RE: (LDR) Long Distance Relationship

umm .. mine was not a relationship but might be a starting for a relationship .. i am migrating soon so hope it will be good for both of us :) wine kiss

RE: Would You Come off C/S

i will miss you DeeDee .. sigh
but yes i will log out from cs when i met someone offline may be ..applause

RE: Characteristics

caring wave kiss

RE: Scent of a woman and/or man

Park avenue voyage / fogg scents applause

RE: Because u r pretty & sexy.........

yes .. but may be my hairy look gave you the wrong assumption about me tongue

RE: Because u r pretty & sexy.........

i trimmed my beards now .. and it is much shorter than before .. hairy for my beards na ?wink

RE: Because u r pretty & sexy.........

you can give your opinions applause
you can tell me that am i sexy or pretty ? laugh

Happy holi ..

Bro its ok if you are not interested .. no one forced you .. its our festival and i wanted to share this joy .. so i posted it applause

RE: Looking For Nice Girl To Date

haha .. may be he will learn some good grammar from you tongue

RE: Grandson on the way...

yeah .. i had no idea about the timings and weight too .. but yes congratulations to you and to your family ..
God bless baby and bless mother too
wishes from india too applause

RE: How does one spend a birthday alone?

yeah .. belated happy bday to you too .. sorry i am a little late applause

RE: My Skype girlfriend is cheating on me

yes buddy you can not have a committment in a online relationship .. accept it and find a new gf for you locally ..applause

RE: what are you

a lil bit of cooking
some dancing
not singing .. lol tongue

RE: Sad Day

yeah .. RIP diamond sad flower

RE: Why do everyone want a rich partner ?

And yes there are less number of rich women to date .. so mens have less chances to fit in this one applause

RE: Who would you like to meet off CS???

haha .. no i dont want them all .. just to meet them in person coz i found them a nice personalities applause

RE: What did the last email you sent say?

coz i can not send you any message rolling on the floor laughing
so may be mine mail was your old one rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Who would you like to meet off CS???

mercedes , Dee and may be molly too :) cheers hug kiss

RE: REAL Life Pet Peeves

Other people busy on their cell phones while driving and broke the law . and it will create problem for all on the road wink

RE: Do you need ''healing''...?

you are always naughty here tongue

RE: Where and how would you like to meet ?

haha .. yes that what will you do Merc then ?dunno

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