RE: Who's the most bored on CS?

Harbal asked this question did he not"Who's the most bored on CS?

I answered the way I did.Take it or leave it.

RE: Who is the most richest on CS

Obviously I don't know anyone or their bank account so I wouldn't have any idea.

RE: Who's the most bored on CS?

Never mentioned of where that amusement came from.It could be from CS or offline.

RE: Who's the most bored on CS?

I'm rarely bored when certain people provide so much laughter.

RE: Sons and daughters

I don't have any daughters and only my two adult sons.One is married and the other is still single.

RE: What Chores do you detest most on a sunny Saturday morning?

I've been doing chores from the time I was a child.I remember when I began helping late mother when I was 5 years old,helping her keep house and such.

I first began helping my late mother with grocery shopping when I was 9 years old not long after my late father had passed away cause my late mother had to go to work since she hadn't received any widows benefits during that particular time frame for herself.

RE: Have We Become Like One Big Disfunctional Family, On C/S

Since it's obvious that I don't know anyone's personal reasons for being on this site I don't actually have a opinion.

RE: Do you keep your love promises

I broke one promise years ago cause I had no choice but to do so.

RE: Say Anything

Author Unknown

It takes courage

To refrain from gossip

When others delight in it,

To stand up for the absent person

Who is being abused.

It takes courage

To live honestly

Within your means,

And not dishonestly

On the means of others.

It takes courage

To be a REAL man or a TRUE woman,

To hold fast to your ideals

When it causes you

To be looked upon

As strange and peculiar.

It takes courage

To be talked about,

And remain silent,

When a word would justify you

In the eyes of others,

But which you dare not speak

Because it would injure another.

It takes courage

To refuse to do something

That is wrong

Although everyone else

May be doing it

With attitudes as carefree

As a summer song.

It takes courage

To live according

To your own convictions,

To deny yourself

What you cannot afford.

To love your neighbor

As yourself!

RE: Name three things that you are grateful for today

That I was able to wake up and enjoy my day.

That I have some people who still care about me.

That I don't hold grudges.

RE: Why The Difference!!!!

deedee You don't need to explain.hug wave

RE: Why The Difference!!!!

Is what others do in their personal life affect yours?

RE: Say Anything

I meant to say coincidence not consequence.

RE: Say Anything

I wonder if it could be a consequence?

Two people who are brothers pass away the very same month of one of their wife's birthday but 7 years apart from one another.

RE: Why The Difference!!!!

The blogs are really not all that different then the forums cause some of the same people post on both and there are the usual backfighting etc.

RE: Name three things that you are grateful for today

I didn't find myself listed in the obits,I'm somewhat healthy and my two adult sons.

RE: ..............''normal'............

I don't want to be normal then I'd be just like everyone else.laugh

RE: We are living in such a screwup world the white's believe they are superior to the blacks or red's

Track at least Canada apologized to the Native Americans that's much more then the USA did.Of which I accept on behalf of my ancestry..thumbs up

RE: We are living in such a screwup world the white's believe they are superior to the blacks or red's

The white people always thought that they were so so superior to the Native Americans and from what I've seen with my own two eyes I believe that they always will always feel that they are more superior then any other race or culture.I had posted within the blogs that I wasn't going to discuss my Native ancestry anymore cause someone had stated that discussing past Native American history was too sensitive a topic to discuss.I couldn't see where the Native American history as being any different history cause what had happened to my ancestry really happened.

RE: Screaming children

I couldn't care less how much the parents of the screaming kids paid for their meal they should be told to keep their screaming kids quiet or leave the diner.

RE: Screaming children

First I would approach the parents then I'd speak to management.

RE: How many single moms are afraid to date again because they have kids?

You're 24 years old and have two young boys and a baby on the way and you're looking for a man?
Hate to be blunt but you definitely don't need a man in your life right now.What you need to do is take care of your two young boys and the baby on the way.Theyr'e what's more important right now not a man.

RE: Never forget, USA

This was done 11 hours ago today.

RE: Communication...

Phone calls by a landline phone,Sending mail through Snailmail.

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