyles and the like – because they simply cannot recognize faces. Sometimes it is difficult and embarrassing – people would think that you were being rude. Particularly for children, there is a real knock-on effect in how (face blindness) influences their social and emotional wellbeing and ongoing educational development. Older adults have developed elaborate compensatory strategies for recognizing people and never even realized that a face could be that informative to others.

RE: Music from World War 2

Dark night. (Singer Marc Bernes)

Dark night, only bullets whistling through the steppe,
Only the wind buzzes in the wires, the stars flicker dimly ...
On a dark night, you, my love, I know, you do not sleep,
And secretly wipe away a tear from your cheek next the baby crib...

How I love the depth of your lovely eyes,
How I want to touch them now with my lips ...
Dark night divide us, my beloved...
And disquieting, black steppe lay between us.

I believe in you, my dear
This belief protect me from the bullet in the dark night.
I'm glad and happy, I'm calm in the deadly battle,
I know, you will meet me with love, whatever will happened to me.

Death is not scary, we have met it many times in the steppe,
Even now it spinning over me ...
You wait for me and you do not sleep next the baby crib,
Therefore I know, nothing will happens to me!

RE: One Word Only



P.S. I just like this annoying creature.

RE: Post your Classical faves here

Pachelbel Canon in D Major

RE: Post a pic of your pets.

My 10 years old cat.

RE: Things English women do ! Things EU women wouldn't do

Sorry question was addressed to tread author. Here no any fetish, I just have curious mind as I was taught that any statement must be substantiated. Otherwise, that is just generalization.

By the way, I think that such kind of treads couldn't be taken serious. wink

RE: Things English women do ! Things EU women wouldn't do

I am just curious, with how many women you must to sleep, before you come to such conclusion and proclaim it as an undeniable truth? dunno So, tell to us more. grin

RE: W H Y .................?

"The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence". - Charles Bukowski

P.S. I fully agree to Bearwoman's late mother.
P.S.S. I will stay away from your treads as I did it before.

RE: If you thought i was the one ... what would you say to me in the fist msg ?

Anyone can be cool but awesomeness like yours takes practice. grin

RE: Quotes, passages, words or wisdom

My kindness ends where your arrogance crosses the line.

Personal wisdom. grin

RE: Going on a date....Ladies make your choice?

If man has asked me out for first date then he would be expected to choose place and pay. I'm always ready to pay for myself (and I do it if I know, that there will not be next date grin), but I don't like penny-pinchers.

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

The morning doesn't begin with coffee.
The morning begins with the thought "I should have went to bed earlier."

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

How it seems to me that here we have a good example of a typical hysterical behavior.
Hysteric person strives to be constantly in the center of attention, achieving this in any way. For this, such person can lie, fantasize, brag, invent non-existent facts. etc. Such person is a many-faced chameleon who can pretend to be anything to achieve one's own by manipulating of people. Hysterical person is not able to objectively evaluate his own actions and can't clearly separate the fruits of one's imagination from reality.

And who said that only females are hysterical?

Just my current thoughts... no fun here at all. moping

P.S. I'll better go there, where no one points the way. laugh

RE: Which is your favourite?

Mittens I can make by myself, so I don't need them. Raindrops on the rose are beautiful, but you can't take them in hands, fold to breast and fondle, the same as bright kettle... So my choose is kitten. :)

RE: When you see yourself in the mirror, do you look the way you feel you look?

When I see myself in the mirror, I always get surprised wow - Wow! Who is this beauty.? laugh

RE: Fake Pictures

P.S. My cement was meant as a response to Maiana. :)

RE: Fake Pictures

There is a term in medicine - a split personality. grin

I do not see another reason for it to be done by a mental healthy person.

RE: The forgotten WAR 1912-1913

There we go... "The forgotten Armenian genocide" from your side. (Nothing personal, just facts.)

RE: In Four Words

Don’t forget to laugh.

RE: In Four Words

Focus on the positive.

RE: Anyone ever ate a raw salted Herring? it is fit for a King........ yummy, yummy....................

Hi, Jenny!
Of course you can pass my recipe and yes, for this salad we use raw salted herring.

According my nickname. It was just for fun and doesn't reflect my nature.
Ah, blind me doh choosing that nickname, I completely forgot to think about men and didn't take into account their feelings. laugh

RE: Anyone ever ate a raw salted Herring? it is fit for a King........ yummy, yummy....................

Hi, Britishcolumbian!

Here it is quite popular and we have used it in different ways. May I introduce you with one of most popular herring salad here "Shuba" or "Herring under Fur Coat"?

"Herring under Fur Coat" served at nearly every special occasion in the post-Soviet space. It was first seen in the early days of the Soviet Union. However, what is most unusual about the salad is its bright purple color, which comes from the top layer of beets and mayonnaise.
The story goes like this: Anastas Bogomilov, a merchant who owned cafes in Moscow and Tver, noticed that his customers would drink heavily and begin to debate the fate of the country in the early post-revolution months. These discussions often ended in fights, where Mr. Bogomilov's glasses and dishes were broken. A chef at one of his cafes offered to create a hearty snack, which would sober up the customers and thus reduce the number of fights. The result was ???? (Shuba).
Now people call it ??????? ??? ?????, which literally means “herring under a fur coat.” As the top layer is made of shredded beets, the dish indeed have a passably "furry" appearance.

2 large, salted fatty herring
3-4 potatoes
2 large beets
2 large carrots
1 medium onion
3 egg yolks (for decoration)
1. Wash and boil the potatoes, beets, and carrots with the skins on until tender.
2. Remove the herring's skin, bones, cut into fillets, and then into small cubes.
3. Choose a large serving plate or bowl and moisten with water.
4. Evenly spread out the herring on the serving plate or in the bowl.
5. Peel and very finely shred the onion. Then, dip it into boiling water. Drain the water and place the onion on top of the fish.
6. Cover this layer with a generous amount of mayonnaise.
7. Finely cube the potatoes and use them to form the next layer.
8. Crisscross the salad with thin strips of mayonnaise.
9. Coarsely grate the carrots and beets into separate piles.
10. Spread the grated carrots over mayonnaise net.
11. For the final layer, place the beets on top and cover in an even, generous amount of mayonnaise.
12. On the top of the salad, crumble boiled egg or decorate the salad with carrot roses, herbs, etc.
13. Cover with a lid or saran wrap and place the salad in the refrigerator for several hours before serving.


Most of the time, here on CS, I am just silent observer. (I like observe people action and reaction.)
But .... in real life I am an angel with slightly shabby wings. grin

P.S. One of my motto is - Never say something bad about yourself. Let it do to others, who will do it with bigger pleasure and better, than you. :)) So, it's me. wave

RE: Deleted Profiles and Likes

As I say to myself (in such cases): "Yeah, another one have died of happiness to saw my beauty." laugh

RE: National "blame someone else day"

That's reminded me one King monologue from old movie.
- I am not to blame.
- Blame my ancestors.
- Great grandfathers, grand uncles, all sorts of aunts, forefathers and foremothers...
- They always behaved like complete pigs and now I have pay for their past.
- But I ... I am kind and gentle by nature, I am into poetry, prose and art.. grin

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