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RE: thoughts on schizophrenia?

I think it’s heartbreaking to watch a person you love change before your eyes teddybear

RE: how r u handling life folks ?

Hanging on by a thread laugh

RE: When was the last time you cried?

I’ll have a look but if it makes me cry it’s your fault laugh

RE: age difference

At this stage I’d probably only date someone a few years older any more than that we would be at different stages in our life . Wouldn’t date anyone younger.

RE: When was the last time you cried?

I’m remember reading the book and sobbing.
Cried at the movie too only ever watched it once thst was enough for me blues

RE: Summer in Ireland is cloudy for 3 month

roll eyes

RE: Be honest when was your last date in 2022 and where

Few months ago met for a soft drink as both driving.
Lovely man very enjoyable date just we both seen our future different. teddybear

RE: how do you greet most people?

Alright laugh Didn’t realise I done this till a friend told me it drives them mad

RE: You Know It’s Time To Leave A Relationship When…

When your confused and questioning where you fit in to someone’s life

RE: Do you worry much?

Sorry to read this about your sister worrying is understandable after what has happened teddybear

RE: Do you worry much?

Yes I worry way too much about things I really wish I didn’t but it’s just who I am

RE: Thought For The Day*1

laugh laugh laugh laugh
Thanks bid that made me laugh

RE: ConnectingSingles

1 long term relationship
1 short term relationship

So not too bad teddybear

RE: If you ever wanted to donate to a charity, What charity would you like to help

I’ve been lucky to work with a lot of different charities here in Ireland my decision on who to donate to is based on the company spending ceo salary etc , one charity I worked with had modern office full of latest gadgets so they don’t get any of my money I give to the ones that use their money wisely to really help people.

RE: People I've Met in CS

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

No I done all the calculations it’s definitely 90%professor


RE: People I've Met in CS

Everything else laugh


I’ve told my family to do whatever they want.
I think it’s more for the people that are left behind.
So I’m happy for them to make that decision when the time comes.

RE: Why is it.....?

Mine just keeps making new profiles laugh

RE: Do you like to travel?

I love to travel and see new places.

I always have something booked to look forward to teddybear

RE: Asking this as an amputee

Are you mentioning it a lot without realising, I was chatting to a man that was very short I didn’t see it as an issue till he kept bringing it up or making jokes I ended the conversation as I couldn’t listen to it anymore , mention it once if you want to and move on . We all have certain things we look for in a partner and it’s not necessarily to do with your disability.

RE: Bottled emotions and past problems

Depends a lot of time I hold on to the big things for too long before I talk about it but will generally talk about smaller issues

RE: :)

laugh laugh laugh

RE: Say Anything part 2

Didn’t mean you had to look laugh

RE: self satisfaction

laugh laugh laugh

I just love your posts you never fail to make me laugh

RE: we owe our parents $ 50'000 cash for rearin us

I’d say I owe them a bit more then that uh oh

RE: I'm Thinking #Cinque

Thank you teddybear

RE: I'm Thinking #Cinque

Good to know I’m not alone laugh

RE: I'm Thinking #Cinque

So confused I posted in wrong thread oops laugh

RE: I'm Thinking #Cinque

Confused sigh

RE: How much importance do you give to looks or character?

Just stings a little bit more doesn't it laugh

Hope you ok hug

This is a list of forum posts created by Butterflygirl1.

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