RE: Why Do People Contact You When Your Profile Clearly Says Not Looking?

Now I may growl at times but I don't see myself as being a cougar.giggle

RE: Why Do People Contact You When Your Profile Clearly Says Not Looking?

I continue to get mails from men who are too young for me that is why I'm not looking.If I was I'd being searching for someone in the real world.

I recall some months back when a man in his 50's became all rude and nasty within the blogs cause I told him I wasn't interested in him.He had also made some nasty remarks to me about me in another bloggers blog topic.

Some women bloggers had made the assumption that I had the intention of becoming involved with that particular man which was far from the truth.giggle I had to enter a particular blog topic and let them all know that I didn't wish to become involved with that man.

RE: Christmas is closer

I've often heard several debates in regards to when this so called person was actually born.

Even though I was a brought up under the Catholic faith unlike my parents I decided when I reached the age of being able to make my own decisions is when I chose not to practice it.

RE: Say Anything

Probably cause they don't know any better.

RE: Why Does My Stereo Turn Itself On?

Sometimes something can be on the very same frequency as the stereo.I've had it happen with a tv a electric heater.

RE: Have profession, will date...

I would make an exception to the rule if the man I was dating had a disability and absolutely couldn't work and drew disability income.

RE: Jim acosta - guilty or not guilty of putting his hands on a woman

I figured trolls is what you meant.Once you take their bait then they become happy little campers so to speak.

I'll pretty much bet you that this thread will go on for days regardless of how someone chooses to post videos and such..

As 2intrigued posted that Acosta wasn't charged with anything criminal thus far but the name calling will continue.I view most people as being right fighters and will fight no matter what it costs them.They could be provided with absolute proof of many videos and they will pick that apart too.

RE: Jim acosta - guilty or not guilty of putting his hands on a woman

Sir_T I've been busy watching a video on some deer that a real nice gentleman posted on my blog tropic about wildlife.

Don't forget that if the public is fighting among themselves over of political figures then that takes the heat off of the political figures.

RE: Jim acosta - guilty or not guilty of putting his hands on a woman

It's beyond being ridiculous. My mind tends to boggle in real life too.

It's as if people who create these types of thread topics and purposely had it all planned ahead of time to divide people on here and some people fall right into the trap hook line and sinker.

RE: Have you dated another race or culture

Packers his angry part to you had me puzzled.

RE: What temperature do you keep your home freezer set at?

What did he say about the temp in the appliances?

RE: Why do people change

Some people change for the better and some don't change at all.

RE: What temperature do you keep your home freezer set at?

The 0 degree temp was the manufactures reccormendations temp.wave

RE: What temperature do you keep your home freezer set at?

I have a upright freezer and one in the frig.

The upright is set at 0 degrees.

RE: Eating out alone.

Hi arieswave I'm a tea teetotaler myself.

RE: Surviving a relationship...

Hi older sister displayed narcissistic behavior also.Yes it is baffling to say the least.

RE: Surviving a relationship...

I can relate to those things listed too.I never had the experience in dealing with a narcissistic person before so I didn't know the signs to look for.I thought that he was just upset with me or something.

RE: Surviving a relationship...

He was usually if not full of surprises.Never knew what to expect.He was totally selfish and created a lot of unnecessary drama too.His older sister was narcissistic too so I dealt with a double whammy.

RE: Eating out alone.

I don't eat alone cause I have friends to share home cooked meals with.Whether it's mine or theirs.I don't have to send out for a search party to let me know what's in the food I'm eating.giggle

RE: Surviving a relationship...

Hi deedee As I said to you earlier today that my late husband was one. How I survived for almost 20 some years in that kind of situation I don't know. I guess because I was too stubborn and never was a quitter and refused to give up.
He was very good as manipulation but his true self didn't really come out up until I married him.That is when his true self came out.

I did some reading on Narcissistic people once and learned that they show no empathy and only think about themselves.I read a long list of things but some I forgot.

RE: Long distance relationships

My intention wasn't to offend you in any way shape or form.

RE: What Keeps You Going?

Hi ysabel, By never being a quitter when the going got rough and also I'm a very stubborn woman.I've always stuck by my convictions regardlesswave

RE: Long distance relationships

This is the sentence is why I made my post to you.{I have had a long distance relationship: I was living in Germany and he in Sweden, we met every few months,}

RE: A fun & friendly thread

Monday when I witnessed someone displaying drama.grin

RE: What temperature do you keep your home thermostat set at in the winter?

I don't actually have or own a furnace in my garage apt.I use two Infrared Electric Space Heaters which does keep my apt comfortable.

RE: Whats the quickest way to bake a potato?

I generally place whole raw potatoes in the microwave just to help soften them up.I've done so with raw carrots cause they take a while to cook.

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