RE: Describe your perfect man?

I don't think that there is anyone perfect.

RE: People who talk bad about you behind your back on CS.

You mean there are backstabbers? Who'd of thought that there were any.laugh

RE: Truth...can you handle it...

I wonder just how many people actually tell someone the truth or do they only kid themselves?

RE: People who talk bad about you behind your back on CS.

I suppose if people are talking behind my back they must be enjoying themselves.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What do women mostly complain about?

I really haven't paid to much attention to really care who complains.Been spending too much time trying to do continue my own Physical therapy so I'm able to walk again.

RE: The use of the Up and Down Thumb...

Maybe it's the new kind of sign language.

RE: Are you a Perfectionist, in any way?

No I'm not a perfectionist.

RE: What is your favorite hobby

I love listening to music.

RE: When do you know someone is exclusively yours?

I don't believe that anyone is exclusively someones property.

RE: What Are Some Of Your Favorite Memories From Your School Days

When the girls who thought they were such big shots in school who got dumped by the most popular guys in school.

RE: What do you Invent to do with your loved ones?

When my adult sons were little and my husband was still alive we never did anything anything spontaneous depending on what it might had been.When traveling etc we always made plans ahead of time.

Then when my two adults enlisted in the military and one of them had received a honorable discharge because of a injury while still in the Army later on he attended college on his GI loan in the state where he resides now.
During the holiday season a few years I contacted my oldest son to make travel plans to visit him I had to schedule plans to fit around his time in college during the time had would be be taking a final exams.I didn't just decide to drop in on him which would've been inconsiderate to him.

RE: Options on cs?

From the time I was a child I never tried to impress anyone.Never worried if I was popular,never chose to be part of the incrowd or showed hate for anyone.I act on this site the same as I do in real time.

RE: Irritations?

I never expected people to always display perfection obviously no one is perfect in every way shape or form.

RE: Irritations?

Some people generally speaking only.

RE: Generating Criminals?

Obviously most people I've known throughout my life have obviously had different life experiences.

RE: Generating Criminals?

I doubt if there are civilized societies anywhere.

RE: Generating Criminals?

bodleing I was asking you a question.

Does anyone in their right mind wish the uncivilized to get worse??

RE: Generating Criminals?

Civilized societies in today's world??help

RE: Old Blokes and Young Women

I was being a smart butt Lee.grin

RE: Generating Criminals?

PeKaatje here in the USA criminals over here have access to drugs,phones,tabacco,tv etc.

RE: I didn't know that

I never trusted lawyers or doctors either and there are obviously some of them in the political arena hug

RE: Generating Criminals?

Like most things They are out there somewhere but they can be hard to find sometimes.

RE: Are North American Women really that bad?

Liberial1 Welcome and thank for your explanation.handshake

RE: Generating Criminals?

So do I.Thankfully for the man's adult children they didn't follow in their father's shoes to to speak and turned out to become responsible men.thumbs up

RE: Generating Criminals?

Makes me wonder myself why children have to pay the price of either of the grownups issues.Sad society it's become.):

RE: Generating Criminals?

I knew of a man from my home state who had been staying in Transitional Housing after serving time in prison and still did some things that he should've not done.I spoke to his intake worker and learned that this particular man's mother hadn't been a very good mother or role model.Also he hadn't had a male role model throughout his young life either so he had two strikes against him right there.

RE: I didn't know that

I was so happy to be told something I didn't know.laugh help

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